Crash Bash review
Crash Bash...most of the time.

The good:

Fun games.
Catchy music, especially the pogo games.
Nice mix of characters.

The bad:

The characters have fixed facial expressions.
Some of the characters don't sound right.
Rilla Roo was seriously abused.


Crash Bash is, first and foremost, a really fun game to play. Its not without its problems, but we'll get there in a moment.

The story is this: Aku Aku and Uka Uka are arguing over who is the stronger. They agree on a contest. Whoever wins gets to control Earth. Since they can't fight each other, they send their greatest champions into battle.

There are eight characters in total, four good and four evil. Uka Uka's team consists of Dr Neo Cortex (of course), his arch-rival Dr N Brio, Koala Kong and a new baddie going by the name of Rilla Roo. Aku Aku's team is, naturally, Crash Bandicoot, his sister Coco Bandicoot, and finally Tiny Tiger and Dingodile. No, you are NOT going blind! Uka originally had Tiny and Dingodile on his team, but that gave him too many. He had to give the two to Aku Aku.

In Adventure mode, you can play as any of the eight characters as they compete to be the top gun of the Aussie Outback. One game is like a four-way version of air-hockey, another has you riding on Polar Bears, another involves bouncing around on Pogo-Sticks and my favourite is a war game where you throw crates at each other. The games are fun, but sometimes the AI is questionable.

The idea is, first of all, you win a trophy. Winning a trophy is easy (most of the time). All you have to do is beat your oppodents three times. However, then you have to go back to collect Gems (where you have to win with a limit), Crystals (You must win with a hinderance) and Relics (against some super tough competitors). Gaining the right amount of stuff unlocks boss fights and sometimes other games.

These games will be avaiable in Battle mode. Here, you compete as one of four characters in a specifed arena. You can play in Team Mode (where two go on two) or VS mode (every bandicoot/man/tiger/koala/dingo/gorilla for himself/herself). You also select the computers hardness and the number of rounds you need to win. Tournament mode is similar, except you are trying to win four games in successtion. You can't team up here.

The music and sound effects are nice too. Some of the music is really, REALLY catchy, especially the Pogo games. The sound effects are nice too, with the TNT crate sounding just like the olden days, and the galloping of bears and springing of...err...springs is correct too.

However, one thing lets the game down. That is, believe it or not, the characters themselves. Whilst they do look similar to their older ND versions, they have no fingers (and only rarely thumbs) and, worst of all, they don't change their facial expressions. Which means Crash smiles even when he dies and Rilla Roo is stuck with a stupid pout on his face. This kills him on two levels because he is the new guy of the game, and getting stuck with a fixed pout and no character/history (yes, Eurocom, the creators, didn't even consider this) isn't really going to help you become a well known/useful character.

Another problem lies in the voices. All ten major characters (plus some minor characters) have voices, but only Aku and Uka speak. And more problems occur here. Whilst some (like Brio and Kong) have really good voices, others (Uka Uka) don't sound that great...and Dingodile sounds like a complete idiot! At least Rilla Roo sounds like a gorilla.

Anyways, this just stops the game short of a 5. It is a fun game, but its probably best for those with a multi-tap. I don't have one, so I miss out on some of the fun stuff (like having all the good guys fighting each other). You may enjoy it, but I'll tell you now...despite the characters, it was worth the money.

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