Crusaders of Might and Magic (PC) Cheats

Crusaders of Might and Magic cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Crusaders of Might and Magic Cheats

Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [Enter], then enter any of the following codes:

God mode-embiggenme
All spells and mana-crazyguy
Flight mode [Note]-whoah
Advance to random level-uberload
View frame rate-showfps
Calculate frame rate-calcfps
View debug information-debug
View bounding boxes around objects-boundingbox
Toggle AMD 3DNow! Support-3dnow!
Toggle landscape-cswire

Note: Press the Left Mouse Button to fly faster or the Right Mouse Button to fly slower.


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Various Cheats
During gameplay press ENTER then put in one of the following codes

Invincibility - embiggenme
Get spells and mana - crazyguy
Flight (Use left and Right Mouse Buttons) - whoah
Random Level - uberload
Show frame rate - showfps
Calc frame rate - calcfps
Show debug information - debug
Show bounding boxes around objects - boundingbox
AMD 3DNow! Support toggle - 3dnow!
Landscape toggle - cswire