Cricket 2004 Cheats

Cricket 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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When batting, dont play cover drives early on. Play shots on the leg side to build up your confidence meter.
bowl em out
It may not have crossed your mind that if you choose a medium pace bowler and bowl a bouncer to the batsman bt put no pace on the ball whatsoever that the batsman try and pull the ball but get bowled all the time. it just doesnt work on hard pitches
Bowl Em Out!
Set the field editor up so that you have about 3 slips and the rest around the boundary. Select a fast bowler and if you are bowling to a right handed batsman bowl on the right and vice versa. Then it is up to you wether you want to try and bowl through the gate or pitch it just a bit closer to the batsman than the middle and put swing on it to make it turn away from the batsman. With a mixture of bounce and spin you eventually get a snick and your men at slips will catch him.
Bowl them out
Select a leg spinner then bring him onto bowl. Pitch the ball in the middle of the pitch and the batsman will either be out bowled, lbw or will defend and be caught by the surrounding fielders
Easy 4'/6's
When batting agains a spinner, get directly in line with the area where the ball is going to be pitched, advance down the wicket and press (o+right)while holding onto L1 for a right-handed batsman and vice versa for a left handed batsman just after the ball has left the bowlers hand, and its an easy four or six nearly every time .


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Be a good team and play Bangladesh and use any spinner. Bowl just below the crease, it will force the computer to play a defensive shot. It will go in the air and be cought by a close in-fielder. But you have to have a close infields on the fielding setting.
Easy Scoring
Select Team Management and then Base copy. Next select and team and a player and copy them. This takes you into the player edit mode - increase all his abilities to 100, then press triangle. Select Add To Data Base mode and replace the player you selected with the now improved player. Repeat with all other players on the same team to get an unbeatable team.