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Playing an CSI with 3D: fresh start for the series?

The good:

- sound and music in the mood of the series
- freedom in the lab
- 3D makes an appearance

The bad:

- Where is my bonuses?
- HUD still frustrating
- problems with music playing


CSI is expanding, yeah baby!

Back in 2003, Ubisoft published a CSI game. It wasn't perhaps the first game about a TV series but it was one of the few that managed to be a success, despite the linear path and the difficulty to get 100%. But it wasn't not bad.

369 Interactive was behind it. They did Dark Motives and CSI: Miami.

It was time to change the core of the game. Because the series changed. I mean, Greg wasn't a lab tech anymore and as much as I love the game, you have to follow the change.

Ubisoft did something right by giving TellTale Games the franchise. With Telltale, it's also the st...


Very good but easy adventure game.

The good:

Gameplay rocks,in-depth storyline,dose of reality,stunning crime scenes.

The bad:

Easy game,figured out easily,slow-paced,you'll finish it in less than 10 hours.


CSI:3 Dimensions of Murder is a first-person adventure game which will be enjoyed by fans of the series, the genre and the show. The game is not for people who can't stand watching bloody crime scenes and obscene material in general. The game also has tools used by real life agents for identification and collection of evidence in the cases.

Story: You are a newbie CSI agent in Las Vegas where you do your first case and continue until your fifth. During your cases, you will team up with a lot of people, interrogate plenty of suspects, compare DNA samples and fingerprints, use a microscope, se...

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