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Crysis FAQ/Walkthrough

by SENIORBILL   Updated to v1.0 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Crysis on the PS3, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.


                        FAQ/Walkthrough for PS3
                            By SENIORBILL
                      Version 1.0 November 7, 2011
                   Copyright 2011 by William Poneta


                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

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It is August 14, 2020. A US Special Forces team has been covertly inserted onto
the Pacific island of Lingshan. The remote island has been invaded and occupied
by a large force of the North Korean military, under the command of their most
notorious commander, General Kyong. The US Special Forces team is tasked with
the extraction of an archeological team that was researching on the island.
There is, however, much more to this mission than a simple rescue of the
scientists. The scientists have found something-something truly ancient,
intelligent, malevolent and not of this world, and General Kyong is determined
to possess it at any cost. The inevitable clash of the two forces is soon
dwarfed by the realization that an alien evil has been awakened-an invasion of
the planet Earth is underway.

This Crysis walkthrough details gameplay that is viable on all four difficulty
levels. Its details were gained through game play on the PS3. The classic 2007
game, Crysis, was released for the PS3 and XBOX 360 on October 4, 2011 as a DLC.
The game has transitioned superbly to the console platform, with no serious
technical issues, with excellent graphics, good quality AI, minimal glitches and
superb game play and gunplay. Accepting the fact that the storyline features
first contact with a malevolent alien force, the game features plausible
missions rather than contrived ones and their flow is natural, fast paced,
varied and the open-world allows great flexibility in strategy and combat

The open world environment of Crysis allows great flexibility in game play. The
highly varied environment will take you from lush tropical jungles through rocky
wooded highlands, river valleys and canyons and finally into the heart of an
ancient alien stronghold, awakened from an eon of cold slumber by the curiosity
of some and a quest for power by others. The environment offers great freedom of
movement in the pursuit of missions, which is enhanced by the player’s ability
to use effective stealth tactics to modify the flow of the action.

Crysis has four difficulty levels: “Easy,” “Normal,” “Hard” and “Delta.” The
gunplay and flow of the game is the same for all. Enemy AI will get a bit
tougher, a lot more aggressive and a lot more aware as the level increases; but
the most noticeable difference is in Nomad’s own vulnerability-he can take much
more damage on “Easy” and live than he can on “Delta.” This fact makes stealth
tactics, sniping, picking your battlefields, infiltration and calculated
avoidance more important on the tougher levels than on the easier ones. On
“Delta,” for example, you can’t use bullying tactics and survive-it isn’t even
advised on “Easy.” Stealth tactics work extremely well in Crysis and should be
fully exploited on all levels of play.

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The player can carry two primary weapons and a pistol as a secondary weapon.
Finding a second pistol will allow you do wield dual pistols, doubling their
damage output. You can also carry a guided missile launcher, C4 explosive
charges and a variety of grenades. Both the primary and secondary weapons have
selectable options, allowing some of them to be equipped with a variety of
sights, with silencers, flashlights, grenade launchers and with the option to
shoot tranquilizer darts. Many of these options are original equipment while
others are acquired during game play. You start the game with a SCAR assault
rifle and a pistol. Thereafter, the player has the choice of taking weapons from
corpses or from munitions caches.

Pistol:  The standard pistol is carried in addition to your two allowable
primary weapons. Ammo for it is plentiful and if you pick up a second pistol
they can be dual wielded, doubling their damage output. The pistol, however,
will never be a first choice in any scenario. It can be useful on occasion if
you aren’t carrying a silenced weapon, since a silencer and laser sighting are
its default options.

SCAR assault rifle: The SCAR assault rifle is the main assault rifle carried by
the US forces and is an excellent weapon, far superior to the KPAs KY71 assault
rifle. Its damage output, rate of fire and accuracy, especially when equipped
with a scope, are excellent. When the sniper scope is available it is a
respectable long-range option to the Precision Rifle. The iron and reflex
sighting also make it a good close-quarters weapon. It also has the ability to
shoot tranquilizer darts that render an enemy unconscious for about a minute.
When you acquire the grenade launcher attachment it packs additional punch
against vehicles, gun emplacements and troop concentrations; but the SCAR has
one shortcoming-its ammo is rare, especially in the early chapters of the game
when you are solo with the KPA who don’t use it. That said, economical usage
would allow you to carry one rather than the weaker KY71 assault rifle for most
of the game’s early chapters. In the middle and later stages, its ammo is more
available, both from fallen comrades and the occasional US stockpile.

FY71 assault rifle: The FY71 assault rifle is the primary weapon carried by the
KPA, especially early in the game, and if your SCAR runs dry it will be, by
default, your assault rifle of choice. It is a good weapon, but falls short of
the SCAR in every category except ammo availability. Like the SCAR it is capable
of being equipped with a grenade launcher and its incendiary ammo is much more
potent that its normal rounds, when/if you find them. Like the SCAR, it also
allows the user to shoot tranquilizer darts. If you are a “spray-and pray”
shooter, it will replace the SCAR as your assault rifle.

Shotgun: The shotgun is hands-down the best close-quarters weapon available in
the game. Its normal wide-spread mode is extremely potent and will kill KPA
soldiers with a single blast-alien soldiers in one or two at point blank range.
Its alternative mode chokes the spread, giving it greater range but it also
reduces its power. The reflex sight is particularly suited to the shotgun,
making it effective at a distance with the choked option. Ammo for it is also
very common. Unfortunately it can’t be silenced, but once you acquire it, its
utility makes it hard to drop in favor of any other weapon. It will likely be,
once available late in chapter one, imbedded in one of your primary slots for
much of the balance of the game and is a must for those that prefer close combat
rather than sniping. The shotgun has a slow one shell at a time loading
animation, so reload frequently or you may be caught loading when you need to be

Submachine Gun: The fast firing submachine gun becomes a common weapon of the
KPA early on. Once these weapons appear, ammo for it is plentiful. While a good
weapon, it can’t compare with the shotgun for close-quarters combat and it
doesn’t measure up to the SCAR assault rifle for mid or long-range utility. That
said, the submachine gun has minimal recoil, puts a lot of lead on target
quickly and when equipped with a scope it can be quite effective. If your choice
is between the submachine gun and the KY71 assault rifle-take the submachine

Precision Rifle: The Precision Rifle is an awesome weapon. It is death come
calling, killing KPA with a single shot, and its great range and accuracy make
it a game changer if sniping rather than constant intimate combat is your thing.
Ammo is rare at caches, but nearly every sniper tower will yield ten, oftentimes
twenty rounds, sufficient to allow it to claim a primary slot for a dedicated
sniper. While it can’t be silenced, it can be teamed with cloaking tactics to
drastically improve your survivability by wiping out enemy snipers, gun
emplacements and hammering the enemy to even the odds while you remain out of
their range. When equipped with the reflex sight, the Precision Rifle can act as
a powerful single-shot weapon at closer ranges.

Minigun: The minigun is a medium machine gun that has one purpose-concentrated
firepower. Nomad can tote one because of the extra strength imparted by the
nanosuit. During the narrow windows when it is available, it is a decent
alternative to the shotgun for close-quarters combat. It has a huge 500 round
magazine that can provide ample firepower, but it comes with a small but
significant flaw, it takes a brief interval to spin up to speed, making
targeting fast moving enemies-like alien squid-more difficult. It will
ultimately be instrumental in the game’s final battle.

Gauss Rifle: The Gauss Rifle is a tremendously powerful sniper rifle. First
available in chapter 5, it will totally demolish any KPA that is unfortunate
enough to get into its sights, blowing its victims asunder like rag dolls. It
can also be equipped with iron or reflex sights, making it a potent one-shot
one-kill assault rifle. Its ammo is extremely rare until the latter stages of
the game when it becomes more common and it is the primary weapon against the
flying aliens and tougher foes.

MOAC: This alien weapon is acquired late in the game and is the alien version of
the minigun but one without the spin-up time. Once acquired it is extremely
useful against its makers. Its only real shortfall is its tendency to overheat,
requiring a brief interval to once again become operational.

TAC: The TAC canon is acquired during the final stages of the game and serves a
single purpose. It must first acquire its target and will then launch a small
tactical nuke-enough said-bosses beware!

Missile launcher: This is a shoulder-mounted weapon that can be used against all
targets, but is vital in the destruction of helicopter gunships and heavy armor.
They aren’t uncommon at weapons caches or on enemy corpses and they are commonly
found during encounters where their use is required against gunships and heavy
armor. The missile launcher contains three rounds that can be guided to its
target and its three missiles can be fired rapidly. You can carry only one
three-round launcher so always re-supply after expending your missiles.

C4 explosive charges: C4 charges are powerful, remotely detonated explosives.
They are best employed against stationary targets like AAA guns but are
effective against armor if you can get close enough, and the cloak can allow you
to do so. One well-placed C4 charge will destroy a tank. You can also lay
charges at chokepoints as anti—personnel weapons-just be sure you are out of its
hefty blast radius.

Grenades: There are three types of grenades: fragmentation, smoke and flash
grenades. The most useful is the fragmentation grenade, and they are quite
effective against personnel and APCs. Be aware-they are quickly spotted by the
enemy, who react swiftly to get out of their blast radius. The smoke grenades
are less useful, but nanosuited KPA (Korean People’s Army) soldiers will
oftentimes employ them to obscure your vision. The flash grenades are much less

Ammunition: As a US Special Forces operative in enemy territory, most of the
ammo you find will be KPA, but then so are the weapons. You can acquire the ammo
from any weapon’s magazine you find, but only if you are carrying that weapon.
At weapons caches you can load up on any kind of ammo whether you are carrying
that weapon or not. Always fill up on everything; but, in general, ammo is far
more than adequate, even plentiful for most weapons-only the sniper rifles,
Precision and Gauss, are uncommon at weapon’s caches. The US Marine’s assault
rifle, the SCAR, isn’t as common, being American, at munitions piles; but,
unless you’re a “spray and pray” gunner, there is enough SCAR ammo to keep it in
your hands, if desired, for much of the game.

The top-secret nanosuit is worn by select members of the Special Forces team and
imparts great strength, speed and partial invulnerability to its wearer. It also
has powers that are not quite understood, being able to collect data on and
somehow interface with the alien intelligence. Its two modes: armor mode and
cloak mode, will be described below. Only one mode can be active at a time.

THE CLOAK: The nanosuit is equipped with a cloaking device that allows its user
to virtually disappear, but you can still be spotted if an enemy gets too close
or if you make a noisy passage. The cloak gives the player the option of using
stealth, rather than or coupled with force to accomplish tasks. This perk makes
going solo against many doable and also gives the option of bypassing the enemy
entirely or choosing your own rules of engagement by choosing the battleground.

The cloak can only remain active for as long as your energy level is adequate.
The faster you move, the faster your energy drains. You can stand for a
prolonged interval in the open and recon an area while cloaked, accessing the
enemy numbers, their disposition, vehicles and weapon emplacements and placing
them on your radar so you know their location. Always take the time to recon
enemy positions, identifying cover spots, like foliage, boulders, buildings,
blind spots, etc. to penetrate enemy installations before plunging into combat.
Moving at a snail’s pace can also allow one to cross large exposed areas without

Shooting through the cloak or enemy fire into the cloak will deplete its energy.
Integral to combat in Crysis is learning to de-cloak to kill and to quickly re-
cloak to maintain stealth. This cloaking ability is what makes combat tactics
more flexible than most other first-person shooters.

ARMOR: The nanosuit also allows its wearer, already hardened against enemy fire
to enhance it by activating armor mode. This does not make you invulnerable but
does allow you to take more damage. Like the cloak, this mode drains energy even
when you aren’t taking damage but you can shoot while in armor mode without

= = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Playstation 3 DEFAULT CONTROLS >: <I003>


START button:  - - - - - - -  >Pause Action/Game Options

SELECT button: - - - - - - -  >Mission Screen/Map Screen.
SELECT button (hold): - - - - >Weapon Options

LEFT analog stick: > - - - - ->Move/Select options (menu/weapon)
LEFT analog stick (L3 hold): ->Sprint (drains your energy)

RIGHT analog stick: - - - - - >Look/Aim weapon
RIGHT analog stick (R3 press):>Melee

LEFT button (L1): - - - - - - >Aim equipped weapon/drop item
LEFT button (L1): - - - - - - >Zoom out with map opened/Zoom in binoculars

Left button (L2): - - - - - - >Activate/Deactivate Armor mode

RIGHT button (R1): - - - - -  >Fire Weapon/Throw grenade
RIGHT button (R1): - - - - -  >Zoom in with map opened

RIGHT button (R2): - - - - -  >Activate/Deactivate Cloak mode

TRIANGLE button: - - - - - -  >Select or Switch Weapon
TRIANGLE button (hold): - - - >Weapon options
TRIANGLE button: - - - - - -  >Toggle weapon options (With SELECT held)

CIRCLE button: - - - - - - -  >Crouch
CIRCLE button (hold): - - -   >Go Prone
CIRCLE button: - - - - - - -  >Toggle weapon options (With SELECT held)

SQUARE button: - - - - - - -  >Reload weapon/pick up item/interact/throw item
SQUARE button (hold): - - - - >Power throw item (drains energy)
SQUARE button - - - - - - - - >Toggle weapon attachment (With SELECT held)

X button: - - - - - - - - - - >Jump
X button (hold): - - - - - -  >Power-jump
X button  - - - - - - - - - - >Toggle weapon scope options

UP ARROW: - - - - - - - - - - >Use binoculars (Hold L1 to zoom in)

DOWN ARROW: - - - - - - - - - >Night vision

LEFT ARROW: - - - - - - - - - >Toggle weapon fire mode options

RIGHT ARROW: - - - - - - - -  >Equip grenade

VEHICLE CONTROLS—Vehicle, Boat, Tank:

SQUARE:  - - - - - - - ->Enter/Exit (Vehicle/Boat/Tank)

RIGHT button (R1) - - - >Fire coaxial machinegun (Tank)
RIGHT button (R1) - - - >Fire turret gun from turret (Vehicle/Boat)

RIGHT button (R2) - - - >Forward/Accelerate (Vehicle/Boat/Tank)

LEFT button (L1): - - - >Fire turret weapon from driver’s seat (Vehicle/Boat)
LEFT button (L1): - - - >Fire main canon (Tank)

LEFT button (L2): - - - >Reverse (vehicle/Boat/tank); Brake (Vehicle/Tank)

LEFT ANALOG STICK - - - >Steer (Vehicle/Boat/Tank)

RIGHT ANALOG STICK  - - >Look (Vehicle/Boat/Tank)

TRIANGLE - - - - - - - >Switch from driver/gunner position (vehicle/Boat)

UP ARROW - - - - - - - >Change view (Vehicle/Boat)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

                       = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
                     = CRYSIS WALKTHROUGH  <I004> =
                       = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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=  CHAPTER 1: CONTACT  <CH01>  =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 1 actions as outlined:
   SCAR assault rifle (Starting weapon)
   Pistol-standard sidearm (Starting weapon)
   FY71 assault rifle (Taken from KPA corpse during early game play)
   Shotgun (Acquired late in chapter 1)

August 14, 2020, approaching Lingshan Island, in the Philippines Sea.

Seven days after receiving an urgent transmission and a distress call from Dr.
Rosenthal’s archaeological research team on the Pacific island of Lingshan, a
United States Special Forces team is en route to the island to attempt a covert
rescue operation. For reasons unknown the island has abruptly been invaded and
occupied by an elite force of the North Korean military.

As part of the rescue team, you take on the role of Nomad, a Special Forces
Marine wearing a top-secret nanosuit imparting superior strength and speed,
armor protection and the ability to cloak, or become virtually invisible. During
the aerial insertion you are struck by “something” and your parachute fails to
open. The nanosuit’s HUD has malfunctioned. You plunge into the water, saved
from death by the remaining integrity of the nanosuit.

Your mishap has landed you far from the targeted landing zone and your first
goal is to get onto the beach. Swim straight ahead from your entry point to get
onto the beach. Your initial weapons are a standard pistol and a SCAR assault
rifle. Prophet, the unit’s commander does a remote reboot and your nanosuit’s
malfunction clears. You now have a destination or waypoint on your map. The team
has been separated during the insertion and your goal is to rendezvous with

The game’s initial objectives act as a tutorial, giving details on movement,
weapons training, suit functions, etc. Move across the beach and enter the rocky
ravine as you move toward the waypoint. Not far ahead you will encounter three
KPA-Korean People’s Army-soldiers. Attach the silencer to the Scar assault rifle
(hold SELECT, press TRIANGLE), as prompted and toggle to reflex sighting (hold
SELECT, press X). While not required, open the SCAR’s “Tactical Attachments”
(hold SELECT, press O) and toggle (press the LEFT ARROW) until the dart icon
appears at the lower right of HUD.

This is the SCAR assault rifle’s tranquilizer dart option-this mode silently
incapacitates an enemy for about a minute and you have an infinite supply of
darts. You just have to administer the “coup de grace” to the darted enemy
before he revives. Darting a foe is oftentimes more stealthy than a headshot-it
puts the enemy down without an outcry; and the enemy is less likely to sound an
alert when a companion is darted. This tactic is particularly effective at this
point of the game because you haven’t yet acquired an assault or sniper scope
for more precise targeting.

Switch to your pistol (hold TRIANGLE, press DOWN ARROW) and silence it (hold
SELECT, press TRIANGLE.) With both weapons silenced, reselect your SCAR assault
rifle and continue forward.

After you jump the short ledge, activate your cloak (press R2) and the first
enemy soldier will be on the elevated rock outcropping to your right. De-cloak
and put him out silently with a tranquilizer dart. Equip your silenced pistol
and finish him off if his body is visible on or if has fallen from the rock
shelf-if not finish him after dealing with his two comrades-just remember he
will revive in about a minute. A headshot with any weapon is a one-shot kill but
a lethal blow to the body will require several rounds.

Firing a weapon, administering a melee blow, punching or throwing a grenade
through the cloak exhausts your energy reserve, negating the cloaking effect;
so, to maintain your energy reserve and the cloaking effect, de-cloak or
activate armor, shoot or perform the action and then re-cloak after you address
the threat. This is a tactic that will serve you extremely well throughout the
entire campaign on Lingshan Island.

Once your energy has fully recharged, cloak, move around the rock outcropping
and use your binoculars (press the UP ARROW) to “tag” the two KPA soldiers
farther down the beach. Zoom in (press L1) to get a closer look. Any enemy that
is seen (with the small lens in the center of the binocular’s field) is “tagged”
and will appear on your map when they are within a hundred yards or so.

Cloak and move past the boulder and into the foliage of the bush near the palm
tree near the cliff on your left. Get a bead on one of the KPA through the
foliage and dart him. Re-cloak, move closer and dart the remaining soldier. Note
that there is a brief interval before you can fire the second dart. Swap to your
pistol and put a bullet into the head of each before they can revive.

Your task is still to locate Jester; and, now that the three hostiles are down,
use your binoculars to look toward the waypoint. This will tell you how far in
meters it is to Jester. Before starting in his direction, examine the enemy
corpses to acquire an FY71 assault rifle and ammo. While it is not as good a
weapon as the SCAR, this common weapon of the KPA and its ammunition are much
more plentiful and it will now occupy your second primary weapon slot-use it or
the pistol to finish darted foes to save SCAR ammo.

Continue unopposed using speed mode (hold L3 or the left analog stick while
moving forward) through the trees near the shoreline to locate Jester. Another
team member, Aztec comes on line. Something hit him on the way down and his
parachute lines are tangled up in a tree. He is suspended and needs help.

Stay on Jester’s heels as he leads you through the gloomy forest to Aztec’s
landing site farther inland. The sounds of a firefight and of frightened voices
can be heard as you rush to the rescue, but Aztec hasn’t survived the insertion.
His corpse is suspended in a tree and four KPA corpses surround him, but they
aren’t his victims. Someone or something has killed them all! The corpses are
badly mangled!

After Prophet vaporizes Aztec’s remains to prevent the North Koreans from
getting his nanosuit, take his SCAR ammo and continue through the wooded canyon
toward the landing zone. You will be advised that a KPA patrol is in the
vicinity. Power-jump the ledge and a two-man KPA patrol is working its way down
the canyon toward you. Get into the foliage near the large boulder and dart the
first soldier and then the second one when he investigates the predicament of
his comrade. Finish them with the silenced pistol or the silenced FY71 assault
rifle and collect their ammo.

Be advised that using the island’s abundant foliage to both hide in and for
recharging is of paramount importance to the successful utilization of stealth
in Crysis. This tactic, teamed with cloaking will oftentimes allow you to move
across exposed terrain, to maneuver into position for sniping or to recharge
safely. Even seemingly low ground cover can be sufficient to maintain stealth if
you crouch or go prone. A station to station, going from bush to boulder to
bush, approach will allow infiltration that would otherwise be impossible as
your energy level would decay leaving you un-cloaked and vulnerable.

As you continue through the canyon another transmission from Prophet will advise
you that just ahead a KPA GPS jamming device is interfering with long-range
communications and his tactical display is down. The jammer will need to be shut
down. This mission is a secondary objective and it will appear as a yellow
waypoint on your map.

Continue through the canyon, going toward the GPS jammer’s waypoint. The
forest’s gloom will soon give way to daylight when you reach an overlook above a
KPA occupied village. Remain cloaked as you survey it with your binoculars,
noting the positions of and “tagging” the four hostiles. Sweep the ocean to
locate the boat patrol and note the location of ammo supplies in the small
complex of shacks below. The portable green trailer with the jamming device
sports a tall spinning antenna and sets near the beach.

Move toward the complex, cloaked and with your silencer in place. With care you
can make your way to the GPS jamming device without alerting the four roving
defenders. Two are combing the beaches, one to the east of the area and one to
the north.

With a full charge, cloak and go down the slope, stopping to recharge behind the
large fern on the slope above the palm tree. Recon the area, taking note of the
positions of the “tagged” KPA on your radar; and, when clear, work your way east
to recharge behind the wooden crate. Cloak and walk very slowly, to save energy,
from behind the crate to the GPS array and interact with it to shut it down. If
necessary, use a tranquilizer dart or a silenced head shot on any KPA soldier
near the array. Waste no time in moving south to recharge behind a boulder.
Cloak and start toward the next objective, putting distance between yourself and
the village.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: A firefight or even your intrusion being noted will raise the alert level
and will initiate a search and a call for reinforcements. An APC with a two-man
crew will quickly reinforce the four-man garrison, coming from the road to the
southeast. One member of the crew will man the APC’s turret machinegun and the
other will join the search. A boat patrol will also heed the call and supply
firepower from the water. If this happens, use the cloak to get into the clump
of vegetation on the west side of the compound near the cliff and systematically
eliminate all of the searchers and the APC gunner. The position provides ample
cover and you can’t easily be flanked. You can also target the APC gunner from
there. When the GPS is disabled, raid the building for ammo and a second pistol
and then continue on foot. You can also commandeer the APC if it is available
and continue up the road, but at this point this can be detrimental to covert
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

After Prophet informs you that the LZ is overrun and that you have a hostile
checkpoint ahead, you will encounter a pair of KPA on foot patrol coming toward
you. Move stealthily toward them, staying in the undergrowth near the
mountainside, Recon ahead when you reach a rock ramp heading up grade. You can
go up the rock ramp and when the KPA are below, push the stack of logs down onto
them but if your timing isn’t perfect, at least one of them will survive. The
best way to address them is to get into the bush near the base of that ramp and
dart them as they approach and then finish them with your silenced pistol.

Since this document recommends stealth tactics rather than brute force, going
afoot rather than in vehicle is the best way to avoid letting the enemy control
the action. Extensive use of the cloaking mode greatly enhances your chances of
success even with long odds. Note that the enemy won’t detect you if you de-
cloak while in foliage or behind objects to recharge your energy. Unless they
are on alert and are right on top of you, you won’t normally be detected even in
seemingly scant vegetation. When in enemy territory, penetrating hostile
installations or when crossing open areas, recon it for available cover spots to
remain undetected as you bypass or infiltrate.

Continue forward without opposition and don’t listen to the suggestion to use
speed mode near the wide beach-there are no time constraints in the entire game
and you will encounter six KPA soldiers on the broad beach. Enter stealthily; if
you are driving, abandon that vehicle before reaching the beach or you will
quickly be surrounded and in the heat of battle on the enemy’s terms.

Before continuing forward, recon the beach area from the safety of the abundant
foliage. Work your way east, recharging in the foliage, as you move along the
mountainside. One of the six spread out KPA will be manning the turret weapon of
an APC on the far side of the beach, and any firefight in this area will quickly
bring another roving APC to investigate. There is no good reason to rile these
guys up, so work your way into the foliage near the APC gunner and wait. Stay in
the foliage-you won’t even have to stay cloaked-and wait for the APC patrol from
the east to approach. This is its turnaround point and if you have killed the
other APC gunner it will probably stop to investigate. Let it turn around and
leave. Toggle the silenced SCAR to single shot and take out the APC gunner on
the beach with a headshot. This will preclude the APC from joining any action
down the road and won’t raise the alert status.

Proceed east from the beach on foot, staying cloaked or in the undergrowth
alongside the road. When Prophet advises you that near the landing zone, “enemy
forces are dug in deep,” you will have to get past a three-man KPA patrol just
ahead. You can power-jump the ledges on the cliff to survey the patrol lounging
below, but taking them out from that distance without a scoped weapon is
difficult. A better strategy is to sneak in extremely close. As long as you can
hear their voices you are totally safe. Put them out one by one with
tranquilizer darts from the nearby foliage. They won’t even take notice of their
mates dozing off one by one. Finish them with your silenced pistol or KY71
assault rifle. Keep an eye on the road during this ordeal, that APC is periodic.
Alternatively, after Prophet’s warning you can skip the encounter and a possible
meeting with the patrolling APC by swimming northeast across the bay to the
beach. If you do, stay underwater to escape the attention of the patrol boats
and the KPA on the beach, cloaking as you go ashore.

The roadway you are traveling is the routine patrol route of a two-man APC crew-
the one you allowed to go about its business at the beach. Check ahead with your
binoculars and if the APC is stopped, make a stealthy approach along the
mountainside and dart the gunner and his driver and finish them off. An
oceanside village occupied by a large contingent of KPA lay ahead. If that APC
wasn’t sitting near the roadway it is still driving its route, so stay off the
road as you advance on foot.

You can employ speed mode until you receive information from Prophet that there
is a lot of enemy activity in your area and he advises you to maintain a low
profile. Slow down and advance through the cover on the right side of the

On the distant outskirts of the oceanside village you will see an APC sitting
alongside the roadway. You can either bypass it or you can dart the gunner and
his sidekick and then finish them to prevent their intervention if an alert is
sounded at the oceanside complex ahead. Be aware that the unpredictable APC
patrol will periodically travel this road.

You can easily bypass the entire oceanside complex by staying on the high ground
to its east. If an alert is sounded the spread out garrison will quickly be
reinforced. There are, however, fragmentation grenades in the north building
near the shore. They can easily be acquired by approaching it from the far side
of the complex. Sneak into the building from the foliage due east of it,
crossing the open area and the road and making a recharging stop in the low
ground cover near the palm tree before entering the shack on the ocean’s side.

If you go for the grenades, exit and move northeast past the fence and recharge
in the low vegetation. Either way, just beyond the compound you will receive a
secondary objective. Infiltrate a KPA command center for valuable intelligence.

This time heed Prophet’s speed mode suggestion as you sprint up the road, but
when you see the guardrail, begin a slow advance through the undergrowth.
Prophet’s belated announcement of a checkpoint ahead comes too late to stop your
vehicle if you’re driving. Creep forward and locate the two KPA scouts coming
down the roadway and silently dart them to prevent them from sounding an alert,
summoning reinforcements from the guard post just ahead-you want them oblivious
to your presence. Finish them off before continuing.

The guard post just ahead on the knoll has six hostiles and it can be bypassed
but it is worth taking so that you can acquire a shotgun. Sneak in the backside
and silently snipe the soldier in the garage with your silenced SCAR. Quickly
retreat into the foliage of a bush on the southwest slope. The body will soon be
discovered and the remaining KPA will start searching and will come into your
sights. Silently eliminate then one by one. If an alert is sounded or the
skirmish is prolonged an APC and possibly a beach patrol from one of the beach
gun emplacements may arrive and join in the action.

When you have secured the compound, grab a shotgun from one of your victims,
exchanging it with one of your assault weapons-keep the SCAR assault rifle if it
isn’t low on ammo and replace the more common, less valuable KY71 assault rifle.

The shotgun is an excellent addition to your arsenal. Note that toggling the
fire mode changes the spread pattern from wide to narrow. Wide spread is more
potent, but the narrow spread is much more effective at a distance. When you
have expended a few shells, take note of its slow one-shell-at-a-time loading
animation and don’t get caught in a reload when you need to be shooting. There
are also fragmentation grenades available in the east building.

Start northeast toward your secondary objective. If the APC entered the battle
at the guard post, take it; if it didn’t, advance slowly and look for it on the
main roadway or farther east nearer the objective. Be aware that there is a
three-man gun emplacement monitoring the beach well west of the objective, and
any altercation with the APC in that area will draw an investigating patrol from
the beach.

Continue toward the objective and when prompted or when the “Hill Side Café”
sign appears, start a stealthy advance. A careful player can sneak into the
command trailer to access the computer for the intelligence if he is patient and
uses the cloak and terrain to his advantage. There are four KPA patrolling the
area near the command trailer but two are frequently far afield, patrolling as
far away as the beaches. The APCs crew, if present, and KPA from the beach will
augment these numbers if an alert is raised.

After Prophet suggests cloaking and sneaking into the guard post, angle
northwest from the “Hill Side Café” sign down to the beach area and begin
infiltrating the facility, starting near the rocks close to the shoreline. Get
in the low vegetation to recharge, staying out of sight of the KPA on the beach
to the southwest and the gun emplacement on the heights to the north. There is a
long open stretch of beach ahead with no cover. Recon the beach for a KPA
patrol, move onto the beach and veer right to crouch under the large leafed fern
to recharge.

Recon ahead and when the beach is clear of KPA, slowly move across the open area
going toward the waypoint. Stop briefly near the large leafed plant to recharge.
The cover is sufficient if no patrol is in that immediate area-don’t press your
luck by staying there too long. Continue north and take cover in the low
vegetation near the rocks. This is out of sight of the gunner in the emplacement

Recharge and go up the grade and slowly move through the sparse grass toward the
boulders where you can again recharge in the low ground cover. Recon and
continue toward the objective, moving through the gap in the boulders, among the
grass clumps and into the low ground cover near a pair of small boulders. This
places you in sight of the command trailer. Quickly monitor the trailer’s entry,
allowing any patrolling KPA to move away, and then waste no time moving
stealthily into it.

Get the intelligence. The new intel has revealed that the island has been
forcibly evacuated in just a few days and that the notorious General Kyong is
commanding elite troops in whatever enterprise they have embarked upon on this
remote island.

It is now time to exit. You can take the time to make a stealthy retreat but it
is time for some violence. Use the trailer’s entry as cover to kill the first
KPA to show himself. The others will quickly respond, allowing you to
systematically slaughter them with the shotgun. If the APC wasn’t addressed
earlier it will also fire at you from the distance complicating the ordeal a

There are six more combatants who will remain largely oblivious to the nearby
confrontation. They are manning several gun emplacements and a walkway
overlooking the water behind the command trailer. They are optional kills, but
many have shotguns whose ammo you can take. Go right after exiting the trailer
and kill the gunner at his mount. Farther back, overlooking the ocean, three
more KPA man a catwalk. You can usually hide behind the storage crate and dart
the first three without provoking a firefight. Another is usually positioned in
the elevated shack and another is at a gun emplacement on the far end. Gather
all the shotgun ammo after eliminating them.

If you haven’t addressed the APC back at the guard post or on your way to the
command post, watch for it as you travel back toward the guard post. Take one of
the parked vehicles if you didn’t drive there. If they didn’t come to
investigate the firefight at the trailer, expect a two-man patrol, three if the
third has abandoned his gun turret on the beach, to fire on you as you pass
their beach emplacement. You can actually use your binoculars to scan the beach
area for them before leaving the command trailer area. Man the turret if you
have the APC to take them out or exit your vehicle if need be. Drive up to the
vacated guard post and exit the vehicle.

There is a checkpoint just east of the guard post manned by three hostiles. Go
behind the garage and take the dirt path toward it, staying cloaked as you
approach it. You can use fragmentation grenades, as prompted, to help clear the
hostiles; but if you get in close by using the cover provided by the rock wall
on the right side of the area, you can tranquilize two of the defenders. Before
they revive, cloak, advance and shotgun the third and don’t bother finishing the
others because if the affair is prolonged or noisy, up to a half dozen KPA
soldiers will come to investigate from an overlook on the steep hill beyond.
Just hustle through the barrier and go left past the second barrier. Enter the
canyon and be well ahead of any reinforcements as you jump the ledges.

Proceed along the canyon to the distress signal’s rendezvous point. You will
meet with Prophet and what is left of the team near the archaeologist’s research
ship that has somehow been stranded in the highlands. Something is afoul-deep
cold in isolated pockets on a tropical island, ships on a mountaintop, mutilated
corpses everywhere. The team wants answers, but Prophet can or will offer none.
Before you can continue the mission, a flying squid-like monstrosity swoops in
and snatches Jester, flying away with him. The team now has a strong clue of
what this outing to this remote island is all about.

Follow Psycho out of the deep freeze and through the open high country as you
search for Jester. Ahead an alien squid decimates a North Korean patrol and then
flies off looking for more victims. As a seismic tremor rocks the earth, jump
down over the ledge as a flying squid moves up the canyon to end chapter one.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 2 actions as outlined:
  SCAR assault rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 2)
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 2)
  Pistol standard sidearm (In your possession at the start of chapter 2)
  Precision rifle (Acquired from a KPA corpse during chapter 2 game play)
  Missile launcher (Acquired during chapter 2 game play)

After locating Jester’s corpse and witnessing his subsequent incineration, take
his SCAR and/or his ammo clips and move out with the team-keep your shotgun. The
new objective is to capture the communications trailer. This is accomplished
without incident because “something” has killed the entire KPA garrison.

While Prophet awaits further communications and Psycho defends the perimeter, he
dispatches you solo to scout for information on the location of the hostage in
the nearby village. Psycho will join you there as soon as possible. The hostage
might have information on the location and disposition of the archaeological

Go southeast out of the compound and take the APC parked near the road. After
the warning from Prophet on hostiles, keep an eye on the roadway ahead. When you
see the APC, stop and man the gun turret and hammer the gunner and his crew.

A two-man patrol may respond to the ruckus and come up the path from the beach
near the “Hill Side Café” sign. Either kill or bypass them after your encounter
with the APC.

As you drive forward, guardrails will appear on the roadway near the drop off.
Stop and continue on foot from that point. Prophet will soon give you a
secondary objective-accessing the KPA network.

Stay cloaked or in cover on the roadway and be prepared to deal with four KPA
soldiers coming from the hillside on the right. The first is scouting ahead and
will be the first to come onto the road. Stay in the foliage near the cliff and
take him silently. Take his Precision Rifle, replacing your shotgun. It is
equipped with an assault scope and now your SCAR assault rifle will also have
that option. The next three KPA will be coming down the hillside. Use the
boulders near the road or, if they are tardy showing, on the slope to ambush

Continue up that hillside toward the secondary objective. If the altercation was
noisy, watch your back for three KPA reinforcements coming up from the beach.
Continue up the grade, remaining cloaked when you aren’t in cover to recharge.
You will soon see a six-man patrol coming down the hill. Snipe them with the
silenced scoped SCAR from the cover of the foliage near the path to eliminate
them as they search for the source of your gunfire. Continue moving up the
roadway toward the communications trailer.

There are seven defenders guarding the elevated compound that must be killed
before you can access the KPA network. Cloak as you crest the hill and then veer
right up the knoll, using the bushes to recharge your energy to allow you to
stay concealed. Recon the command post to locate your targets. Use the cover of
the boulder and the foliage on the knoll to snipe the KPA with the silenced SCAR
and when they take notice switch to the Precision Rifle. Move near or into the
shack to root out any survivors of your sniping.

The download reveals the exact coordinates of the hostage-a schoolhouse in the
nearby village. It also provides information about the incoming fleets position.

Search the premises and the KPA corpses for ammo, taking an FY71 assault rifle
if you’re the spray and pray type and have misspent your SCAR ammo. You can also
find a Precision Rifle and a North Korean guided missile launcher and
fragmentation grenades outside of the shack on the east end. You should now be
carrying the Precision Rifle and an assault rifle-hopefully the SCAR.

Look east from the elevation to see your next assignment-the large compound in
which the hostage is being held in a schoolhouse. Start the trek, but don’t
hurry down the slope. Go slowly, monitoring the slope with your binoculars to
locate the six-man KPA patrol scouting the hillside. Once they are pinpointed,
return to the top of the hill and use the range of the Precision Rifle to take
them out from the high ground. Before continuing down slope grab a shotgun from
one of your victims, replacing the Precision Rifle.

Stealthily descend the hill and scout the complex from the cover of the wooded
knoll overlooking the bridge. You will see a pair of gun emplacements on either
side of the entrance into the large compound beyond. Recharge and make your way
to a boulder on the riverbank near the bridge to recharge. Mine fields restrict
access via the compound’s perimeter, but you can avoid the minefields by
crossing the river, wading the shallow water near or under the bridge. It is
your safest ticket into the compound.

Cloak, move across the river on the left side of the overhead bridge and
recharge with the vacant shack looming above on your left. Cloak and go up the
slope and work your way into the ground cover near the isolated tree, crouching
in the foliage. Take out the gunner in left gun emplacement with a tranquilizer
dart or a headshot and if no alert is raised by a nosy KPA, slowly move around
the emplacement, going left past the bundles and recharge in the gap between the
tracks of the bulldozer.

If your intrusion was discovered initiating an alert, toggle the silenced SCAR
to single shot and use the cover of the foliage to systematically kill the
numerous KPA that will conduct a futile search for you near the gate. You can
run up an impressive body count. Either way, your goal is to make it to the left
side of the compound to recharge near that bulldozer.

Start your advance toward the schoolhouse by entering the building to the east
of the bulldozer. If there is no alert active, this area should be quiet;
confront the enemy only if absolutely necessary.

Begin a slow walk to the schoolhouse. You should have just enough energy to
evade being discovered by the gunners in the emplacements on the roof of the
schoolhouse. Enter the building and go into the room on the left for a recharge.
If you haven’t been seen you can move up the stairs and down the hall to free
the captive but it’s rare that the KPA will let it be so easy.

If discovered stay in the ground-level room and use the doorway as cover to
shotgun the KPA as they enter the hallway. If a general alarm is raised, KPA
will flock toward the schoolhouse. Some may target you through the windows, so
watch that side as well. The shotgun toggled to narrow spread can reach out and
touch the KPA outside those windows. If this happens, pile up the corpses; grab
ammo from the dead and head up the stairwells to free the captive.

Psycho will finally join you at the doorway to the hostage’s prison. The
hostage, planted by the CIA, will inform you and Psycho of where she believes
anyone living from her team can be located-the excavation site. Something is
killing people-that something, she believes, just doesn’t want anyone on the
island and she thinks that they have awakened that something with their invasive

While Psycho takes charge of the hostage, you must now neutralize the enemy
armor that is entering the compound before he can get her to safety. Two KPA
tanks have rumbled into the area.

Make your way out of the room and go up the short stairwells to the roof. Take
down any KPA on the rooftop and locate the KPA tank roving the area. Use the
missile launcher in your inventory to knock out the first tank. It will take all
three missiles to make it a smoking hulk. Grab the launcher lying on the ammo
crate on the rooftop; but, before addressing the second tank, you will need to
watch for KPA coming up the stairwell to your position. Secure the stairwell
before taking on that second tank.

It is sometimes difficult to get a line on that second tank, so if you need to
leave the rooftop, keep the shotgun and the SCAR, although if it is low on ammo,
another SCAR will be available after you complete the current mission. The
Precision Rifle on the roof is an excellent weapon, but it only has ten rounds-
leave it unless the SCAR needs to be replaced.

There is a missile launcher in the center room on the ground level as well as a
variety of grenades. If needed there are several more launchers in the nearby
structure-the Town Hall; but if you want to restock there you will have to
battle the numerous KPA defending the building. Although not a mission,
additional intelligence can also be gathered in the second story office of the
Town Hall.

Once the second tank is destroyed, it is now time to move south to the new
rendezvous point. Exit the compound and go south past the storage sheds, jump
over the block wall and walk southeast up the steep grade, moving toward Prophet
at the rendezvous. Locate the rock ledges to the right of the waterfall. Jump
the first ledge and take the SCAR assault rifle and ammo clips from the
munitions crates. Jump up the other ledges and start west on the dirt path on
the high ground above the river.

Move down the path overlooking the river canyon and stay cloaked as you scout
ahead. You will soon see a four-man KPA foot patrol coming toward you. Get into
the foliage near the drop off and ambush them, sniping them with the silenced
SCAR. Be aware that several more KPA will occasionally respond to the action and
come in from behind you.

Prophet will soon change the rendezvous point because of heavy KPA activity in
his vicinity. The KPA nearest you are involved in a firefight not far ahead. Get
in close and ambush the four survivors while they are distracted by the battle,
sniping from the safety of the nearby foliage. There are pockets of frost on the
ground near a civilian victim.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: An alternate approach to the following procedure can succeed using stealth
rather than force. After you ambush the four KPA and pass Bedowski’s remains,
Prophet advises you that there are KPA ahead. This will be a party of around
ten. Rather than fighting them, cloak and make your way east into the river,
crossing to the far side. To be successful you mustn’t trigger an alert. Hide
behind one of the boulders and recharge, allowing the KPA to pass by on the
hillside you just vacated. Be aware that a KPA sniper is not far ahead, but he
is on a ledge and can’t see you over the brow of the escarpment. Continue
southeast in the river, recharging behind boulders or in vegetation.

When Prophet says he has spotted hostiles on the other side of the river-now
your side, stop under cover and use your binoculars to check that the opposite
hillside is clear of the KPA patrol; and then move forward around the rocks
jutting into the river and recharge in the small niche with the tall clump of
grass. Scout the hillside across the river again. A red bereted KPA is lagging
behind, standing near a tree, dart him, recharge and power-jump the ledges near
your hiding spot to get onto the ledge above.

Remaining undiscovered is now vital. Use a tranquilizer dart on the nearby
sniper and finish him off before he revives. If there is no alert, move forward
and get in the foliage and dart the KPA standing near the mountainside. Don’t
finish him off; keep moving very slowly along the mountainside. There are two
groups of KPA ahead, two not far from the one you just put down and three
farther on. If you move slowly and know their positions you can easily sneak
past them, recharging out of their sightlines.

If stealth isn’t your cup of tea, move forward on the rock shelf after
eliminating the sniper and take out a few KPA with the silenced SCAR until an
alert is sounded. Move back on the rock shelf and grab the Precision Rifle and
begin killing KPA as they come at you.  There are over a dozen and the narrow
ledge is a decent chokepoint, funneling them into your sights. Use cover and
cloaking tactics and shotgun anyone who gets in close. When all the hostiles are
down replace the Precision Rifle with your SCAR and head for the waypoint to
meet Prophet.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

As you move along, a transmission warns you to look alert, a large KPA patrol is
ahead. Cloak and keep going, staying near the mountainside, recharging in the
low foliage when needed. You need to prevent an alert from sounding so move
carefully. Jump down the ledge and recharge in the crevice beyond it. Power-jump
out of the crevice and take shelter in the low foliage under the tree sitting on
the low rock shelf, which will be at your back. Look northeast and when the
large patrol shows in the low area begin sniping them from the foliage. They
won’t have a clue where you are so kill them all without moving from your spot.
If you remain crouched you won’t even need to stay cloaked unless one searches
in your direction.

When the area is secured, jump onto the low rock shelf and Prophet will warn you
that he has spotted hostiles on the other side of the river. Stay cloaked as you
move east through the woodland, there is a sniper on a rock shelf on the other
side of the river that will fire on you and raise an alert if he spots you. Jump
down from the high ground and take shelter in the foliage and allow another four
man KPA patrol to bypass you. They may make life easy for you by drifting down
towards the river well out of your path.

Continue forward keeping the cliff generally on your right side, cloaking and
recharging to stay out of sight of the numerous KPA infesting the opposite side
of the river. When you get near the falls, jump down and head back downriver,
moving stealthily along the channel until the cliff breaks allowing you to bear
right, exiting the riverbed. Recharge under cover and move through the gap in
the ledge, having now left the KPA behind.

Continue toward the waypoint without opposition and when you approach the
waterfall, you will find Prophet near a cave entrance.

It seems that Prophet knew all along that the CIA had an agent on the
archaeology team. The CIA has known for a while that Dr. Rosenthal had evidence
of something ancient and technological, and they are determined to know what it
is and why the North Koreans are so determined to control it. The second chapter
ends after you talk to Prophet and enter the cave.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= CHAPTER 3: RELIC  <CH03>  =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 3 actions as outlined:
  SCAR assault rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 3)
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 3)
  Pistol standard sidearm (In your possession at the start of chapter 3)
  Precision Rifle (Acquired during chapter 3 game play)
  Missile Launcher (Acquired during chapter 3 game play)

After Prophet informs you that another KPA jammer is blocking communication, a
flying alien squid will swoop in and take him. You will be left on your own to
continue the rescue operation. With your commanding officer MIA, the satellite
uplink failed and your map offline, you are offered extraction by the nearby
fleet; you decline, wanting to complete the mission since you have good
intelligence on Rosenthal’s location. You now have a secondary mission-disable
the GPS jamming station.

Move up the dirt pathway toward the secondary objective. Take Prophet’s SCAR
assault rifle ammo and the grenade launcher attachment that lies on the path.
Note that you can now toggle it to launch grenades-you have six grenades and you
will now occasionally find rifle grenades at ammo stockpiles.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: The following procedure suggests stealth tactics to infiltrate the KPA
stronghold and accomplish the mission without confrontation. Success depends on
your staying undetected-even a cautionary alert can scramble the KPA, causing
them to hunt unpredictably. An alternative approach is to simply annihilate the
large garrison and the APCs that will enter any extended firefight. You now have
a grenade launcher attachment so light armored vehicles are no problem. If you
can get into one of the trailers you can stack the bodies up near the doorway
with your shotgun. Note that you can actually destroy the jamming trailer with
grenades, rifle grenades or missiles rather than interacting with them.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Continue until you can do reconnaissance on the large compound below, cloaking
when you see the grave marker to avoid possible detection by the roadway
checkpoint below and on your right. Make your way to the overlook. The GPS
jammer is on the far side of the heavily defended area and a firefight or even
detection in the large area will scramble the KPA and stealth tactics will
become much more difficult.

Locate and tag all the nearby KPA soldiers to put them on radar. When the area
below is clear of hostiles move down the hillside near the dirt path, staying
near the mountainside. Get into the foliage of the isolated bush to recharge. If
you were somehow spotted, dart any suspicious KPA soldier but be advised that a
takedown or a corpse will soon be detected, triggering an alert; and additional
KPA from the northern checkpoint and APC crews will further reinforce the large
garrison. If discovered you can usually lay low in cover and wait for the alert
to subside before moving on but the hostiles will still be roaming

Recharge in the foliage and continue to make your way slowly south near the
mountainside, re-charging in the thick brush ahead near the cliff. From the
foliage, check the fenced area to be clear and slowly make your way to the lower
section of fencing. Recharge in a bush, power-jump the fence and go straight
ahead and recharge in the foliage against the fence. Check the area ahead and
near the APC to be clear of hostiles. Move southwest past the APC, across the
main road and get behind the corrugated metal fence to recharge between the two

Unless an alert has been triggered the palm grove on the southwest side of the
plantation is always free of enemy activity and the guard post beyond is out of
the sightline of the plantation. Work your way down the fence, taking note of
the green KPA trailer with the jamming unit as you cross the break in the fence.
Recharge in the niche at the end of the fence and then check the shack ahead to
be clear. Cloak, move forward and re-supply at the munitions crates, being sure
to take the rifle grenades, which are the only good reason for visiting this

Reverse course and recharge in the niche before cloaking and going east along
the fence. Recharge between the palms and toggle the SCAR’s attachment to enable
the grenade launcher, arrow to the grenade mode and load a grenade. Step to the
end of the fence, de-cloak, face west, take aim at the jamming trailer and make
it a smoking hulk with a rifle grenade and then quickly re-cloak.

Start south on foot, recharging behind the fences or in the foliage as you make
your way toward the next objective-scouting another KPA base for additional
intelligence. With the noise you just made, watch for KPA in your wake and an
APC from the guard post to the west coming to investigate the incident. Before
the road makes a sharp turn to the right, go left onto the dirt path.

Move up the dirt path toward the objective and as you crest the rise, begin a
stealthy advance, staying cloaked and near cover to locate the pair of KPA
scouts guarding the approach. Toggle the SCAR to again shoot tranquilizer darts
and hit both KPA scouts to put them down. Advance along the left side of the
path to keep out of sight of the sniper tower and the hovering gunship. Finish
the darted KPA with silent headshots. If these takedowns occur too close to the
swinging bridge, the sniper in the tower may take note and signal an alert. Stay
behind the rocks or in foliage out of the sightline of the circling gunship and
let the alert level decay if that happens.

The narrow suspension bridge is the only route into the heavily defended base.
Two machinegun emplacements, a sniper in the tower and a large garrison guard
that approach. You can actually just cloak and cross the bridge, but paving the
way will make the entry and gathering the intel easier. The hard to see gunner
in the emplacement on the right and the sniper in the tower are the most
critical kills.

Stay in the sturdy bush on the left side of the chasm to eliminate the two
machine gunners and the sniper in the tower with your scoped assault rifle. If
the KPA in the emplacement to the right is staying out of your sights, feed him
a rifle grenade-you will have to compensate a bit for drop, but they are a very
effective addition to your arsenal. Other KPA will oftentimes re-man the guns-
take them out and remain in the bushes to clear any additional targets. The
gunship overhead won’t be a problem unless you get caught in the open uncloaked
and it will eventually lose interest and move off.

Recharge, cloak and slowly walk, to minimize your energy drain, cross the bridge
and take refuge in the bushes on the right side of the bridge for a needed
recharge. Begin skirting the enclosure by going counterclockwise past the right
gun emplacement and continuing around the outside of the rock wall. Recharge in
the foliage, jump the rock wall and get onto the sniper’s tower.

Take the Precision Rifle, now equipped with a sniper scope, and its extra ammo,
replacing your trusty but easily replaced shotgun. Locate the sniper tower to
the southeast beyond the objective trailer and take out the sniper with the
sniper scoped silenced SCAR. If the KPA aren’t scrambling begin uncloaking and
killing KPA, ducking out of their sightline to recharge as needed. When the KPA
become aware of the death raining down upon them, switch to the un-silenced SCAR
to address the closer targets and use the Precision Rifle on the more distant
ones. There are at least a dozen hostiles in the area, so continue to thin their
ranks. Many will gather at the base of the tower, kill as many as possible,
shooting them from above with your SCAR. Don’t use grenades or you may drop the
tower, placing you among the enemy below. When the area is secured, keep the
SCAR and the Precision Rifle as your primary weapons and descend the tower. Some
of these KPA soldiers are now armed with submachine guns.

The submachine gun is actually a very good weapon. While not as potent as the
SCAR, it has very little recoil and its high rate of fire puts a lot of lead on
target. Its stability makes it a decent mid-range sniper when equipped with
either the assault or sniper scope and it can be silenced. It stands above the
FY71 assault rifle for stopping power; so if you have the choice, take the
submachine gun over the FY71 assault rifle.

Stop at the trailer as you start for the objective and re-supply-there are rifle
grenades there as well as other munitions. Get to the command trailer to
download the information, which yields the exact location of the excavation
site. With the latest intelligence you will now be heading for the excavation
site. The map on the wall is actually an accurate depiction of the route to the
excavation site.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: When Prophet suggests taking a vehicle and sticking to the roads-don’t,
that method kick’s open the front door of a hornet’s nest; disregard the
communication-the best way into the site is by swimming and walking. Driving
makes you run the gauntlet of the KPA in the marsh, the guard post to the south
and the river guard post where you must cross the river and then it puts you
under the guns of the excavation site at your destination.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Exit the trailer, cloak and climb the southeast sniper’s tower. Take the
Precision Rifle ammo and the missile launcher. Use your binoculars to scan the
marshy area to the southeast. Taking on the numerous KPA in the region below
isn’t really necessary to continue; but this, being a shooter, demands some
additional carnage and cleansing the area will pay dividends later in the
chapter. Begin eliminating the KPA patrolling the marshy area to the southeast.
Use the range of the Precision Rifle to slaughter the more distant KPA
patrollers and your sniper-scoped SCAR assault rifle on any closer targets. With
a little patience you can kill ten hostiles from your perch making an entry to
the guard post to the south less challenging.

Once the marshy area is cleared it is actually out of your way to challenge the
guard post to the south, so you can skip the battle detailed below and start
southeast toward the waypoint, swimming the river and continuing with the
procedure detailed after the taking of the guard post. The guard post, however,
has a decent supply of munitions available, including Precision Rifle ammo and
missile launchers and the terrain provides great sniping platforms.

With the marsh cleared, descend the tower and go south past the gun emplacement,
jump the fence, cross the road and get into the undergrowth to avoid crossing
the open marsh under the remaining guns of the southern guard post. Make your
way east through the undergrowth until you have a good view of the post. A small
contingent of KPA occupies the guard post to the south. Stay in the foliage near
the cliff. Scout the area and take out the gunner in the sandbagged emplacement.
Continue picking off the KPA with the sniper rifle as they come into view and
watch for one of them to re-man the turret. Move in to root out any survivors
and raid the shack. It is brimming with munitions including missile launchers
and a Precision Rifle whose ammo you can take.

Continue east toward the objective and another small KPA installation will
appear near the water in the valley and another south of it. There is no reason
to challenge the guard post; you can easily bypass it by going northwest on the
bluff, dropping down and swimming across the water, angling for the trees to the
east where the shore is walkable. Once there, continue northeast toward the
excavation site’s waypoint.

Approach the site by keeping to the far left, staying alongside the cliffs to
avoid the more open country. Recharge in the foliage and watch for a two-man KPA
patrol in the low area close to the site when the sniper tower becomes prominent
on the high ground to your right. Silently take out the two KPA with
tranquilizer darts and then finish them off. Your next victim will be the sniper
in the tower but your sightline from the low area makes this difficult since he
oftentimes can’t be seen.

Continue up the hillside to the east, staying stealthy until you reach the
overlook. Recon the site, staying in the foliage as you creep northeast. It
isn’t necessary to address any of the KPA spread throughout the large compound.
Pinpoint the location of the machinegun emplacement near the complex of green
KPA modular structures as you walk the ridge. While not totally necessary-you
can just sneak in behind him-silently put the machine gunner down to remove him
from the equation. Recharge in the foliage and jump down. Advance and jump down
to the left of the fence behind the gun emplacement. Turn left or north and move
around to the rear of the modular structures and enter the unguarded rear entry.
If there are KPA in the long hallway near the dome’s entry, employ a rifle
grenade to clear them. Turn left and interact with the entry door to enter the

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: If the entry procedure above is too easy or you want to top off your
Precision Rifle ammo-and you are going to need a lot of rounds quite soon or if
you just enjoy sniping KPA, continue up the hillside after darting the two KPA
and follow the procedure that follows instead of that in the paragraph above.

Stay in cover in the foliage and silently kill the sniper in the nearby tower.
Drop down from the ridge, recharge in the foliage, jump the rock wall and get
onto the tower. Do recon on the complex to locate the two snipers in the towers
on the far southeast side of the compound and the turret gunner to the northeast
and another to the east near the dome. Additional KPA will also patrol the large
area. Use the silenced SCAR to eliminate the turret gunner to the northeast, and
then any of the patrolling KPA that are visible, including the one near the
sandbagged emplacement to the east. When your presence is known, switch to the
Precision Rifle and take out the two snipers in the towers. Begin wasting the
KPA that will now respond to your incursion, using the un-silenced SCAR on the
closer targets and the Precision Rifle on the distant ones. You will now have to
watch for KPA going onto the ridge where you began the action by taking out the
first sniper.

When you run out of targets, descend from the tower and carefully make your way
toward the other sniper towers. Be ready to deal with any additional KPA,
including the turret gunner to the right who may have remained at his post. Grab
the Precision Rifle ammo from the first tower. Continue sniping if necessary
before power-jumping or going around the fence to the get to the next tower for
the Precision Rifle ammo. Clear the area if need be although if you did a
methodical job of sniping, there won’t be any survivors.

Make your way to the dome at the excavation site by jumping from the tower onto
the metal rooftops and then going north around the fence, across the open area
and then along the mountainside before jumping down into the depressed area
encircling the dome. The entry to the dome is via the green KPA modular
structures and there may still be several KPA milling near the entry. Stay out
of sight near the dome, shoulder your missile launcher and devastate them with a
salvo of missiles; or you can let them live another day by cloaking your way
forward, jumping onto the entry structures and using the back entrance.

Enter the doorway, front or rear, raid the ammo piles and restock your missiles
from the cache near the hallway leading into the dome.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

After you interact with the entry door and enter the dome, a cutscene shows Dr.
Rosenthal imploring the General not to open the newly discovered artifact-the
fossil is still alive and may be extremely dangerous. It seems it is a complete
version of a 2,000,000-year-old artifact, partial remains of which were
previously found in Siberia and Afghanistan. Too late! The General doesn’t
listen and an explosion killing Rosenthal rocks the dome and the site is
immediately frozen by a blast of frigid air. It is now known that General Kyong
is holding the remainder of the excavation team at another site in the

Exit the now frigid dome. The detonation will normally have most of the KPA
fleeing the dome area; but if you go left from the exit, expect a daring hostile
or two to be lurking in the passage near the exit. If your SCAR is low on ammo,
exchange it for a KY71 assault rifle but don’t take a shotgun from the entrance
cache at this point. Recon the exit before moving out, there may still be a few
KPA active in the immediate area. Move out of the modular structure warily. Turn
right after passing the munitions crates and go west, go up the short incline,
turn right and jump over the rock barrier.

There will be six or eight KPA prowling in the area ahead, but they are spread
out; and will, as often as not, move away from you. Go stealthy, scouting ahead
as you work your way west along the mountainside. Try to avoid contact,
recharging in bushes as you make your way along the cliff face. If you can’t
avoid a KPA patrol, snipe them from a distance while remaining in the foliage,
using the silenced assault rifle to remain concealed.

Stay near the mountainside until you reach the shoreline and you will see a
guard post on the left and a small islet ahead. Swim across to the islet and
silently eliminate the two KPA you will find there. Look southwest toward the
trees that are across the river from the snag-that part of the shoreline is your
destination. A helicopter gunship will begin searching. Board the boat and when
the gunship is out of the area, pilot the boat toward those trees. Exit the boat
and get into the cover of the foliage to avoid the attention of the gunship.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: The distance to the extraction point is long and hazardous. An alternative
to the procedure below is to make your way onto the island after reaching the
river by the procedure above. There are two KPA on the island and the boat is
nearby. Kill them and commandeer the boat and speed up the river. If you and
your boat survive the trip over the waterfall, continue speeding up river,
racing past the guard post at the bridge; all the while the helicopter gunship
will be making passes at you. You will have to abandon the boat at some point to
address the gunship and perhaps another patrol boat. If your boat doesn’t
survive the falls you will have to fight and sneak your way downriver and take
out the gunship before reaching your destination, which is far away. All in all,
the procedure below is less hazardous, more controllable and has better options.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: If you don’t mind long-distance walking, wading and swimming you can just
stay near/in the river, jumping down over the falls and making your way to the
distant checkpoint by following the river. There are several areas where
resistance is possible, but stealth tactics can keep the alert level down and
will allow you to avoid confrontations until you reach the boggy area near the
destination. You can in fact take to the river at any time during the procedure
below to avoid the bridge and the convoy if so desired and to save Precision
Rifle ammo. Another consideration will be your lack of a shotgun going into the
chapter’s final confrontation-not critical but significant.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

At some point you will have to deal with the pesky helicopter gunship and it can
be difficult to get a bead on it from near the river, so scramble up the steep
grade onto the river bluff. Start west along the bluff, staying cloaked or under
cover as the persistent gunship circles.

The marshy area you recently cleared will now be free of patrols and the guard
post, if you bypassed it, won’t be a problem as you move west away from it. Only
four KPA will defend the large compound where you gathered intel on the exact
location of the excavation site. Continue along the bluff avoiding a tussle with
the chopper in this rather exposed area.

Move over the rock barrier to get into the compound. Get onto the southeast
sniper’s tower; and, if you haven’t been seen, the four defenders are normally
grouped near the APC in the roadway. Take them out with sniper fire or use a
missile launcher and then restock your missiles from those on the tower. Watch
for those hostiles from the east, but they are usually far off and not much of a
threat unless you linger in the area. The gunship must now be addressed, so find
a sheltered spot and take it down and then restock the launcher-there is one in
a KPA trailers as well as on the tower.

Exchange your assault rifle for a shotgun-hang onto the Precision Rifle. There
are shotguns in one of the trailers as well as other munitions.

Commandeer either the truck or the APC and start down the switchback road,
making the left turn, the right, the left and stopping before making the next
right turn. Get out and get across the road and into cover.

There are seven KPA at or near the bridge-two on the bridge deck, three below
near the river and two near the shack. Advance under cloak, recharging in the
bushes and cross the river on the left side. Recon the area and carefully enter
the shack and stock up on munitions-it has missile launchers and large stocks of
ammo, as well as a Precision Rifle whose ammo you can take.

The idea is to now conserve your Precision Rifle ammo-at least a dozen rounds-
for a looming battle where it and the shotgun are your best chances for survival
against tough opponents.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: Once again you can take to the river and make your way to the landing
zone. If you stay along either side of the river you can avoid the convoy with
its sizable force of KPA. A patient player can sneak past the convoy and steal
one of their APCs and drive away unscathed. Conserving that potent Precision
Rifle ammo for a looming confrontation is also prudent.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

If your intrusion hasn’t triggered an alert, simply take the APC and drive west
paralleling the river toward the objective. When the aircraft streak overhead,
Strickland will inform you that the hostage has been taken to safety and that
your “Limey” friend is back in play-you are informed that there is a massive
military buildup at the mine.

When you see a big truck stopped ahead in the roadway, be advised that it is
only part of a large enemy convoy. You can avoid that large group of hostiles by
swimming across the river or you can fight your way past them. If you choose
avoidance, get off the road, cross the river and continue through the wetlands
to the waypoint, staying out of sight of the gunship by staying cloaked as much
as possible.

If you choose to fight, commence the action by hitting the red barrel with your
rifle and use the missile launcher to hit the big truck when the KPA scramble.
Hit groups with your remaining missiles. There will be about ten KPA in the
convoy so use the cover provided by the niches in the mountainside to finish
them off. Remember to conserve the sniper ammo as much as possible. Watch out
for incoming frag grenades as you shelter near the cliff. Make sure the area is
cleared and restock your missiles and ammo near the convoy.

Commandeer one of the convoy’s escort APCs, and when a fallen tree blocks the
road, advance toward the seemingly abandoned walled cemetery. Just stay cloaked
and the helicopter gunship will move off as you near the waypoint. You must now
clear the area so that a VTOL can safely land.

Begin searching for hostiles. The four KPA filtering into the landing zone,
usually from the surrounding hillsides, are equipped with nanosuits-cheap
“knockoffs” according to Nomad, but still quite challenging. Stay cloaked, near
cover and use your binoculars to tag them, sweeping the area to place them on
your radar. You can tackle them in two ways, up close with shotgun blasts or
with the Precision Rifle sporting the reflex sight or you can stand off and
sniper them with the Precision Rifle.

The most survivable method is to take to the hills and get in cover. Use the
binoculars to locate and tag the hostiles, putting them on your radar whenever
possible to track them for sniping. Use the scattered cover of the bushes on the
hillsides overlooking the graveyard to snipe with the Precision Rifle. Be
patient, these guys won’t usually charge into your sights. They are rather
unpredictable, oftentimes hiding to ambush you or even flanking you in pairs.
When you fire, cloak and change your position, moving away from their known
positions to avoid a chance meeting or to maneuver towards them to blast them at
close quarters when you have reduced their numbers. Just stay cloaked or out of
their sightline to recharge and keep an eye on your radar and use the binoculars
as much as possible to pinpoint them for sniping. Some of them will have
Precision Rifle ammo-so loot their corpses to stock up when possible. Once the
four nanosuited KPA are down, the VTOL will land. Enter it to end chapter three.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 4 actions as outlined:
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 4)
  Precision Rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 4)
  Pistol standard sidearm (In your possession at the start of chapter 4)
  Missile Launcher (In your possession at the start of chapter 4)
  SCAR assault rifle (Acquired at the start of chapter 4)
  C4 explosive charges (Acquired during chapter 4 gameplay)

The VTOL touches down, dropping you and the team into an area that is under
heavy fire from North Korean anti-aircraft artillery. SAM missile batteries are
also active, making life difficult for friendly aircraft. The mission is to
secure the harbor but the KPA artillery is pounding the ridge you are on.

Take a SCAR assault rifle from a deceased Marine, replacing your Precision
Rifle, and take some SCAR ammo. Keep your shotgun. Sprint south with the team as
US warplanes roar overhead. Stock up at the shack-there is a Precision Rifle
there-take the Precision Rifle ammo clip but keep your SCAR assault rifle and
your shotgun. Continue with the team to an overlook where you will meet with
Lieutenant Bradley. The presence of the team has been compromised and three AAA
batteries are shelling your position and warplanes are being lost to SAM
activity. Your first task is to neutralize the AAA batteries.

Activate armor and jump from the cliff near the briefing site to the road below.
An APC will come toward you from the north. Hide behind a boulder and when the
APC and its crew stops nearby destroy it with a rifle grenade from the SCAR
assault rifle.

Proceed north slowly on the roadway. Stop near the “SPEED LIMIT 35” sign and
locate the three-man KPA foot patrol moving toward the road on the right. Move
across the road, get into the foliage and let them get onto the roadway before
you use the silenced sniper-scoped SCAR to take them out from a distance. If
this was a noisy affair, expect two latecomers, arriving to investigate the

After Psycho informs you he is heading for the harbor, another APC will come
toward you. Destroy it with a rifle grenade. If the earlier takedowns were
stealthy and you didn’t confront those two latecomers mentioned earlier, the
two-man patrol will either be emerging onto the roadway or they will still be on
the dirt path on the left side of the road. This will be within sight of the
checkpoint just down the road. If necessary, jump onto the low rock shelf on the
left side of the road and ambush them so they don’t flank you as you continue

The checkpoint just ahead seems quiet but is manned by six KPA. Jump onto the
slightly elevated area on the right side of the road. Move forward to get a good
view of the checkpoint, which is a fueling station. As you approach it on the
rock shelf, a pair of KPA soldiers will emerge from the building; one will move
to man the gun turret. Hit the gas pumps with sniper fire from the foliage to
start the festivities. Additional KPA will start to emerge from the structure.
Use the cover on the rock shelf to snipe into the compound. Watch for flankers
who may try to come up the incline when your position is known. Move in with the
shotgun to finish any survivors. As you loot the premises or if the fight is
prolonged, watch for three additional KPA soldiers arriving from the footpath
from the other side of the road.

The first anti-aircraft artillery battery is just a short distance up the road.
Don’t take a vehicle or the facility will go on alert. Walk toward it, staying
in the undergrowth on the left side of the road. The AAA battery will commence
firing as you approach the facility-just not at you. The sniper in the tower is
already dead so make your way to the base of sniper’s tower by recharging behind
the cargo bundles.

A small force of four KPA soldiers defends the AAA battery and one is manning
the sandbagged gun turret in the roadway. If they aren’t on alert, two of them
will probably be within the blast radius of the red barrel on the left near the
shack-crouch near a cargo bundle out of the sightline of the KPA and snipe the
barrel and then snipe any survivor of the explosion. Cloak and climb the tower
and use the booming Precision Rifle to secure the area. There should still be
two KPA to put down. Reclaim your SCAR assault rifle or shotgun, whichever one
you dropped, and descend the tower. Help yourself to the ammo, grenades, C4
explosive charges and missile launchers from near the shack close to the bridge.

Expend a missile to destroy the AAA gun or use a block of the C4. The
destruction of the AA artillery will draw in an enemy gunship. The chopper
doesn’t stick around unless you are seen so hide in the small shack; or you can
let yourself be seen and then use the missile launcher to take it down. You can
restock your missiles from the cache.

Start south toward the next AAA emplacement’s waypoint and jump down onto the
beach, staying cloaked or in cover so that you aren’t spotted by the patrol

Look southwest across the harbor. The second battery sits on the island-like
peninsula where you can see a line of palm trees. These are the trees on the
left, not those on the small island on the right. Allow the patrol boat to leave
the area. Either swim underwater toward those palms or take the boat to the same
spot-but taking the boat can spoil your entry if a patrol boat fires on you. In
case a patrol boat has returned to the area, cloak as you go ashore near the
boat dock. In addition to the AAA gun, there are four machine gun emplacements
on the peninsula manned by a garrison of seven KPA.

It isn’t necessary to first engage the defenders; you can target the AAA unit
with the missile launcher by creeping south along the rock wall and then turning
north around it toward the waypoint. The explosion will kill some of the
hostiles as well as destroying the AAA gun. You can then begin to address the
surviving KPA as they come to you. Take shelter near the rock ledge and gun them
down. Jump onto the elevated area and hunt down the survivors on the far end of
the fortification-some or all of the three gunners may still be at their posts.
There is a pesky sniper on the tower west of the peninsula-if he sees you he
will target you, so don’t go uncloaked where he can get a shot at you until you
take him out. If you are toting the Precision Rifle, you can snipe him, swim
across the bay, avoiding the mines and climb the tower for ten rounds of ammo.

You will have been informed that there is yet another auxiliary AAA battery
active to the southeast. Be sure to stock up on C4, missiles and ammo from the
cache near the eastern gun emplacement before proceeding to that target.

Go southeast unopposed on the dirt road toward the APC and then go right or
counterclockwise around the base of the mountain and across the beach before
taking to the water when the shoreline ends. As you approach the shore to the
east, you will be contacted. There is valuable intelligence available at a
nearby KPA installation. Its yellow icon will appear on your map. Get ashore and
start for the secondary objective.

When the roadway forks, check the right fork for a two-man KPA patrol, take them
out silently if they are nearby. If this is done too far down the road, expect
two more KPA coming down from the rock shelf to investigate. Continue toward the
secondary objective by taking the left fork, which parallels the mountainside to
the north.

This facility is defended by six KPA. Get in close, staying near the cliff face
and cloaking when in sight of the tower. Crouch in the low ground cover near the
mountain and silently take out the sniper in the tower. Climb the tower and
locate the combatants near the sandbagged gun emplacement near the road. Use a
rifle grenade to knock out the crew, which will rile up the remaining KPA.

A helicopter gunship will arrive and will now be hovering above the facility
searching for you. If it can see you it will target the tower, so stay cloaked
or out of its sightline as you snipe the remaining KPA. Temporarily swap the
SCAR for the Precision Rifle so you can acquire the extra ammo and then exchange
the Precision Rifle for the SCAR again. Get off of the tower before the gunship
can pinpoint you and blast off its canopy, exposing you to its guns.

Find cover near one of the shacks and use your missile launcher to eliminate the
gunship. Locate the computer terminal in the southeast building and get the
intelligence. It yields the position of a munitions store in the harbor. Get a
missile launcher from the crates near the road before departing.

Move southwest out of the compound, taking the dirt road rather then the paved
one. When you reach the beach near the fork, continue south along the shoreline
toward the harbor. Go warily, but the shoreline isn’t patrolled even when you
get near the facility and there should be no resistance unless you have
triggered an alert.

Veer east when you see the tall storage tanks on your left and approach the high
barbwire topped fence by going past the vacant guardhouse. Power-jump the fence
between the connected “SCHINDLIER” storage tanks where a lone palm tree stands
beyond the fence. Stand back when you jump so you clear the angled barbwire atop
the fence. Recharge between the tall tanks, cloak and move forward and jump the
next fence.

This should put you behind a large storage tank where you can safely recharge.
You must now cross the loading dock storage area, staying out of sight of the
sniper on the warehouse to the east who will spoil your entry if he sees you.
Activate your cloak, go around the tank and move forward toward the wire spools.
Angle left between the container and the spool and continue through the gap
between the white tank on the left the ruptured K-MOL container on the right.
Move into the small niche formed by the three rusty-red SPC containers.

Psycho has entered the harbor and is positioned on the loading cranes framework.
He will have your back as you attempt to destroy the nearby AAA gun. The AAA gun
is just south of your hidey-hole. Things should be peaceful if you haven’t
triggered an alert with your entry and the numerous KPA infesting the loading
dock and the wharf to the south will be scarce but stay cloaked, the occasional
sentry may happen by.

If you are discovered this niche is a good place to shotgun KPA if you are
besieged. Most will march into range of your shotgun allowing you to pile up KPA
corpses but a smart one may fire from a distance or from the gap where two of
the containers don’t quite come together.

Either way, recharge, face south toward the AAA gun, cloak and then power-jump
atop the container. Survey the area around the AAA gun. De-cloak, toss a C4
charge onto the AAA gun, cloak and drop back into your niche, armor up and
detonate it, taking out the gun and anyone else nearby. Quickly recharge, cloak,
jump up again, drop down near the destroyed AAA gun and move forward and jump
the wall. Shotgun anyone surviving the guns destruction but getting over that
wall is your priority.

Psycho will inform you that the cruiser in the harbor is jamming the GPS, so you
now must board the enemy vessel to remedy the situation. You will hear Psycho
sniping KPA, keeping many of them off your trail.

There are numerous KPA in the wharf area, which will include a sniper or two
manning turret guns on the roof of the north warehouse on your east. Recharge
near the wall and look at the cruiser ahead. Cloak and jump into the water, dive
and swim underwater around the stern of the vessel. When you pass the propeller,
bear right around the far side of the vessel and surface between it and the
wharf. Swim to the second ladder from the near corner, and with a full charge,
cloak, climb the ladder and you will be at a break in the cruiser’s railing
where you can make a power-jump to get aboard.

Before your energy fails equip the shotgun, enter the nearby open hatch, and
kill the KPA as you progress. There are usually three or four on the cruiser,
but some will be on the upper works. Go up the inside stairwell, turn left as
you exit the structure and re-enter it at the other end. Make your way to the
controls and blast the jamming electronics in the attaché case with your shotgun
so they can’t be re-activated.

You are now instructed to “paint” the cruiser for an air strike. Cloak and exit
the control room, and, if needed, grab a missile launcher from the crate. There
may still be a hostile or two on the cruiser so go warily. A helicopter gunship
will now be circling above. Use the cover provided by the upper works of the
cruiser to bring down the gunship. Restock your missiles from the crate near the

Go up the stairs near the hatch and hunt down any KPA on the upper deck. You
must now locate and eliminate the KPA on the wharf that you avoided earlier by
taking a swim. There are two gun emplacements-only one is usually manned-on the
warehouse roof to the northeast and another, from your angle, hard-to-see one on
the wharf to the southeast. Check the cluster of cargo containers below on the
southwest side of the wharf and the warehouse area to the east. Diligent sniping
can pay dividends when you must get onto the wharf. There will also be an APC
cruising the wharf as well. Use the SCAR and its grenade launcher to annihilate
anything moving. Jump down onto the wharf through that break in the railing.

Don’t let your guard down as you prepare to “paint” the cruiser, there may be a
KPA or two lurking inside the warehouse and several more will probably drift in
from the north. Position yourself along the northeast corner of the warehouse to
mask your location and use your binoculars to paint the target. A fighter jet
will make a pass and sink the cruiser. The landing zone, however, isn’t secure
until you take down another helicopter gunship-although this final gunship isn’t
always a requirement. After taking down the gunship, if required, take the time
to grab another missile launcher from behind the gun mount near the rail cars
and take care, KPA could still be active and another APC is lurking, usually
behind the parked railcars.

Make your way east, following the railroad tracks and power-jump the fence.
Before continuing to the landing site where friendly armor is being unloaded,
stop in the building on your left and take the rifle grenades and FY71 ammo.
Chapter four ends as a tank round clears the rubble from the entrance to the

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 5 actions as outlined:
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 5)
  SCAR assault rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 5)
  Pistol (secondary weapon in your possession at the start of chapter 5)
  Precision Rifle (Acquired early in chapter 5)
  Missile Launcher (In your possession at the start of chapter 5)
  C4 explosive charges (In your possession at the start of chapter 5)
  Gauss Sniper Rifle (Sniper rifle is acquired at end of chapter 5)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: The open-world flexibility of game play is ably demonstrated in chapter 5.
It is actually easier, especially on “Hard” or “Delta” to accomplish the tank
portion of this chapter by going afoot, rather than in a tank. A “Note” later in
the chapter details will specify how this is accomplished.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Heavy armor has been airlifted onto the island and you must man a tank as the
armored force moves into the valley to confront General Kyong’s forces. Securing
the train station is the first objective. Exit the tunnel and drive straight
ahead on the railroad tracks. Stop atop the hill and begin the action by hitting
the tank on the low ground. A more distant tank can be hard to pinpoint and
isn’t much of a threat but target it anyway.

With the enemy armor ablaze, drive southwest toward the waypoint, staying near
the tree line on the left. You will be notified that there is heavy resistance
at the train crossing ahead. After you intersect the road there will be an enemy
tank on your left side, coming out of the undergrowth. An enemy bunker lays to
your right-the KPA there will launch missiles at you, so bombard it. Check the
low area for additional armor in the distance.

Just beyond the next turn a tank will be partially obscured by a low rock wall.
Use the cliff to partially mask your position and hammer it. Knock out the KPA
anti-tank positions-just saturate the area to the rear and to the right of the
tank. Cut down any foot soldiers carrying missile launchers and then continue
toward the train station.

As you approach the train station, stop and take out the APC on the right side
of the road. KPA soldiers with missile launchers will pour out of the structures
to defend the station. Use the tank’s canon to obliterate the structures and the
machine gunner in the open railcar. Two KPA will get onto the heights and will
shoot anti-tank weapons from above. Look high above the station and knock out
the tower and pound the elevated ledge to knock out any KPA located there. Hit
the blockading boxcar to clear the roadway. If you need missiles, rifle grenades
or ammo, scour the wreckage of the building for what you need. If the KPA tank
parked there is in better shape than yours, take it.

Continue toward the objective, staying left on the roadway rather than following
the tracks. After a tremor rocks the earth, bringing down parts of the mountain
ahead, a pair of helicopter gunships will rise into the air. Target the gunships
but, shortly after the gunships arise, you must concentrate your fire on the KPA
tank that will appear in the undergrowth on the left side of the road.

Friendly tanks will now be nearby as you descend the winding hillside road near
the small guard post. Knock out any lurking KPA armor and kill the two defenders
of the guard post. Take the C4 charges, missile launcher and other munitions you
need. If a gunship is still harassing you, knock it out with missiles and re-
supply before moving on. Commandeer the fresh KPA tank parked there if needed.

Continue ahead and you will encounter an APC on the road. You are informed that
three AAA batteries must now be addressed. A pair of enemy tanks will appear in
the low area on the right side of the road. Stay on the higher ground to destroy
the armor in the low area. One of them will try to get onto the roadway to
engage you. An enemy gunship will also hover.

Just beyond the KPA have set up a tank barrier. Stay on the hillside and hit the
APC near the barrier and then saturate the area with canon fire to wipe out the
KPA foot soldiers many of which have anti-tank weapons. Go left around the tank
trap and stop.

Rotate the turret west and knock out the first of the AAA batteries with a canon
shot. If you have lost your tank, just target the AAA gun from the roadway with
the missile launcher.

Another of the AAA batteries lay ahead on a rock shelf near the water. Stop well
short of the mined barrier and locate the AAA battery to the right and take it
out with a volley from the tank’s turret gun. It sets to the right of the
prominent rock outcropping. Saturate the surrounding area to kill the KPA
defending the position, many of whom have missile launchers. If you had to
abandon your tank, you can easily target the gun with missiles, after which you
may get bombarded with both small fire and missiles. Steal the boat at the dock
and pilot it to the boat dock across the water; or if things are too hot you can
jump into the water and swim underwater to the island and then swim to the boat
dock and enter the shack to recharge.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: There is an alternate method of completing the armor part of this mission
without driving the tank. The incredible open-world nature of Crysis allows you
to accomplish this with ease by going cross-country. The following procedure
outlines the route and is especially useful on the hardest levels.

Exit the tank and move forward out of the tunnel, staying on the tracks. There
are two tanks in the valley below, one at the base of the slope and another in
the distance-let your side deal with them and continue unopposed southwest on
the tracks. When you see a lone palm tree on the right side of the tracks, recon
ahead. An enemy tank lies ahead. You can take it out with a missile launcher or
you can sneak up to it, using the conveniently placed brush clumps along the
cliff to recharge. Get close, staying in the foliage, and toss a C4 explosive
charge onto it. Back off, armor up and the single charge will knock out the

Advance and recharge behind the burning hulk of the tank. Move forward into the
vegetation on the right side of the tracks and locate the gunner on the APC near
the mountainside at the tank barrier. Take him out with a sniper round. There is
a pair of KPA on the tall knoll beyond-one of them has a Precision Rifle, the
other has a missile launcher. Hit the red barrel when a hostile is near it. Use
the SCAR to sniper any survivor of the blast.

Continue on the tracks and go up the slope to the knoll and take a missile
launcher from a corpse and take the C4 charges from the crate. Take the
Precision Rifle, replacing the shotgun and grab the ten rounds from the other
rifle. Scout ahead from the heights. In the distance you can see the train
station and a sniper’s platform high above it.

As you move southwest toward the train station on the high ground, you will be
appraised that a boxcar containing munitions is blocking the roadway at the
train station. Move off the knoll along the tracks. When your progress is
blocked by the gap in the roadbed, get onto the high ground to bypass it.
Continue forward on the heights, roughly keeping the cliff on your left until
you abruptly reach a cliff high above the train station-try not to fall off the
cliff if you are sprinting.

Recon the complex below and then snipe the APC gunner and anyone else that is
visible. Maneuver to get a view of the nearest tank north of the station and use
your missile launcher to take it out. Don’t hit the KPA tank parked on the west
side of the train station-you will need its firepower.

Make an armored drop down to the ledge and then to the ground and recharge
behind the defensive barrier. As you stealthily enter the compound, moving west
along the barrier, the marines will start to land. Continue west across the
tracks and the road and start south toward the tank. There are several missile
toting KPA still defending the station. Kill any KPA you encounter but your goal
is that tank. Board the tank and decimate the KPA in the station with the tank’s
canon, including the turret gunner in the railcar. Level the building and take
out the munitions boxcar blocking the roadway. If a pair of KPA are visible on
the slope behind the tank blast them.

Exit the tank and start up the steep slope behind the tank. If you didn’t get
those two KPA you may encounter them on that slope. Continue up the grade and
take out the sniper in the tower. Climb the tower, take the Precision Rifle
ammo-20 rounds-and use the heights to locate and finish clearing any surviving
hostiles from the station to secure it. If anyone was left standing they may now
come up the path to you, so be aware.

Descend once the station is cleared and grab a missile launcher and any other
munitions you need-including rifle grenades. Continue south out of the station
on the roadway, taking to the woodland on the left as the area opens up. A
seismic shudder shakes the ground, crumbling the mountain in the distance as you
gain height and proceed south, staying to the heights, well above the roadway.
You are advised that a major KPA munitions depot is now the main mission.

An enemy gunship will now be in the air. You can take it down or just stay under
cover so it doesn’t spot you as you continue south along the mountainside, using
the abundant foliage as cover to recharge. When the terrain forces you off the
heights, carefully cross the open area, using the scattered bushes near the
cliffs to recharge. Allow the chopper to move off a bit to help the transit of
this exposed area if necessary.

If you expended your missiles on the gunship, rather than avoiding it, you can
re-supply at the guard post to the west of this exposed area. There is a clump
of trees just east of it that allows you to snipe at least one of its two
defenders. There are missile launchers, C4 charges and other munitions there. If
you made this side trip, return east to the open area.

Continue southeast upgrade into the rocky forest, staying near the cliffs as you
move south. You will be advised that three AAA batteries will need to be
neutralized before you can destroy the depot. You will soon reach a small farm.
There is a Precision Rifle and C4 in the small shack. An enemy tank can be seen
below and the icons for the three AAA emplacements now loom just ahead.

Continue southeast on the path, again staying near the cliffs as you leave the
shack, go down a long grade, up another grade and down to a break in the
foliage. In the valley below there is a tank barrier. You will now be due east
of the yellow icon. Locate the opening in the foliage and locate the AAA gun in
the distance. Use the range of the Precision Rifle to snipe its two defenders.
There are KPA at a tank barrier below, just ignore them and move south on the
path until you see a rock shelf above the water in the distance.

Locate the AAA gun sitting on the shelf and hit it with a missile to take it
out. A gunship will now be hovering in that area. Use your last two missiles to
bring it down.

Return north on the path to where you targeted the first AAA gun’s crew. Check
the area below to be clear. There is a tank barrier to the north with several
KPA toting missile launchers. Cloak and slide down to ground level and get into
the foliage to recharge. You have the option to either ignore the hostiles at
the tank barrier or you can silently snipe them-a noisy encounter, however,
might draw in a KPA tank from the west.

Cross the road and use the clumps of brush to make your way west to the AAA
hulk. Be aware that there is a KPA tank just a short distance to the south, so
remain cloaked or out of its sightline. If a KPA soldier is still alive,
silently kill him and take a missile launcher from a KPA corpse. Toss a block of
C4 onto the AAA gun and start a stealthy retreat to the southwest, using the low
patches of vegetation to recharge.

If you failed to eliminate the gunship earlier and it is still searching, it is
vital that it doesn’t see you because the tank will close on you, its canon
blazing. Locate the narrow dirt path that goes west off the main road toward the
boat dock and detonate the C4 when you are in cover. As you approach the water,
be aware that a pair of KPA will come down the path to investigate the
explosion. You can let them pass or challenge them. Swim to the small island to
the south and then swim underwater, allowing your energy to recharge, before
cloaking to emerge near the boat dock. Continue with the procedure below.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Recharge your energy behind the truck near the boat dock. There are two snipers
on the high ground to your left defending the munitions depot. Start up the
hill, cloaking until you are out of their sightline. When the road veers left,
go straight through the foliage, recharge, jump the low rock ledge, cross the
dirt road and get into the foliage at the crest of the hill near the tracks.
There is an enemy checkpoint to the east and if you are seen the KPA sentry will
target you-take out anyone showing himself with the silenced SCAR-the KPA will
probably be at the sandbagged turret gun.

Continue west, cloaked and recharging in the brush clumps on the roadway on the
left side of the tracks near the cliffs. There are nine KPA in the area to the
west, with three in the guard post far to the west, two in the sniper tower, two
guarding the AAA gun and a two-man patrol will normally be roving nearby. One is
usually near the dirt road and the other combing the bushes nearer the cliff

Get in cover and sniper anyone in the area. The two-man gun crew should be
milling around the AAA gun. Target the AAA gun’s crew with your silenced SCAR.
If any loud shots were fired, continue to watch your back for any nosy KPA
soldier from that checkpoint to the east who may also come to investigate the

There are two snipers in the tower on the high platform to the west. If you
aren’t cloaked they are probably firing on you. Move in closer to the AAA gun,
staying on the high ground, and get a sightline on the snipers through the
foliage. Take them both out with the Precision Rifle. Use your missile launcher
to destroy the AAA gun below. With the gun destroyed you will be informed that
you have another task. You need to get onto the overlook to the west and “paint”
that munitions depot for an airstrike. Many of the soldiers around the AAA gun
have missile launchers so grab one to replace the one you just expended.

Continue west from the AAA emplacement, moving back onto the high promontory on
the right side of the road that overlooks the track area. The two KPA from the
checkpoint to the west will be on alert because of the explosion and will be
searching. Be advised that a sniper will also be active on a rock ledge
overlooking the compound with the abandoned sniper’s tower to the west.

Locate the three KPA-the binoculars will best allow you to find the sniper
concealed in the foliage on the ledge to the left of the sniper’s tower. Take
him out and then locate and eliminate the two roaming KPA before descending. If
you need Precision Rifle ammo, you will see a rock ramp leading to the ledge
where the sniper was concealed but there are also twenty rounds on the objective
tower as well. If you go for the ammo, don’t let the tank in the valley beyond
see you or you will be targeted.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: If “painting” the munitions depot for an air strike is too easy for you,
you can do it in person. Go east toward the depot and find a place to sniper the
two KPA in the tower in the village with the depot. Make your way up the road
and take out the soldier at the gun mount guarding the entry road and any others
near him. As you sneak your way onto the tower friendly VTOLs will arrive. Climb
the tower and begin sniping. You can actually complete the mission from the
tower by targeting the open-sided munitions cache with your missile launcher or
you can get in close and place a C4 charge on one of the gas tanks, munitions
crates or even on the nearby AAA gun.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Make your way onto elevated sniper’s tower to paint the munitions depot to
summon an air strike. Take the Precision Rifle ammo and descend. You are advised
that you can get a Gauss Rifle from a supply drop to the south. Take the APC
near the tracks and drive south along the tracks past the wrecked AAA gun to the
supply VTOL. Take the potent Gauss Rifle and a box of ammo.

Just past the VTOL there is a barrier manned by a few KPA. Use the APCs turret
to waste the KPA there and any near the trailer beyond it. Overhead VTOLs are
arriving with the marines.

It is now time to push ahead to the mine and there is another KPA barrier ahead.
Help the marine force and gunships eliminate the KPA, who have a gun emplacement
on the right side of the barrier. Use the Gauss Rifle to snipe the enemy and as
you penetrate the barrier, check for survivors. Keep away from the mines by
staying on the tracks.

Before continuing south on the tracks to the waypoint, return north to the VTOL
supply ship and raid the remaining ammo box to max out your supply of Gauss
rounds. Retrace your route south past the barrier. Something has destroyed the
roadway. Jump over the fissure to end chapter five.

 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 6 actions as outlined:
  Precision Rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 6)
  Gauss Rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 6)
  Pistol (Secondary weapon in your possession at the start of chapter 6)
  Missile Launcher (In your possession at the start of chapter 6)
  Shotgun (Acquired during/after the battle with General Kyong)
  SCAR assault rifle (Acquired during/after the battle with General Kyong)

You are now carrying two sniper rifles-the potent Gauss and the Precision Rifle.
Move forward, using the roadway on the left. You will be instructed to get to
the landing zone. Shortly after a secondary task to gather intelligence
concerning the disposition of the hostages will be given. After a tremor shakes
the area, advance and a truck loaded with explosive barrels will come into view.
Use the Precision Rifle to quickly hit the sniper in the tower beyond the truck
and then hit a red barrel in the truck to clear any nearby hostiles. Watch your
back as you advance through the undergrowth on the right side of the road, which
will keep you out of sight as a helicopter hovers overhead-ignore it but stay in
cover and be prepared for a KPA patrolling nearby.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Note: You can actually get to the secondary objective by taking out the KPA near
the gate by hitting a red barrel in the truck, killing the sniper in the tower
and knocking out the machinegun nest on the right side of the entry. You can
then sneak through the gap in the fence on the left side of the entry gate. You
don’t even have to address the tank, but you’re carrying two sniper rifles for a
reason and paving the way as outlined below will save you a lot of Precision
Rifle rounds, since you would have to fight your way into the objective building
using a lot of rounds. You will also have to get past the tank on the far side
of the compound or it will follow you into the next area if you fail to
eliminate it here.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

With your immediate area secured and while in cover, snipe the KPA gunner in the
emplacement on the right side of the gate and any other KPA in the area. When
the tank arrives hit it with missiles, and then move forward and jump the tall
fence near the watchtower. Kill any nearby KPA and climb the watchtower. Begin
taking targets of opportunity with the Precision Rifle. With a bit of patience
you can drastically reduce the enemies’ numbers. Don’t ignore the area to the
southeast-you will need to go there, so snipe as many KPA there as possible.

With the area secured, equip the Precision Rifle with the reflex sight and fill
up on ammo from the extra clips on the tower. Climb down from the tower and
power-jump the fence, cloak and cross the road and enter the hole in the fence
on the opposite side near the mined area.

Move east between the fence and the building, going toward the secondary
objective. At the far end of the building, check around the corner for hostiles,
and enter the objective building. Raid the munitions, stocking up on anything
useful. Cloak and make your way to the stairwell on the southeast end of the
building. If your sniping was thorough you should only have to expend a few
Precision Rifle rounds to clear the floor. Usually three survivors will need to
be put down. There will be additional munitions piles to loot before you reach
the computer terminal that is in a corner on the upper level. The intel reveals
that the hostages are being held in the mine by General Kyong-that is your next

Head south and jump the fence and take the APC, stopping when the bulldozer
appears ahead. The mine complex is crawling with hostiles and they must be
eliminated to make it safe for the incoming fleet. There are about ten KPA,
including two turret gunners and an APC gunner. There are also four KPA elite
soldiers wearing nanosuits and some carry deadly Precision Rifles or miniguns.

Stir up the locals by locating and killing the two distant turret gunners on the
overhead catwalk near the structures with your Precision Rifle. Take out anyone
else showing himself and toss a C4 explosive charge near the bulldozer but don’t
detonate it. Equip the Gauss Rifle with the reflex sight for any chance close
encounter, cloak and move into the mine and go to the right and up the stairs.
You will see the icons on your radar moving toward your former position. Move
along the metal fence, striving to avoid any contact, and recharging behind the
fence. When you reach the slag pile, stay on the back slope, out of their
sightline and detonate the C4. This has a tendency to make them move more toward
your starting position.

Hustle around the slag and start south towards the tall silo ahead-a tall
building with “BSW Mining Corp” will be to its right as you move toward it. Go
up the metal stairwells and take the ladder to the top.

Keep in mind that you can remain cloaked for a long time if you aren’t moving as
you recon the mine to pinpoint the nanosuits and the APC gunner. Stay low so the
APC can’t target you and use the sniper-scoped Gauss to take out as many
nanosuits as possible and then take out the APC gunner with the Precision Rifle.
Don’t spare the ammo, you have thirty spare rounds on the roof; and, truth to
tell, there doesn’t really seem to be much of a difference between the Precision
Rifles and the Gauss Rifles effect on the nanosuits.

Some of the hostiles will gravitate to places where you can’t see them, but they
will wander into range. Hitting red barrels near their locations or tossing
grenades can also kill or drive them out into the open. The nanosuits don’t
usually hide for long. They will drift into the open trying to hit you-big
mistake. If need be, descend to mop up anyone that has dug into a hidey-hole.

When all of the hostiles are down a helicopter gunship will enter the fray. If
you are still on the silo, this can be dicey, so stay cloaked until you have a
good shot. Take it down and replenish your missiles and ammo before going for
the mine. If you have at least six Gauss Rifle rounds-keep it, if not trade it
for a shotgun-there is one at an ammo pile. Top off all your ammo and C4 charges
and grab a fresh missile launcher.

The VTOLs have arrived and it is now up to you to infiltrate the mine by leading
the spearhead. You should be equipped with the Precision Rifle and the Gauss
Rifle, unless it is low on ammo-a shotgun if it is.

When you come to the quarry pits, recon the area below from the heights. A tank,
APC and a cargo truck will start south from the north end of the quarry. When
the tank stops below take it out with missiles and then take out the APC near
the shacks and any KPA near it by targeting the red barrel. Go north from where
the tank convoy came and make a series of armored jumps down. Re-supply your
missile launcher from the cache in the depressed area.

Start back to the south side of the quarry, staying on the west ledge just above
the lowest level. Cloak as you move past the two containers and use the cover
provided by the lone container to snipe the turret gunner and his companion
across the chasm. Another tank to the southwest will need your attention before
you can advance safely. Peek around the container and hit it before it sends a
barrage your way.

Move west on the ledge and snipe anyone below near the truck or near the cluster
of KPA trailers in the low area to the south. Slip down to the low area and make
your way to the supply trailers, staying on the ledge behind them to approach
without being detected. There will be resistance with one KPA in the trailer and
several others in the vicinity. Go into the trailer, gun down the soldier and
grab the submachine gun or the KY71 to save Precision Rifle ammo. Use the
trailer’s entry as a chokepoint to take out the remaining KPA. Regain your
Precision Rifle and restock your ammo; and, before continuing, collect a missile
launcher from one of the KPA corpses or from a cargo bundle near one of the

Make the turn northeast up the grade toward the fortified mine entrance. There
are two machinegun nests near the mud road, but they aren’t manned. Continue
north around the stronghold, staying on the perimeter until you see the
bulldozer. Get the action started by sniping around the bundles, taking the
turret gunner to the right of the mine entrance and then any KPA that shows
itself. Back away and armor-up when they throw grenades. The machinegun nest on
the left side of the entry will now become active-take it out and additional KPA
will re-man the sites. With four kills under your belt, the back-up team should
now be arriving.

Look toward the mine’s entry and use your missile launcher to eliminate any KPA
there and to soften up the two nonosuited KPA. The arrival of the US Marines has
drawn some of the hidden KPA to the turret guns. Continue clearing KPA from
there and try to get the nanosuits before moving toward the mine’s entry. Use
the Gauss Rifle equipped with the reflex sight as you mop up.

With the outer area cleared, cloak and step into the entry and locate the enemy
with your binoculars. Some will be on the elevated gallery in the rear and
others in the wings. Identify the nanosuited KPA and then toss a C4 charge into
the room near the entry. Step back out of the entry and use the Gauss Rifle or
the Precision Rifle to concentrate fire on the nanosuit. Use the doorway as a
chokepoint, killing and ducking to recharge or regain health. When your radar
indicates the enemy is creeping toward the entry, back off, armor-up and
detonate the C4. You can repeat this with another charge. If you failed to get
the nanosuit he will eventually come calling. When the five or sometimes six KPA
including the nanosuit are dead, grab a minigun if your Gauss or Precision Rifle
is out of ammo.

Head into the mine, which shakes with a seismic tremor, and go up the ramp or
the stairwell into the mine tunnel. Follow the tracks, bearing right before the
boarded over tunnel. Stay cloaked as you progress and watch for another KPA
soldier in a nanosuit after you make the turn. If you are cloaked you can get
out of his sightline and lay a C4 charge or two in the tunnel and lure him into
it by showing yourself, or you can gun him down. When he is toast, make a pair
of armored jumps down the elevator shaft and continue east through the tunnel.

Jump the gap onto the board walkway and continue on, following the series of
flares through the jumbled tunnels until you hear voices ahead.

During a cutscene, two nanosuited KPA will knock you out and after you revive
you will hear an argument between a hostage and General Kyong, who believes he
has a powerful new power source-not a temple important only to archaeologists.
He is warned against releasing it but when the artifact is activated an
explosion rocks the area. Only the hostage, Kyong and you are left standing.

There are numerous weapons located in the area. Your weapons and all your ammo
have been lost so when you gain control of Nomad, cloak and go left and take the
SCAR and the two extra ammo clips. Take the pistol and its ammo but leave the
shotgun so it isn’t lost in the battle. Do yourself a big favor, when you
acquire a weapon, quickly toggle the flashlight and the laser sighting off.
General Kyong can more easily track you with them active.

After acquiring the SCAR, avoid General Kyong and try to locate the Precision
Rifle. If both of Kyong’s nanosuited companions were toting Precision Rifles;
and, if one wasn’t lost in the explosion, it will be laying on the floor on the
starting level east of that central structure. It isn’t always there-too bad;
there may be only a submachine gun instead.

With Kyong on your radar it is relatively easy to stay away from him. You can
play a bit of cat and mouse with Kyong as you stock up on ammo in the lower
area. You can even start administering some damage with the SCAR or by throwing
items at him, which knocks him down and does some damage. You can easily circle
the central structure to keep out of his sightline.

Go up the stairwell onto the catwalk above and grab the Precision Rifle that is
normally there-or if you already have one-its ammo from the grating. With the
sniper rifle in hand, go up the narrow flight of stairs to the highest elevation
near the alien artifact’s power source. Try to save the Precision Rifle ammo,
especially if you have twenty rounds. Kyong won’t come up those stairs; he will
oftentimes mill around the base of the stairs but he won’t come up the stairs.
If you activate armor and go prone when he fires at you, he can’t administer
much damage to you from anywhere in the grotto.

Pinpoint his location with your binoculars and begin to punish Kyong-headshots
are the most damaging-toggle the SCAR to the single-shot option for better
control, changing from reflex to scope sighting when he changes his location.
You have a rifle grenade-hit him with it when he is in a good position to deal
good damage. If you use the Precision Rifle it will usually bring him down with
about ten shots, especially if many are to the head, but it will take 50 to 70
with the SCAR. Take your time, make most of your shots count and duck out of his
sightline when he fires that minigun at you, armoring-up and going prone when he
has his best sightline.

After Kyong goes down, re-supply, grabbing ammo for everything. Hopefully you
didn’t use the Precision Rifle to kill General Kyong. With the reflex sight
selected it is devastating against the foes you will face next and if you have
twenty rounds-all the better. Take a shotgun and don’t leave the grotto without
a full complement of shells. Kyong’s minigun is a decent alternate, especially
if he didn’t use most of its ammo. If both the Precision Rifle and the minigun
are low on ammo, take a submachine gun to team with the shotgun.

Meet a frantic Helena Rosenthal at the elevator. The cavern is collapsing and
you are trapped on the elevator. You are compelled to tell Helena that,
unfortunately, her father was killed at the other site. A VTOL lowers a rope and
Helena is rescued but you aren’t so lucky-you must find your way out where you
will then be picked up. The elevator falls to the bottom of the cavern. Chapter
six ends.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
= CHAPTER 7: CORE  <CH07> =
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 7 actions as outlined:
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 7)
  Precision Rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 7)
  Pistol (Standard sidearm in your possession at the start of chapter 7)
  Minigun (Acquired in the alien labyrinth)

After the extraction of the hostage, the elevator plummets to the cavern’s floor
with you aboard-there will be no easy way out for you! Fully re-supply your ammo
from the scattered cartons, if you didn’t before, and head south from the
elevator and up the stairs. Go across the metal walkway and into the tunnel.
Knock the obstructing bars aside and enter the steaming crevasse.

Your suit’s radar has failed in the alien environment, so navigation will
quickly become complicated. Your biggest problem as you penetrate the alien core
could be getting turned around and returning to areas you have already passed
through. Communication is still working, however, so you can relay the semi-
organic, crystalline structured nature of the, at this point, linear path into
the alien’s bastion. The alien construct is frigid-cryogenic frigid.

Soon a circular portal giving access to a circular tunnel will appear; and, at
the far end, a hatch will open to admit you to a more open walkway in a larger
grotto. As you proceed an alien sentinel can be seen hovering above. Don’t waste
your ammo shooting at it-it can’t be damaged and it will just drift away.
Continue along the alien walkway and suddenly gravity is lost. You are now
floating, and the cold has temporarily frosted over your visor. Don’t move until
it clears or you can become disoriented.

To your right there is an open brightly glowing portal. Enter it and move
through the truly alien tube. You should get a fleeting glimpse of an alien
squid inside the partially barred portal on the right. Dislodge the bars and
follow it into the crystalline maze, moving toward the blue light through the
semi-organic passage. You will begin moving against a strong current and you
once again get a glimpse of the alien squid in the murk ahead. When you see a
frigid haze pouring from an overhead gap in the tunnel, obscuring the passage-
armor up, the creature will ram you.

When you see the corkscrew-like device, blast the bright filament of the
gyrating device on the right to stop the current. Continue forward moving along
the glowing corkscrew device and enter the crystalline tube. When you get to the
spot with multiple paths, take the structured blinking portal and a denizen of
this labyrinth will confront you up close during a cutscene.

Move into that portal and follow the structured tunnel until you must dislodge
the bars on the left side of the passage to penetrate deeper into the frigid
labyrinth. You will enter another structured passage and then a large chamber.
There are five active power cells around the cavern that must be destroyed to
stop the current, allowing you to continue. The devices look like gyrating light
bulbs and reside on the large mechanical armatures.

As you start to take out the devices with shotgun blasts to the glowing
filaments, the aliens will begin to ram and fire projectiles at you to prevent
your actions. The best way to survive is to take out the first two filaments as
quickly as possible, which stirs up the hornet’s nest. It isn’t necessary or
economical to try to kill all the squid as you locate and destroy the remaining
filaments; try to avoid their ire by staying cloaked as much as possible,
uncloaking briefly to blast a power device as you move on to the next. An up
close-up shotgun blast or two to the squid will do the job-a single well-aimed
shot with the Precision Rifle, if you have it, is also sufficient.

When the current is subdued, take the yellow-bordered portal where the current
was emerging to get away from the darting squid. Be advised that they may follow
you for a short distance. Move through the passages, veering into the left
passage at the fully grated portal. You must then knock out the obstructing
grates to continue. Turn left into the structured passage and it will lead you
to another portal and then into another large chamber.

A squid will confront you as you enter. Have your shotgun ready for it and blast
it at point blank range. Stock up on shotgun ammo in the chambers side grottos.
Take the incendiary ammo for the FY71 as well. The squid must like to gather
stuff. Both ammo and weapons, including a minigun, are available here. If you
have the Precision Rifle and it is low on ammo, take the minigun. If you have a
submachine gun replace it with the minigun. The FY71 assault rifle shooting
incendiary ammo is also a decent option.

Opposite your entry you can look through a glass portal to the chamber beyond.
Note the cycling of the obstructive energy fields through which you must pass.
To the left of the viewing port there is a tunnel that will take you into that

Bear right as you exit the tunnel and be prepared for squid. There are about
eight or so infesting the chamber, but it isn’t necessary to wipe them out even
on the toughest level. Move toward the first of the transparent energy fields.
The field apparatuses operate slowly, and they aren’t a problem-you just have to
wait for a blaze of light after which the obstructing field will drop, allowing
you to pass. You can battle the squid but combat is largely an option. Once you
take out your initial attackers and get to the first field, remain cloaked and
since they won’t see you they won’t attack unless they accidentally bump into
you. The cloak lasts a long while when you aren’t moving or shooting through it,
so be patient and confront the menace when you are recharging-then re-cloak.
Take note of the light flashing and promptly move through both obstructions as
they clear in turn. When you are past them, enter the left portal where the
current is entering. You will be whisked along as if in a movie land “wormhole”
and will eventually emerge, after a brief alien stopover, from another
“wormhole” at the entry to yet another large cavern.

A squid or two patrol the chamber so watch out as you raid the grottos for ammo-
fill up on shotgun shells; and, if you have the minigun, on ammo for it. Note
that the exit is at the west end, beyond the strange bright crystalline
football-shaped apparatus. It is not available at this point.

At the far eastern end of the chamber a glass barrier reveals a huge invasion
force of alien squid and they will quickly notice your intrusion into their
frigid domain. A hammering noise ushers in increased alien activity and more
squid will begin to enter your chamber. Many of them seem to be guarding the
exit portal on the far end, which has been enabled. Again it isn’t necessary to
kill all of them or any of them. Your only goal is to get to the now glowing
exit portal. Stay along the left wall to secure that flank, firing on the squid
only increases their awareness and aggression. Try to be recharged to maximize
cloaked time as get near exit on the west side of the chamber. Numerous squid
guard the exit, but with luck and an active cloak you can push through it into
the chamber beyond.

Start across the chamber toward the exit gateway. Allow your cloak to recharge
and when the lights die, don’t stop, continue pushing forward toward the exit.
When the lights come back on, squid will attack-get into the exit alcove and get
into a corner. Begin killing the attacking squid point blank with the Precision
Rifle, the shotgun or whatever else you have-melee them if necessary. De-cloak
to shoot and cloak to regain health if you are hit. After four or five kills the
apparatus in front of the door will start to power up and a few more kills will
enable it. Suddenly you are expelled from the alien core.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 8 actions as outlined:
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 8)
  Precision Rifle (In your possession at the start of chapter 8)
  Minigun (In your possession at the start of chapter 8)
  Pistol (secondary weapon in your possession at the start of chapter 8)
  MOAC (Acquired from Prophet during gameplay)

You have escaped the alien nest and so have numerous squid. The tropical island
has turned frigid near the expanding alien sphere and you need to get moving to
keep from freezing and to locate the Marines whom operational command has lost
contact with.

Go right from your starting point. The path down the mountainside is linear and
easy to follow. Choosing to fight all the squid on the way down will probably
get you killed and will tax a full supply of ammo. The best way is to try to
avoid the majority or all of the squid by using cloaking tactics.

Just beyond the wreckage where you find the munitions, the path turns hard
right. Half a dozen squid are dropped by an alien “transport” and they will
congregate there in a swarming pack. You have two choices, use the shotgun or
whatever else you have at point blank range to eliminate the mob, whose corpses
will now explode shortly after their death; or-highly advised-avoid a pitched
battle that will haunt you the rest of the descent by carefully cloaking past
them. While you can defeat these mobs of squid, you will find yourself unable to
reload or forced to endure a deadly corpse explosion when you are backed into a
corner. There are also areas where you can recharge if your stealth tactics have
kept them off your tail. Remember to move slowly to conserve energy.

Continue downgrade. If you are fighting them tooth and nail you will need to
grab the shotgun ammo in the shack beyond the shallow crevasse. That side trip
will be a magnate for additional attacks; or-highly advised-you can just bypass
the shack by jumping into the crevasse and continue your flight.

Whether you’re killing or sneaking, get into the crevasse and start downgrade.
Soon a “transport” alien will drop another mob of squid. If you weren’t cloaking
past them, do so now. Continue down slope and one last mob of squid will be
dropped. Hide behind cover to recharge and you can make it past them without
incident. Once clear of the aliens continue down slope. There are several routes
down; the most straightforward leads past a burning vehicle. Just move toward
the waypoint, jumping down when necessary until you will reach an overlook.

During a cutscene you will drop down into a compound filled with the corpses of
the missing Marines-frozen in the glacial cold. When a squid “transport” drops a
mob of squid, Prophet, still alive, will enter the fray and he has an alien
weapon called a MOAC. Team up with him to eliminate the enemy. There is a
trailer near the start that not only contains ammo but is also a defensible
position. Just armor up when any nearby victims explode.

Prophets suit, however, has malfunctioned and in the deep cold he is in grave
danger of freezing. When the wave of squid is down, he will give you his alien
weapon-the MOAC; it is essentially an alien minigun but it has infinite ammo,
doesn’t have the wind-up time, but it will overheat if fired too long, requiring
a brief period to cool down and become operational again.

Evacuation is now paramount but you must first fight off a wave of squid. Once
again get near the trailer to cover your “six” and team with Prophet to ward off
the wave. When the area is secured an alien “transport” will plummet to the
ground and when it explodes, an outlet on the far side of the area is blasted

Move toward the gap with Prophet following. You must now fight the enemy off as
Prophet battles the cold on the way to the evacuation point. His suit
malfunction is causing a rapid energy drain. After the aliens temper tantrum,
lead him to the burning vehicle so he can warm up. There is little or no
opposition at this first stop. Keep your eyes on Prophet’s energy meter at the
bottom of your screen, and don’t let it fall to zero or Prophet is history; but
when it hits 100% start for the next waypoint.

Escort Prophet toward the next waypoint, jump into the crevasse and allow
Prophet to warm up near the burning vehicle. Squid will harass your retreat,
soaring high above and the smaller squid may join them. Stop at the burning
vehicle to allow Prophet’s failing suit to recharge. Hold off any aliens and
start for the next waypoint as soon as possible.

The path to the next fire is through a fissure and both aerial and ground aliens
will attack. Fight you way to the next fire and hold off the alien menace as
Prophet recharges and then start for the final waypoint. The overhead bridge
appears above and the opposition is heavy as you start up the slope towards it.
There are several fires here but Prophet exhorts you to get across-so don’t stop
unless it means you will lose him. If his energy is good, even if you have lost
him in the confusion, he will make it even if you can’t locate him in the
confusion of battle. An enormous alien war vessel cruises overhead as you race
across the partially wrecked bridge to end chapter eight.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
=  CHAPTER 9: EXODUS  <CH09>  =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 9 actions as outlined:
  Shotgun (In your possession at the start of chapter 9)
  MOAC (In your possession at the start of chapter 9)
  Pistol (Secondary weapon in your possession at the start of chapter 9)
  Missile Launcher (Acquired during chapter 9 gameplay)
  Gauss Rifle (Acquired during chapter 9 game play)
  APC turret weapon (Used on the trip down the mountain)
  AAA artillery guns (Found in the valley near the crash and Evac sites)

The deepening cold has produced a cold fog making visibility poor. Just ahead
there is a beleaguered group of Marines near a building. Go into the building
with Prophet to meet Sergeant Keegan. He will communicate that his orders are to
retreat down the mountain to an extraction point in the valley below as soon as
possible. The growing alien sphere looms over the area.

Exchange your trusty shotgun for the Gauss Rifle in the building and grab an
ammo box. Take the missile launcher as well. Keep the MOAC-the shotgun is easily
replaced-the alien weapon is not.

The squid have arrived and are now assailing the force through the cold fog.
Your task is now to help the Marines wipe them out so you can continue to the
extraction point. The Gauss Rifle is the best weapon to take down the flying
squid, and the MOAC will do the job close quarters and will conserve Gauss
rounds. Equip the reflex sight for targeting the quick moving aliens and don’t
waste ammo as you help eliminate the mob of swirling squid. Concentrate on the
larger flying squid, using the Gauss Rifle to take them down. The Marines will
deal with most of the smaller squid.

After most of the squid are eliminated, you will get the order to pull out. Grab
those extra Gauss rounds from the building and get to the APCs. You will man a
gun turret as the convoy travels away from the frigid cold surrounding the
expanding sphere. As your convoy descends toward the valley a pair of flying
aliens bring down the EVAC VTOL with Helena aboard.

As you go down the mountain the tropical warmth will return and the flying squid
will need to be held off. Man the turret gun (UP ARROW to the change view) and
bring them down as you descend the switchbacks; watch your vehicle’s damage
meter and hope that an exploding alien corpse doesn’t fall onto it or directly
in its path where it will explode.

When you have survived the onslaught the fractured pavement will require you to
abandon the vehicle. Start down the mountain road with Prophet and move toward
the waypoint, bearing right before the bridge to the VTOL crash site. Once there
you must defend the site until Prophet arrives to pull Helena from the crash
wreckage. When you have a shot, de-cloak, shoot and quickly re-cloak to keep
from being swarmed by the flying squid. Note that there hasn’t been a checkpoint
since you boarded the APC at the top of the hill until Prophet begins the

Man the nearby AAA gun and start to annihilate the flying squid assaulting the
force at the crash site. Watch the weapon’s damage indicator and when it alarms,
get off of it before it can explode. Take refuge in a bush to help mask your
location and de-cloak to use your Gauss Rifle to target the aliens-there are
additional Gauss rounds in the opened VTOL if you need them. With alien
opposition waning, another VTOL is en-route and you must secure the landing

When the VTOL makes a successful extraction, taking Helena and Prophet away.
Start for the final landing zone for your own escape-the brass doesn’t want to
lose the data in your suit-or you, hopefully. An enormous scorpion-like alien
“tank” has emerged. Don’t fight it; keep going through the river toward the
waypoint where the Marines have commandeered some KPA AAA guns.

Grab the Gauss Rifle ammo on the crate and once again man an AAA gun. Flying
squid will again swirl and the “tank” will also approach. Don’t bother with it,
clear the skies and don’t get destroyed with the AAA gun. If the gun is
destroyed, get into a bush and use the scoped Gauss on the flying aliens until
the area is safe enough for a landing. When the VTOL arrives to the north, get
into it. The chapter ends as the heroic tough-talking Major Strickland and the
Marine force stays behind to finish the alien juggernaut. Won’t be the last time
you see one of those.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Weapons used in chapter 10 actions as outlined:
  Minigun (Acquired during gameplay)
  Gauss Rifle (Acquired during gameplay
  Missile launcher (Acquired during gameplay)
  TAC canon (Acquired in the ship’s armory)

The VTOL has arrived safely on the aircraft carrier and a captured alien is on
display on the flight deck. A power surge revives the creature and the marines
hammer it down with gunfire. Helena recalls how the aliens seem to thrive on
energy. You are informed that Admiral Morrison needs to speak to you in CDC.
Your transmissions have caused quite a stir. Psycho says Prophet is shaken-up
over the affair. You are now weaponless.

Enter the nearby hatch and follow Psycho to CDC to see Admiral Morrison.
Interact with the hatch to enter CDC. The joint chiefs have issued an order to
nuke the island and Helena is concerned about adding energy to the sphere. It is
a power sink, a biological entity that thrives on raw power. Intelligence,
however, has detected alarming activity on the island and has detected a
transmission aimed at the nearby M33 galaxy-well nearby in comic terms-only
4,000,000 light years away. They see no alternative to a nuclear bomb, but
Helena is adamant about not adding more energy to the sphere-a living biological
unit-but she isn’t a military bigwig, just a scientist-what does she know?

You must now get to the armory. Just follow the “Armory” signs to get there and
continue on to find Prophet in the diagnostic chair. Prophet has been able to
acquire and integrate alien tech into his suit, which may prove immensely
helpful in the battle with the aliens. Prophet knows a nuke isn’t an answer to
the alien threat and he wants to return to the island.

You take the diagnostic chair so data can be retrieved from your suit. Helena
believes sending an overload signal to the aliens via the nanosuit while they
are vulnerable may be the best alternative-not a nuke. Before you exit a
researcher enters with a TAC cannon-a weapon allowing the firing of a tactical
nuke, much like a grenade launcher. “Whatever will they think of next?”

The technicians have found a way to make your suit interact with the alien
psyche, possibly making you a walking weapon against the aliens. Follow the
soldier or the “Bridge” signs through the corridors and up the stairs to the
bridge. You learn that Prophet has gone rogue, knowing a nuke isn’t the answer
and he has commandeered a VTOL and returned to the island. Admiral Morrison has
his orders to launch the nuke. Helena is still trying to convince him that it
isn’t a good idea-they feed off of energy and a nuke may make them stronger.

Helena’s exhortations are to no avail; the nuke hits the island. Out of the
radioactive cloud the sphere can be seen expanding exponentially and flying
squid are soon attacking the carrier, breaching the hull. You are dispatched to
the flight deck to battle the horde. You are, however, without weapons.

Melee the twisted hatch and before using the stairwell go into the burning
compartment ahead and grab the Gauss Rifle and the pistol. Descend the first two
flights of stairs and grab the minigun and ammo drum and proceed down the
stairwells. Identify the way to the flight deck by using the doors with green
lights. As you reach the flight deck aliens are soaring overhead. Grab the Gauss
Rifle and a box of Gauss ammo and take a missile launcher. Begin targeting the
aliens with your weapons. On the harder levels, using the hatch as a retreat
increases your survivability. Re-supply when your reserves run low so you don’t
waste the reserves. There are several Gauss Rifle cartons and minigun bullets

When the squid retreat, move south toward the waypoint marked by a flare. Wait
with the Marines for the flight deck’s elevator and follow them into it. The
reactor core has been breached and you must get to the engineer to assist in the
shutdown. Follow the Marines into the storage hangar and jump down onto the
elevator, which plunges down.

Enter the partially flooded compartment and take whatever munitions you want
from the table with the deceased Marine. Move north through the water and into
the corridors heading for the waypoint. The concussion from an explosion ahead
reaches you. Melee the doors and a Marine will inform you that the creatures are
aboard. Make your way up the stairwell to the engineer. He says you must disable
the main breakers to begin a reactor shutdown.

Go through the hatches, down the stairs and through the water. The breakers are
up the stairs to the left of the blue hatch. Go up the stairs and disable them.
Go down the stairs and through the partially flooded hatches-first entering
through the blue hatch-to initiate the SCRAM sequence on the reactor. You’ll
have to power-jump the wall and go through the breach. There is a ladder that
will get you into a service duct. Crouch and take the duct and then jump down
and hit the red button on the control console as instructed. This will initiate
the SCRAM sequence, inserting the control rods.

When several of the rods jam, squid pour into the chamber drawn to the power.
Helena uses your nanosuit to transmit a signal and an overload kills the aliens.
You must now get into the reactor room to push down the three rods. Activate
armor and interact with the rods to avert a meltdown. Move quickly, interacting
as fast as possible with each rod and then get out-you don’t have to wait for
them to go down before going to the next rod.

But your work is never done. Another wave of hostiles is inbound and you are
desperately needed on deck. Follow the green-lit doors and make your way with
armor active past the generator to the stairwell. Jump onto the generator
housing to minimize your time in the electrified water. The green doors will
lead you past Admiral Morrison and will again take you to the partially
submerged hangar. After you start for the ammo elevator, several squid will
attack. Kill them, using the doorway to restrict their approach angle. The Gauss
Rifle yields single-shot kills. Take the ammo elevator to the storage hangar.

A half dozen squid will attack, lure them out and retreat to near the elevator
to restrict their attack options. Make your way across the storage room and into
the adjacent room where the Marines are battling the squid. Help them eliminate
the horde and exit the hangar to the northeast and follow the green doors.

When the abandon ship order is given, continue forward. Kill the squid coming
through the breach, but before going for the flight deck you must first do a
side mission. You need that TAC cannon. Go up the stairs and follow the “Armory”
signs and get the weapon. There will be several squid to kill on the way. Take
the TAC canon. It is a special weapon and doesn’t replace either of your primary

Once again follow the green doors, fighting your way through the corridors. Grab
the Gauss ammo from the counter on the left and continue through the smoky
corridors and past the Admiral, whom a pair of squid is assailing. Help
eliminate the squid but the Admiral doesn’t make it. Just before getting onto
the flight deck top off your Gauss ammo from the counter to the right.

Activate the cloak, get on deck and grab ammo for the minigun, a missile
launcher and anything else you need. If you don’t have a Gauss Rifle there is
one to the right of the hatch.

A gigantic, scorpion-like alien “tank” has appeared on the flight deck.
Fortunately is doesn’t move from its starting position. In addition to its
grabbing tentacles is can spew a deadly stream of ice shards. It also will
broadcast a concussive blast that is fatal if its hits you while you are

Move north and get behind the wrecked VTOL. It will provide decent shelter from
the “tanks” deadly attacks. While you can move about to attack it on the lower
levels, the left end of the wreckage seems to provide the best protection from
its attacks on the higher levels. The monstrosity must be killed and Helena will
broadcast a signal to weaken it.

From behind the VTOL wreckage, deal some initial damage to the creature with the
missile launcher. When it opens its glowing “mouth,” activate armor and duck for
cover behind the hulk of the VTOL. The ice shards are deadly; so don’t get
caught in their path. Let your energy recharge and equip the minigun and lay
into it. It can absorb a lot of punishment-aim for its “mouth” for increased
damage and activate armor and move into cover when it attacks.

Flying squid will now begin to join the battle-one at a time. Take them out with
the Gauss Rifle as they filter into the fray. Use the cloak to get a bead, using
the body of the wreck to shield your position from the creature, de-cloak, to
save energy for your shield, and hammer the flying squid. If it deduces your
position it will fire its deadly MOAC from above where it is harder for you to
target it and more difficult for you to stay out the creatures sight. Continue
to punish the creature and re-supply your Gauss and minigun ammo from the nearby
caches. Alternate squid control duty with minigun fire while armoring in cover
during its attacks. It will eventually drop. Stay away from its corpse, as it
will then explode massively.

Don’t admire your handiwork. Re-supply everything in your possession, including
your missile launcher. Make your way back to the VTOL wreck and prepare for

An enormous alien warship will now approach the carrier. It has four hard-to-see
canon ports that you must destroy to allow Helena in the VTOL to approach it to
take down its shields. These canons are at the corners of its “torso” and appear
like closed alien eyes which are easier to pinpoint once you fire on it and they
open to fire ice shards back at you. Use the edge of the hulk as cover and fire
a Gauss round into the behemoth and when the shutter over a canon port opens,
hit the canon with Gauss rounds. This behemoth will also project frigid blasts
that will obscure your vision leaving you highly susceptible to enemy fire. You
must wiggle the analog stick to free yourself, and this can be a real pain when
it happens repeatedly.

The scoped Gauss Rifle is your best tool to neutralize the canons although a
lone well-aimed missile shot or even the minigun can also do the job. It will
take multiple Gauss rounds to take them out.

With the canons down, several flying squid will appear. You must now thin their
ranks so Helena in the VTOL can get close enough to send a signal to disable its
shields. Be aware that it has a concussive blast that is telegraphed by a streak
of blue energy. When you see it, go the other direction are you will be starting

After you take out a pair of the squid, Psycho will swoop down in the VTOL and
Helena will hack down one of the warship’s shields. Man the TAC canon and
acquire the target (hold L1)-the huge, now highlighted, appendages on either
side-and fire the tactical nuke (press R1) to take down the first shield. You
will still have to fight off the flying squid as you continue providing cover
fire for the VTOL. When Helena drops the second shield, employ the TAC weapon to
take it out.

The warship will now come close, hovering over the carrier and it will begin
releasing even more squid. You must now blast the hatch on its underside open so
you can use the TAC canon to destroy it and the squid will be swarming to stop
you. If you can hit the hatch with a missile or two it will open-Gauss Rifle
rounds or minigun fire will also work but will take time and the squid are
unrelenting in their defense of the warship. Train the TAC canon at the opening;
fire and the monstrosity will begin to crumble. Don’t be caught under it.

You must now get to the VTOL and there will still be squid resisting your
flight. Make your way through the burning rubble to the VTOL at the waypoint on
the flight deck. As you fly away the alien craft collapses onto the carrier.
After you rescue the daring dangling damsel from a plunge into the Pacific
Ocean, a powerful burst of energy erupts from the dying alien warship and it and
the carrier disappear into the Pacific Ocean in a swirling vortex.

Your escape from the horrors of the sphere and its alien spawn is now assured,
but it seems Prophet has survived the rigors of the Sphere and the nuclear
cataclysm visited upon it-new information has him in the Sphere battling the
invaders on their turf. Nomad can’t and won’t abandon him. It is now time to
join Prophet and take the fight to the invaders. Nomad is on his way to join
him. Semper fi!

Congratulations on your completion of Crytek’s/Electronic Arts 2011 re-release
of the 2007 PC title, Crysis! If you enjoyed this game, I highly recommend the
2011 release, Crysis 2, which is a superb sequel to its outstanding predecessor.


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