Crysis 3 Unlockables

Nanosuit Upgrade Kit Locations
UnlockableHow to unlock
Mission 2-
1/2/3/4Pointed out to you as you exit facility.
5Past optional objective (hack a CELL pod) on highway.
6Found in train car accessible by turning right while on zipline.
Mission 3-
7Inside bunker (distinguishable by its alarm lights) to left of dam, past CELL pod.
8Inside generator room in far northern tower of dam.
9Search crashed helicopter (optional waypoint upon exiting dam).
10Inside underwater cave just beyond helicopter wreckage.
11Inside pool of water behind large dome-shaped facility.
12In blue building on catwalks nearby center of CELL facility.
Mission 4-
13Inside CELL resupply cache on second level of building ruins within Chinese market at beginning of mission.
14On table to the left of zipline you must reach as a primary objective.
15Within small blue supply shack on center ring of catwalks inside CELL lab facility.
16Hanging on wall in room to your right after exiting starwell on bottom floor of lab facility.
Mission 5-
17Drop through ceiling of building roof to the right of large tube that can be used as a bridge across rooftops.
18In small clearing behind building just before your reach the Ceph objective.
19Near destroyed APC after receiving distress call from Claire.
20Underneath catwalks upon receiving optional objective to destroy Command Center defense system.
Mission 6-
21At CELL ammo cache just past first objective.
22Near ammo cache on your way to destroying second set of Ceph aerial defenses.
23Inside cave near where you complete the first optional objective.
24Insde crashed VTOL (marked as second optional objective).
Mission 7-
25Scan ledge inside narrow corridor with small alcove overhead, upon entering Ceph sections of the underground.