CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (Xbox 360) Cheats

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Flash Baked (30)Complete Case 1: Flash Baked.
Planting Evidence (30)Complete Case 2: Planting Evidence.
Tapped Out (30)Complete Case 3: Tapped Out.
All Washed Up (30)Complete Case 4: All Washed Up.
Boss Fight (30)Complete Case 5: Boss Fight.
Fool Me Once (15)Complete a case with at least 65% Cunning.
Can't Get Fooled Again (30)Complete a case with at least 90% Cunning.
Human Polygraph (90)Complete a case with 100% Cunning.
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (90)Complete CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.
Not up to Code (30)Confront Pete Baxa about asbestos in the spa.
Scavenger Hunt (30)Find all evidence in Case 2: Planting Evidence
A Tough Job (30)Identify both samples of DNA on the garment from John Barrett's room.
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (90)Notice the discrepancy in Jayne Barrett's security records.
He Said, She Said (30)Ask Will Rice about Veronica's real alibi.
Smoke the Hive (90)Find enough evidence to destroy Beatriz Salazar's drug empire.
Reading Is Fun (15)Open the Case File.
I Like to Watch (15)Watch a movie from the Case File.
Thanks For Playing (10)Watch the opening sequence.
Under the Hood (15)Visit the Options Menu.
Test Tube Washer (15)Complete a case with at least 65% Skill.
Research Grant (30)Complete a case with at least 90% Skill.
Technically Perfect (90)Complete a case with 100% Skill.
Thorough Enough, Darn It (15)Complete a case with at least 65% Thoroughness.
Close Enough Counts After All (30)Complete a case with at least 90% Thoroughness.
No Stone Unturned (90)Complete a case with 100% Thoroughness.
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