CSI: Crime Scene Investigation review
CSI: Crazy Stuff Investigators

The good:

Real voiceovers by the actors themselves
Get to use all of the CSI tools
Almost as good as the show, but...

The bad:

Some cases are just hard and painful
The voicing, animations, and backgrounds are VERY WEAK for an Xbox game
Backgrounds look like Resident Evil(PS1) Pre Rendered Backgrounds


First glace, it is CSI, after the annoyingly long load screen. It is unforunate that even when the level is booted, you still got to watch a shorter load screen when switching locations. You get the benefit of working with Grissom and Catherine and the rest through ten cases. Some way or another, some of the cases have subtle reminders of your past CSI adventures.

You get to use the Microsil, Fingerprint duster, IR Heat Thingie, Gloves, Molds, and lots more CSI tools to colect and detect the evidence. Murders, abductions, and arson are a few of the cases you get to work on. "Devils are in the detail" in this almost real life CSI game. Well worth the grab if you are fan, something to do in between DVDs as you watch all four seasons of CSI on DVD.

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