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do you want to buy it


Do you realize they want me to write 750 words here .

Ready to sell it for what I paid for it ( 10.00).I have seen it sell for 19.95 No joke email me.
No instructions,people are too small by the time you get them big enough to see that is all you can see. I like a lot of tycoon games . This one just didnt do it for me. by the time you got the hang of the game it runs too fast. I was running into rocks and have no idea how i was suppose to advoid them.Most games at least have a tutorial not this one. And if it does lord knows i cant find it.Concept of the game is good. grafics are good.
Heck ...


Cruise Ship Tycoon

The good:

- Excellent, fun graphics

The bad:

- Lack of a detailed tutorial


Cruise Ship Tycoon - the title pretty much says it all.
In this game, you must set up your own cruise ship! This involves picking a ship, filling it with rooms, attractions, restaurants and the like, and booking guests on to the ship.

One really nice aspect of the game is the variety of characters that will board the ship.
There are fat guests, thin guests, elderly guests, even kids. There are dozens of different people!
There's also a great variety of buildings to add. There are over a dozen restaurants and bars, which range from fast-food outlets to sushi stalls. Where in other tycoon games, ...

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