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CSI: Worthy to play 5 years after its release?

The good:

  • One of the few videogames coming from a TV series
  • Characters's voices belong to the real actors
  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Interesting cases
  • Good soundtrack
  • Correct graphic engine

    The bad:

  • Difficult to reach 100% - miss a question and you can say goodbye to the bonus
  • No possibility to come back to a previous save
  • Annoying HUD


    CSI comes to your PC!

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the first videogame of a solid saga on PC, expanding since 2007 on other platforms. 2007 is also the year of the release of the 5th game (counting CSI Miami) in the series. But remember something: the game I'm speaking about is released in 2003 and is from 369 Interactive - developers are now TellTale Games (before they get replaced by another studio for CSI: New York).

    You're just a rookie, not a confirmed CSI

    The storyline is just plain and simple: you, player, is a rookie that is under the guidance of the CSI team (Grissom, Nick, Warri...

  • 6.4

    CSI: Crazy Stuff Investigators

    The good:

    Real voiceovers by the actors themselves
    Get to use all of the CSI tools
    Almost as good as the show, but...

    The bad:

    Some cases are just hard and painful
    The voicing, animations, and backgrounds are VERY WEAK for an Xbox game
    Backgrounds look like Resident Evil(PS1) Pre Rendered Backgrounds


    First glace, it is CSI, after the annoyingly long load screen. It is unforunate that even when the level is booted, you still got to watch a shorter load screen when switching locations. You get the benefit of working with Grissom and Catherine and the rest through ten cases. Some way or another, some of the cases have subtle reminders of your past CSI adventures.

    You get to use the Microsil, Fingerprint duster, IR Heat Thingie, Gloves, Molds, and lots more CSI tools to colect and detect the evidence. Murders, abductions, and arson are a few of the cases you get to work on. "Devils are in th...



    The good:

    Graphics are awsome, Real voices, Sound is great, Short loading speed.

    The bad:

    Nothing really.


    This game is awsome. Some say that it is too slow or it takes too long to install, but it really does not if you have the system requirements. It has never taken more then 5 sec. for it to load and the installation took 5 minutes max. If you love to watch CSI, than this is the game for you. You can use all of the forensic tools the cast uses, and do everything the cast does. Its an awsome game with a bit of humour in it, as well as seriosity. THe one thing about this game that turns people off is the fact that it has 3 CDs. However, if you do a full installation you will only need one Cd to...


    CSI: Crap Something Is ?


    First let me start with the following:This Game Blows. If you can get past the so-so voice acting and the overal buggyness of the game then by all means, go right ahead and do it. But for the rest of us this game is a problem. There are only 5 cases which you get solve (although that's better than Law & Order's 1 case) and there are 3 discs! 3! I say if you can't fit it all on 1 disc, or even 2 then you are wasting your time with it. It is a HUGE hassle to install on XP, since the default directory is C and I didn't seem to have a C drive so it took me about 2 days to figure out what was wr...

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