Cruis'n Exotica (N64) Cheats

Cruis'n Exotica cheats, and Codes for N64.

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Cruis'n Exotica Cheats

Unlock Cars

Glide car
Get 2,200 miles to unlock the Glide car.

Formula 2 car
Get 100,000 miles to unlock the Formula 2 car.

Cooler car
Win all races in challenge mode, including the drag races to unlock the Cooler car.

Lil Lightnin' car
Win all races in free style mode to unlock the Lil Lightnin' car.

Get 5,000 miles to unlock the Heavyliftin' (forklift).

Complete Exotica mode with the Formula 2

Unlock Cars and modes
Win all races in challenge and free style modes, complete cruis'n exotica mode twice, and get 40,000 miles to unlock the Heavyliftin', Lil Lightnin', Jalopie, Bad Mobile, Hunkajunk, Skidmarks, G-Ride, Cooler, Piewagon, Boxcar, Scrapin' By, and Glide cars. Four more of the fastest cars that can also be unlocked are the Formula 2, Whiplash, Rail, and Rocket. You will also unlock Wacky and Insane modes.

Quick start
During the pre-race countdown, hold A to accelerate until "Set" appears. When it does, tap A a few times and hold the button again. You should get a speed boosted start when "Go" appears.


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Hidden Cars
Glide Car-2,200 miles
Heavyliftin'-5,000 miles
Formula 2 Car-100,000 miles
Cooler Car-Complete challenge mode & drag races.
Lil Lightnin' Car-Complete free style mode.
Mondo Roll
Go to any level with some jumps in it and when you come up to the jump press the following: Let go of the gas button then quickly press Right, then press the gas button quickly that's it a mondo roll!!!!
Turbo Boost
At the beginning of the race, when the announcer says "set", tap the A button twice (nitro button) and hold it the second time. When the announcer says go you should get a super boost.
At any time during a race double tap the gas to pull off a wheelie.