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Crayon Shin-Chan 3 (Import) FAQ/Walkthrough

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                  Crayon Shin-Chan 3: Ora no Gokigen Athletic
                                   Game Boy
                      Developer: Bandai  Publisher: Bandai
                              By: GammaBetaAlpha

                               Table of Contents

                        How to Play                 [HELP]
                        Walkthrough                 [WALK]
                        Mini-Games                  [MINI]
                        Donations/Amazon            [DONT]
                        Contact Info                [CONT]
                        Credits                     [CRED]

                                   How to Play

        Crayon Shin-Chan 3: Ora no Gokigen Athletic is the third of five Crayon
Shin-Chan games for the Game Boy, all released in Japan only, and the third of
four numbered games. Unlike its two predecessors and its successors, but like
its non-numbered brother on the Game Boy, Crayon Shin-Chan 3 is a collection of
mini-games as opposed to a platformer.

        The basic story and gist of the game is that Shin-chan is playing in an
athletic tournament. First, he must go around to nine households and play mini-
games at each. Only a couple of mini-games can be played at first: the map opens
up as you play more mini-games. Some of them will give him items for winning,
which will give him a boost when playing through the tenth and final mini-game,
an endurance test obstacle course.

        The author does not believe you have to win EVERY mini-game to open up
the final mini-game, just play them, but he is unsure of this precise fact.


        This here is a basic step-by-step guide to how to get through the game,
one mini-game at a time. For instructions on how to actually play each mini-
game, refer to the mini-game section. The order the mini-games are listed are in
the same order as in this walkthrough.

        彦ollowing the starting conversation, head out and go left. Talk to the
girl standing at the crossroads.

        "Proceed right and north and talk to a young lady.

        髭nter the building straight north of your house to partake in the first
mini-game: Koala Water Gun.

        膝o east and south from Shin-chan's household and play the next mini-
game: Locate the Swimsuit Model

        桧nce you have cleared both of the first two games, talk to the lady
east and north of Shin-chan's house to be able to get by here

        謬ake the east household from here to play the next mini-game: 50m Dog

        "Next, take the west household to play Collect the Books

        菱ead left from Shin-chan's household and talk to the girl at the

        匹ontinue south and enter the house here to play another mini-game: Hide
and Seek.

        姫roceed left, south and left from the crossroads and talk to the
family. Afterwards, continue left to the next house to play still another mini-
game, this one being Mop the Floors

        "Move up and left, and go talk to your rival with his dog.

        "Enter the left house after your conversation to play Cycling Race.

        柊fter you win, move to the right house and talk. Play the next mini-
game, Dance Mimicry.

        菱ead south, right and north to the tall building to play Guess that

        "Proceed to the building straight north of Shin-chan's household.

        膝o to Shin-chan's house for another conversation scene. After some more
automatic conversations, you will enter the last mini-game, Obstacle Course.

        彦ollowing the short ending, you get a bonus match Vs. Kamen, where you
get a Good Ending if you win.


Where: North of Shin-chan's house
When: Start of game
WIN: Gloves

        In this mini-game, you and your opponent are both climbing a tree, each
on opposite sides of the screen. When climbing, you have to shoot water from
your water gun at your opponent - whoever takes three hits first is the loser.
The number of hits you and your opponent have left are represented by Smiley
faces on the bottom of the screen.

        To shoot your water gun, use the A or B button. You can go up and down
the tree through use of the D-Pad button. The water travels at a straight shot,
so you need not worry about taking into account gravity for a trajectory or
anything. By pressing the Left or Right button, you can spin around the back of
the tree to dodge a shot. However, it shall leave Shin-chan tired after he does
it and he cannot move for a few seconds after, leaving him open for another

        There are also environmental considerations. Upside-down acorns will
occasionally jump up from below, and damage you if it contacts you. Leafs will
also float down from below - they do not actually touch you ever, but they will
soak up a shot from somebody's water gun.

        Occasionally, a star will also come down. If you grab the star, it will
give you a double-shot, though the power-up from the star is only temporary (it
does last past if you take a hit, however).

        Your opponent generally follows you along where you go, though he is
smart enough to dodge shots. However, you can lure him into taking damage from
an acorn that pops up on his side. Furthermore, once you get the Star, you can
entrap him with the double shot by going to the top and shooting so one shot is
right at him and one shot below him. The only way he can dodge in this scenario
is by spinning around, which will tire him out long enough for another shot that
will actually damage him.

Where: East and south of Shin-chan's house
When: Start of game

        This is an extremely simply game. At the start of the game, you are
given three adults, one who is wearing a swimsuit, who are all standing on a
podium. The curtains will close, and the three will move around. You must keep
track of which one is the person wearing a swimsuit. Once the three stop moving,
indicate which one is the lady wearing the swimsuit.

        You are given 5 tries, and you must get it correct at least three times
in those five guesses.

Where: East, north and east of Shin-chan's house
When: After clearing 2 mini-games

        This is far more difficult than the first two mini-games, due to the
quick button action timing that you have to do.

        Basically, you and Clinton's dogs are both racing along a 50m track.
Each dog does not actually run, but rather they jump. The distance your white
dog jumps is determined by the bar to the right - the more full it is when you
press the A button, the further your dog hops.

        Shin-chan and his rival both have three bones. If you press the Down
button, Shin-chan will toss a bone in front of his dog's rival. The dog will
chow down on it when he gets to it, costing him several seconds while he is
chewing on it.

        Similarly, Shin-chan's rival can throw bones in front of your own white
dog. When an exclamation mark ! appears above Shin-chan's head, press the Up
button for Shin-chan to go and grab the bone. This will prevent you from losing
time when your dog is chewing on it. Similarly, however, your rival can do the
same with picking up bones you throw in front of his dog.

        Whichever dog makes it past the 50m mark first is the winner.

Where: East and north of Shin-chan's house
When: After clearing 2 mini-games
WIN: Swimming Tube (?)

        In Collect the Books, you are put into a maze with two other boys and
numerous books on the ground. The books are numbered from 1 to 10, and more
books shall fall down on the ground over time.

        To win, you must pick up some (not all) of the books from the ground, in
order from 1 through 10, before the timer runs out and before Kazama collects
books from 1 through 10. The higher numbers such as 9 and 10 will not be on the
ground at the start, but they shall show up over time. Once you collect all 10
books, you NEED to return to one of the desks on-screen to finish the game.

        The problem is the presence of the bully in the area. If you contact
him, he basically knock you over and make you lose your highest numbered book at
the time. This does not occur if you come in contact with Kazama (the guy with
the wavy black hair).

Where: West and south of Shin-chan's house
When: After clearing 3 mini-games

        In this mini-game, you are put into a park area with multiple pipes with
open-facing ends. The pipes can be used to travel quickly between pipes - the
top and bottom connect, the centre-left and centre-right connect, and the four
remaining pipes connect to the pipe diagonally across from them.

        Your goal in the park is to catch five little kids who are running
around. To catch them, all you have to do is come in contact. They will fly off
screen, but the counter on the bottom of the screen should slowly tick down.

        There are two methods you can use to help corral them in. The first is
to use the pipes to quickly travel around, or wait at one and hope to catch one
of the kids coming out of the pipes, as they also use them. The other is to use
the arrow pads around the park, which will give you a very temporary boost of
speed to grab them.

        Beware of the mothers walking around: if they come in contact with Shin-
chan, Shin-chan shall be stunned for a few seconds.

Where: Far southwest house
When: After completing Hide-and-Seek

        In this game, Shin-chan is set to mopping the floor of the house. There
are 100 tiles to clean, with multiple bookshelves and chairs and so forth
littering the household. Shin-chan moves forward automatically, and you can
steer him to turn him at corners.

        Only 80 of the 100 tiles need to be mopped. However, there is also a dog
running around. You need to keep from coming in contact with the dog until at
least 80 tiles (80%) have been mopped, because coming in contact with the dog
will cause you to lose your mop. Once you do, Shin-chan will stand where he is
until time runs out. If you had at least 80% mopped up to then, then you win the

Where: Left house of two houses to the northwest
When: After completing Mop the Floors
WIN: Arrow mark

        In Cycling Race, you and another boy have to beat each other to certain
landmarks on the overworld map. Whoever makes it to one household first gets a
point. Whoever gets 3 points in 5 races wins. The first place to race to is
decided upon the start of the mini-game, while each subsequent place to get to
is decided after the first person reaches the current destination. Thus, if you
lose a point, you may be able to win a race by being closer to the next spot
than your rival.

        There are dogs running around the map. If you run into one, it will
delay you for several seconds.

        The household to race to is decided by a slot roll, and pressing A to
stop the rolling of names. Obviously, if you cannot speak Japanese, this is
really difficult. Either look at the number of Kanji in the name and compare
here (there are two lines with 4 obvious characters, but every other name has a
unique number of Kanji), or refer to the map below.

        2 Kanji - House directly south of Shin-chan's house
        5 Kanji - House directly north of Shin-chan's house
        6 Kanji - Tall household northeast of the cyclist's house
        8 Kanji  (Starts with a curve) - Shin-chan's house
        8 Kanji - House northeast of Shin-chan's house
        11 Kanji - Southwest house (Mop The Floors house)

        4 Kanji (two curves for the first character) - East, north and east
                 of Shin-chan's house (house surrounded by trees)
        4 Kanji - Cabin straight east of Shin-chan's house


Where: Right house of two houses to the northwest
When: After completing Mop the Floors
WIN: Fan

        This game is basically 'Simon Says' but with dance moves. Shin-chan's
female friend Nene will mime one four different types of moves. One of these is
jumping up and swinging her arms out, one of them is jumping up and kneeling
down, a third is moving her arms to just one direction, and the last one is
swinging her arms both left and right of her.

        You basically need to remember the order she does her dance moves in, as
indicated by the counter ticking up every time she does a new move, then repeat
them in the precise same order. This is done by higlighting one of the four
cards on the bottom of the screen and pressing A (you can press B to cancel your
last choice). How each card matches up to what you are supposed to do is also
described below.

        First, you have to mimic 4 of Nene's moves. Next, you have to mimic 5
straight moves, and then finally 6. The order she does thing changes up each
time, so it is not a case of the second set of 5 moves being the same as the
first 4 with one extra one added.

        LEFT - Jumping just up and spreading arms out wide

        MIDDLE-LEFT - Moving arms to the right or left only

        MIDDLE-RIGHT Card - Jumping up and kneeling down spreading arms out wide

        RIGHT Card - Moving arms back and forth left and right

Where: Tall house in the northwest (northeast of the pair of small houses)
When: After completing Mop the Floors
WIN: Spring Shoes

        In this game, you are given nine character portraits. To the left side,
a 4x4 block of black is shown. Every couple of seconds, a block is changed,
showing a part of a character's face. You must infer which character portrait
that is, highlight the correct face, and select it.

        You start off with 50 points for each portrait. Every time a block is
shown, 5 points is removed for your potential reward, so if you guess a
character portrait after 3 blocks have been revealed, you get 35 points.

        To win the game, you must get 350 points in 50 seconds. However, if you
choose a wrong portrait, you lose the number of points in the reward from your
cumulative point total, so choose carefully!

Where: Northeast corner of the map
When: After completing all nine previous mini-games

        After yo do the first 9 mini-games, you must visit the place north of
Shin-chan's house, then go to Shin-chan's home. After some more conversation,
you will get to play this game.

        There are three basic parts to the obstacle course - a hurdle course,
climbing poles, and swimming. In between there are normal running segments.

        To run, you need to repeatedly tap the A button.

        When you get to the hurdles, press the Up button just before each hurdle
to hop over it.

        When you come to the poles, you need to press the A button to climb up
the poles. Wait until the bamboo basket comes over to your side, then press the
Up button to jump on. Press Up again when you get to the other side to jump onto
the opposite pole, then press A to climb down.

        When swimming, once again you press A to swim. However, there are three
eels that swim up and down in the water. Wait for one to move away from you
before attempting to swim past it.

When: After the normal ending following the credit roll

        This is a pretty simple game, basically Pong, or perhaps Air Hockey. You
face off against Kamen in a bonus game following the credit rolls. Each of you
has a platform they cna move up and down the side of the screen with, attempting
to repel a ball back at the other place and prevent the ball from falling out
their own side.

        Occasionally, figures will pop out of two holes in the centre. When they
do, the ball will also knock of their heads.

        A power-up tile will also be shot out occasionally. If you grab it, the
ball will automatically be sent towards Kamen's side from one of the holes. A
second power-up has the same effect, but also gives you a paddle temporarily
that you can press the A button to smack the ball at high speed. Finally, a
bricks tile makes a brick wall behind you for a short period of time to deflect
any ball which makes it past you.

        Whoever gets three balls past his opponent first wins. If you win, you
get the 'Good Ending', the author believes.


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                                 Contact Info

        Although I believe I have found everything there is to find in this
game, there is occasionally the possibility of some super secret level in an
obscure game that was never found because it was too obscure, or the like. If
you have anything that you feel needs to be includes, feel free to email me at
gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you have any other information to contribute or notice any errors,
again, shoot me a notice at gammabetaalphafaqs AT gmail DOT com

        If you wish to host this guide, or use information from it, consider the
FAQ semi-public domain: you can host it without asking and derive information
from it word-for-word if you wish, but keep the document unchanged if hosting it
and give credit where due if using information


        Thanks go to the atwiki website for information on this game:

        Another huge thanks to the Japanese Wikipedia article on this game,
which helped me figure out the mini-games (translated link URL shrunk for

        Another thanks goes to this Nicovideo user and his or her video which I
used to figure out the order of mini-games and where to go next, along with a
practical demonstration of each mini-game.

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