Cruis'n World Cheats

Cruis'n World cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64.


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Extra nitro in championship mode
Start a race and repeatedly tap A (accelerate) to keep the RPM in the red area. Keep tapping until you start driving to get the effect of a nitro without using one. This will help your car get in first place immediately while saving nitros.


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Get Secret Cars fast and Easy
This trick is very simple very effective, but only works in two player mode. To easily beat the times in practice championship and unlock the secret cars, use the two players mode. Allow one player to go, and the second player should wait and not move his/her car. after the first player does the first of 3 laps then the second player can start going. When close to the end of the race, the first player should stop and allow the second player to win the race. The game will automatically use handicap to allow the second player to catch-up, therefore the second player will move much faster or have a shorter lap..Either way the final time of the second player will be reduced by 6-10 seconds on every lap. Don't forget that the first player must stop close to the end and allow the second player to win the race. This trick will work for other racing games like Cruis'n USA..
Horn Trick
If you are behind someone hold the horn button (Z).If done correctly,your opponent wil be pulled back.
Unlock Secret Cars
To earn the ambulance, begin the practice-championship mode and finish the Australia course in 1:49. To earn the taxi, you must finish the England course in 1:46 and to earn the "Monsta" truck, you must complete the Hawaii course in 3:47. To unlock the Speed Demon race car, you must collect 9,999 bonus points.