Crusaders of Might and Magic review
Great Game!!!

The good:

Good Graphics, challenging.

The bad:

Not easy to find Spells.


I bought this game expecting something average, but I got more. The first spell, Phantom Glow(thats the first level name, the actual name is Torch Light) is useful in the dark areas you'll encounter a lot, and only costs 1 mana out of your initial 33, and that one mana regenerates almost immediately. Plus its not hard to get the book to upgrade "Phantom Glow" to "Torch Light"(you get it for free from an old woman). I also like that instead of losing all your items when you die, you just lose a few points in health and mana. The only annoying enemies in the beginning are the skeletons that can cast magic on you(man, lightning is annoying despite the fact it only does 3 points of damage) and the Ethereal skeletons that take around 7 hits to kill(One of them handed me my first and only death when teamed with two casting skeletons because I kept missing). Everything seems great, but I only have two more gripes: Lack of faqs(I need to find the Dawrven City so I can get the Horn of Shattering), and it is hard to find other spells. I spent two hours playing, completed the first quest, but I still only have Torch Light...

Otherwise, its a great game that I recommend to anyone wanting to break away from MMO RPGs like Diablo II or Acherons Call and play a great, challenging RPG....

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