CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder review
Very good but easy adventure game.

The good:

Gameplay rocks,in-depth storyline,dose of reality,stunning crime scenes.

The bad:

Easy game,figured out easily,slow-paced,you'll finish it in less than 10 hours.


CSI:3 Dimensions of Murder is a first-person adventure game which will be enjoyed by fans of the series, the genre and the show. The game is not for people who can't stand watching bloody crime scenes and obscene material in general. The game also has tools used by real life agents for identification and collection of evidence in the cases.

Story: You are a newbie CSI agent in Las Vegas where you do your first case and continue until your fifth. During your cases, you will team up with a lot of people, interrogate plenty of suspects, compare DNA samples and fingerprints, use a microscope, search for liquids, download encrypted files from PDAs and many more...

Gameplay: There is much to be said here. First of all I'd like to say that if you are the go around and explore type you better turn around and ignore this game for the places you can go are fixed by moving the mouse to the corners of the screen and also you can't look around at anytime, only when examining evidence or places. What is more is that the way you can find or process evidence is the same as real life and some may find it complicated. The interface isn't really plain but you can't call it complicated either...There is also a tutorial and the method of evidence trinity, you can review critical stuff about suspects and some other exciting stuff you have to try for yourself.

Sound: All the speeches are voiced, also there is some poor music throughout the game but in overall it's good. I like the sound effects at some certain places like searching for info.

Graphics: I don't know whether I should call them good or not...okay there are some places that are very well made but in overall I didn't find them fascinating, I didn't notice any glitches though and it works fine with video cards made about 2,5-3 years ago.

Difficulty: The game is quite easy and for those that challenge themselves to complete an adventure game without reading a faq shouldn't count on this one.

Re-playability: Not really. Once you've completed this game you don't really have a motive to start again except for the fun of it or you want to try again to get a better score.

Length: It depends on how you look at it. If you do everything right and proceed you may finish it in 6-7 hours. It generally takes about 2 to 3 hours per case. I call this length low, if you buy this game so that you have something to play for a long time then don't, rent it instead, it's what I did.

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