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First let me start with the following:This Game Blows. If you can get past the so-so voice acting and the overal buggyness of the game then by all means, go right ahead and do it. But for the rest of us this game is a problem. There are only 5 cases which you get solve (although that's better than Law & Order's 1 case) and there are 3 discs! 3! I say if you can't fit it all on 1 disc, or even 2 then you are wasting your time with it. It is a HUGE hassle to install on XP, since the default directory is C and I didn't seem to have a C drive so it took me about 2 days to figure out what was wrong. Partly because I was already so frustrated with this game I stopped thinking about it. Another masssive problem is the Graphics and overall gameplay. It is NOT possible to play this game on anything but twice the recommended specs. Otherwise it takes FOREVER to load (unless you installed to Harddrive, which is a bitch in itself [1.5 gigs!]) and the first level alone is enough to make this game the Clay Pigeon Of The Month. The first level is essentially a tutorial by the most annoying woman on the planet, and it takes forever! You can't do anything but what she tells you to do. Another fault is how difficult it is. Sometimes you can't pick things up or examine them, but it is difficult if you really can't do anything with it or it's a bug in the game. DONT GET THIS GAME!

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