Crysis 3 Achievements

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Bang For The Buck(10)Single Player: Kill a deer using explosive arrows
Breaking the Lore(10)Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel
Kicking off the training wheels(10)Complete a match using manual armor mode only (Public Match only)
Poltergeist(10)Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected
A Flawless Getaway(15)Complete Welcome to the Jungle
Aerial Support(15)Kill 10 enemies using the mounted weapon on the VTOL (Public Match only)
Bird of Prey(15)Air stomp someone from a height of 15 metres (Public Match only)
Clever Girl!(15)Single Player: Stealth kill a Ceph Stalker
Hit me baby one more time(15)Melee someone with a ripped off shield in Spears (Public Match only)
Hunter-Gatherer(15)Single Player: Retrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies
I'll Have That!(15)Single Player: Rip off and use all alien weapon types
Improviser(15)Single Player: Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment
Lord of the Pings(15)Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (Public Match only)
Maximum Strength(15)Single Player: Kill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit's enhanced powers instead of guns
Nanosuit Ninja(15)Single Player: Perform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies
Off the Grid(15)Complete The Root of All Evil
Perk Of The Job(15)Single Player: Save a Nanosuit module package
Rising Star(15)Reach Rank 20
Stick Around(15)Single Player: Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows
Taste Of Your Own Medicine(15)Single Player: Kill 25 enemies while supercharged
The Gibson(15)Single Player: Complete 20 hacking challenges
Turning the Tide(15)Complete Safeties Off
Welcome to the Jungle!(15)Complete Post-Human
Arrow to the Knee!(20)"Single Player: End an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!
Be a Pro, use a Bow!(20)Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with each arrow type
Belly of the Beast(20)Complete Only Human
Block Party(20)Complete a match in every location in New York (Public Match only)
Brink of Apocalypse(20)Complete Red Star Rising
Can You Hear Me Now?(20)Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer
I See Cloaked People(20)Kill 10 Hunters as a C.E.L.L. operative (Public Match only)
Ping Pong! (20)Only Human: Kill all Pingers
Roadkill(20)Red Star Rising: Crush 5 enemies with the Buggy
Rudely Interrupted(20)Rip an enemy player out of a Pinger (Public Match only)
Staying Sharp(20)Complete Tutorial
Suited-up(20)Single Player: Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level
The True Measure of a Hero(20)Complete Gods and Monsters
White Rider(20)The Root of All Evil: Surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds
Who Needs Rockets?(20)Post-Human: Take out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow
Would you kindly ...(20)Accept and complete 25 unique challenges
Geared-up(25)Single Player: Unlock all weapon attachments
Halfway to Hell(25)Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty
Inside Job(25)Single Player: Kill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns
Nanosuit Veteran(25)Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty
Odd Job(25)Get two kills with one throw-able object in the same match (Public Match only)
Post-Human Warrior(25)Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost
Going Commando(30)Get a primary weapon, secondary weapon and explosive kill in one life (Public Match only)
The Specialist(30)Get a stealth kill, a rip and throw kill and an air stomp kill in the same match (Public Match only)
World Saver(35)Finish the campaign in any difficulty
Bring it On(45)Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty
Professional Superhero(65)Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty
DLC AchievementsTBA
Chocks Away Old Boy!(20)Melee an enemy off the cliff face with a pole on Ascent (Public Match only)
Slippery Customer(20)Slide for 1km on Creek (Public Match only)
Totally Oarsome(20)Get a kill with a boat Oar (Public Match only)
Wish You Were Here!(20)Complete a match on all four DLC maps (Public Match only)
Cliff Diving(25)Get an 'Incoming!' Skill Kill from the top of the central rock on Coastline (Public Match only)
King of the Swingers, Jungle VIP(25)Get 30 kills with the flag in Team Possession (Public Match only)
Swept Aside(25)Kill the entire enemy team within 60s of activating the radar on Crossing (Public Match only)
Flawless Victory(30)Get the most kills and win by reaching the score limit in a game of Frenzy (Public Match only)
Renaissance Man(35)Get 2 kills with each weapon in a round of Frenzy (Public Match only)
Egocentric(40)Hold the flag for 4 minutes in a game of Team Possession (Public Match only)