CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder review
Playing an CSI with 3D: fresh start for the series?

The good:

- sound and music in the mood of the series
- freedom in the lab
- 3D makes an appearance

The bad:

- Where is my bonuses?
- HUD still frustrating
- problems with music playing


CSI is expanding, yeah baby!

Back in 2003, Ubisoft published a CSI game. It wasn't perhaps the first game about a TV series but it was one of the few that managed to be a success, despite the linear path and the difficulty to get 100%. But it wasn't not bad.

369 Interactive was behind it. They did Dark Motives and CSI: Miami.

It was time to change the core of the game. Because the series changed. I mean, Greg wasn't a lab tech anymore and as much as I love the game, you have to follow the change.

Ubisoft did something right by giving TellTale Games the franchise. With Telltale, it's also the start of CSI on consoles and it's also a different vision. It's just a pity that they tried to stay in the same line than 369 Interactive.

Rookie one day, rookie always

Like in any CSI game (except for the newest game concerning New York), you're a rookie in the Graveyard Shift of Las Vegas, under the guidance of your favorite heroes (Grissom, Willows, Brown, Stokes, Sidle and now Sanders). Catherine isn't anymore one of your coworkers, she's dropping by for helping you in the case. You still have to solve five cases, five different mysteries.

Telltale could have improved that but they stayed on the bases from 369 Interactive. It's not boring to be a rookie but sometimes, you wish to be Willows for my part or any other stars in the show.

New freedom but sill annoying HUD

It's still a point-&-click game, with tools to use for collecting or detecting evidence, you have still to analyze it in the lab with microscope, DNA computer, Traces analysis, etc.. You have still to compare your evidences for getting something.

Well, with Sanders out of the lab, you have a feeling of freedom: you can do yourself every analysis. And with that freedom come also an easy way to get 100%: no need to go in depths for getting your point. Previous CSI games forced you to compare every DNA even when you identified it because it would count as incomplete.

Here it's not anymore the case. And it's something that is enjoyed because the old way was frustrating somewhere. Also, there is no more crypted messages to decypher, what was somewhat a minigame but which wasn't really adding something to the soft.

Also, Telltale did not bring back the five questions asked by Grissom at the end of the game. It was something that requires a great memory and all players aren't there for trying to mesmerizing ALL the game.

Gameplay is intuitive, yes, but the HUD is still annoying as ever. The long green line at the bottom doesn't show every evidence collected and you have to scroll for getting what you want. So, when you have evidences at the beginning and at the end of your total lines, it's always frustrating in the case that you have to analyze them by comparison.


CSI is getting in full 3D and that's something I'm thankful to Telltale. The background doesn't look so flat, as the characters, so, it's something good for me. The green for the HUD or the trinity evidence is also something I liked. You can still recognize your heroes even if I find Sidle weird. And when Cath is speaking, I've always the impression that she's only showing her tongue.

Well, the graphics are good but still, it's inferior to what is done actually, I mean, at the time of the release.

Whooooo are you? Who who who? Yeah, yeah not original

The soundtrack is sticking to CSI 3DOM. Well, it's just what the game needs. What is more important is the fact that the actors did voiced their own characters at the exception of the girls I think.

Rewaaaards... WHAT NO REWARDS?

CSI was also known for having bonuses when you reached the expert score, aka, 100% in every case. If the challenge to be an expert is still there, PC gamers will be disappointed to see that nothing hidden or unlockable was planned. You have to satisfy your ego with the 100%

PS2 gamers are lucky dogs. There is a sixth case, as a bonus.

PC gamers will never play this one... unless they're playing CSI Hard Evidence. The second case of that game is in reality the bonus case from PS2 version of 3 Dimensions of Murder. Do you still follow me?

Thoroughness area: useless and frustrating

You can find some areas without evidence, Telltale did want the player to really find evidence without being sure that he will find something in this place. But it's always frustrating, because you're clearly losing time (or if you prefer, clicking too much). Hard Evidence will eventually do something about these areas.

So turning point or not?

That game brings some new things without great revolution, is refreshing the series and staying in the same spirit. Aventure fans will be happy, especially CSI fans but if you love being in total control, forget CSI (or play it with the maximal difficulty).

Grissom's evaluation... Eeer, Vic's evaluation

GAMEPLAY: 6/10 - Same HUD, no bonuses but intuitive game... PS2, released on 2007, has a bonus mission...
GRAPHICS: 7/10 - It's correct and note that's 3D, not false one.
LIFE: 7/10 - Well, it's still 5 long cases...
SOUND: 6/10 - CSI sound and music without innovation
STORY: 8/10 - Interesting when you have some reminders of past cases. Well my favorite one is the second one, with the video game (and FPS, my favorite category)

FINAL NOTE: 8/10 - I admit that the note would have been higher if I didn't play Hard Evidence before playing again 3 dimensions of murder. But the game is a good one! For people non fans of the series or point&click hardcore gamers, final note will be 5/10.

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