Croc II (PC) Cheats

Croc II cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Coloured Crystals in Boat Race
In the boat race there is 5 coloured crystals. These are located at:

Red: the first corner half behind the stick pile
Blue: Behind the second pillar in the cave part.
Yellow: Just after the Waterwheel
Green: After the waterfall on the other side of the river from the waterfall
Red: Go through the waterfall on your NEXT lap, and there will be the red crystal there.
Get rid of Baron Dante(part 1)
When you get to the level where you are on a airplane,Baron will throw bombs at yoy when your not near him.When shoots fireballs at you, keep on shooting him and he'll lose life. Do this 2 more times to defeat him the first time(2nd part is not
attacking him)
How to get attacked by Gobbos
On world 2, cross the lake and you should find 3
gobbos walking around. Get their attention and they will throw snowballs at you. You will not lose any hearts.
Sandwich Level (Level 5) Cheat
When you get to the part in level 5 where you have to jump across the broken bridge, don't. Instead, just go around the pit. You will see a box. Jump onto the box, but don't stomp it. Instead, turn to face the ledge on your left. Triple jump from the box onto the ledge. By doing this, you will be able to skip the cave with the breaking platforms. If your aiming to get the golden gobbo though, just go through the door, jump onto the platform and kill the dantini, then jump onto the ledge. Find the place where the platform with the blue crystal is on. Throw the gobbo at the platform to get the blue crystal. Now, retrace your steps and go through the door. Now continue with the rest of the level.


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Double Jump
Hold A and S and run and you will do a flip and then you will do a big jump.
How to defeat Larry Lamp
Push the ice block, make sure it's fireballs hit
the ice block. Pick it up then throw it at a fire. Repeat this to all the fires. Do this again and you will unlock world 3.

Added note by Fraser_Chillin_Ere:
In larry lamp, you actually have to PUSH the BIG iceblocks over the lava holes. if the fire hits the big one and it goes small, you just throw it into the lava and it melts.