CSI: Dark Motives review
CSI Dark Motives!

The good:

Excellent wide choice of tools to give realistic settings and experience, Graphics are good! Good storylines and variety! Also great charecterisation on the part of the CSI team! You get to work With Grissom on your last case which for a CSI fan is fantastic! The legend that he is!

The bad:

Some cases seem impossible without referring to forums and walkthrough's. The hints from your partners are less than helpful. The first case is too hard and the last one too easy! It doesn't seem to get harder as you go along!


CSI, you love it or hate it. Same goes for the game. CSI fans will love it no doubt. It brings together everything from the series. Great game to learn how forensics works and even interrogate the suspects yourself. You get a great adrenaline rush when finally you convict someone. If there's something to learn in this game it's that nothing is as it first appears and first impressions mean nothing!
CSI Fans buy it!! If I was going to change anything then the first case would be easier and the last one harder!!
If you've never heard of CSI or watched it then forget it!

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