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Crash Bash cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Crash Bash cheat codes.

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Crash Bash Cheats

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon demo
Hold R1 + L1 + Square and press Start at the opening screen.

Hints and Tips

Relic Round
When you get to "Warp Room 4", go back to any level you have already visited to find a relic (after you press X to chose that level). You will then play a harder version of that level. To actually defeat this level, you must win two times in a row.
submitted by Goelum

Platinum relic race
After you defeat the last Boss you can go to the 5 War Room. If you win one of the cups, the Gold Relic race and a Platinum Relic race will be unlocked. Defeat the champion of this course three times. You can jump back to other worlds and do the Platinum Race after you have the Gold Relic.
submitted by Goelum


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Avoiding Penta penguin attacks and help with health protection in level: Snow bash
If you don't want to get hit by the penguin (obviously) in Snow bash, go all the way to the bottom-right corner and if the penguin spins a box to you, just jump and you will have like about 65% chance of not getting hit. And if your opponents are coming up to you that means they are going to spin/kick/shoot you, so just spin them 1st them go to another corner (at the bottom) corners.
Easier levels.
To make the levels easier, lose more than 10 times. The difficulty is lowered when you fall many times on a challenge.
Easy win for Polar Push during Platnium and Gold Relics
Use Tiny Tiger or Koala Kong to win this. If Coco Bandicoot (4th comp. player) head for you, get close to the edge. 50% of the time it will possibly work. Just pushing areana champions to the edge could help you win your game and 2 or 3 rounds in a row.
Full Completion
For full completion you will need:

All Trophys
All Gems
All Crystals
All Gold Relics
All Platinum Relics (You get these by getting all of the Gold Relics)

General Strategies
Crate Crush (Jungle Bash, Space Bash, Snow Bash and Drain Bash): Pick a crate, throw it to your opponenty while is it taunting and run (jumping will make runing easier). DON'T KICK THEM, if you do, they will chase you unless they kick you (at that point, running will be waste of time).

Polar Push (Polar Panic, Tilt Panic, Melt Panic and Manic Panic): Beware if one of your opponents is Dingodile, Rilla Roo, Dr.Neo Cortex or Nitrus Brio, because they charge power are strongest. Wait until your opponent charges, and charge them after they charges- because they get weak at that point- also collect bonuses as most as possible.

Pogo Pandemonium (Pogo Painter, Pogo-A-Gogo, El Pogo Loco and Pogo Padlock): Get speed boots as many as you can. When your opponent gets Speed Boots, they will try to ruin your colours as much as they can. So,if you made your colour to a very large area, get a "!" crate as fast as you can.

Ballistix (Crashball, Beach Ball, N.Ballism and Sky Balls): Your opponents will use Extra Kick a lot for sending balls back to you,and you must use too (for a good counter) ,don't forget to use. Also, while moving, press and hold L1 and R1 buttons to move faster.

Tank Wars (Desert Fox, Metal Fox, Jungle Fox and Swamp Fox): Don't forget to collect missiles, bombs and mines as much as you can. Also,you can use your opponents' mine against them.

Crash Dash (Dot Dash, Toxic Dash, Dante's Dash and Splash Dash): Collect missiles or force fields as possibly as you can-because your opponents will collect too. Also,don't get close to them, because they will always use their weapons. Another thing is that you notice is Wumpa Boost.

Ring Ding: If you collect a special weapon, your opponents will try to kick you. Also, they will always try to get the black balloon.

Dragon Drop: Your opponents can charge you if you got a jewel, because they will try to get it. Also,when you got a jewel, hit from x5 point, and you will gain more points faster.

Mallet Mash: If one of your opponents has got shock, it will use it immediately- sometimes for hit mushrooms, sometimes hit you. Also, try to don't miss any gold mushroom, when you hit it while it is ready to explode, you can gain 20 points.

Keg Kaboom: When you got fire, hold Square button for keep fire, and while holding, close to barrels, by doing this, barrels will explode, you will get points and you will not lose your fire.
Help with pushing opponents off ice on the 4th ice level
On the ice level with bombs, pushing off opponents can be hard, but you can push them off more easier! Firstly, this is more easy if you use cortex/brio because their boost is strong. You need a bomb and a full bar of boost power. Now what to do: shoot the bomb at one of your opponents and straight after that PUSH them off! If this is on easy mode the percentage chance of this is 85%, medium will be 70% chance and hard will be about 20-35% chance of this succeeding!
Hints at: Pogo Padlock Crystal challenge
This crystal challenge is annoying and insane to beat, and theres a bit of Tips and hints to avoid getting failed a lot of this insane challenge:
1 - Target the enemy with most points in the area: the best way to beat this challenge is to target the enemy that has painted the most, before you going into that method you have to practice your Missiles shot aim, as this crystal challenge all about steal your opponent the colors so yeah.

2- Try to not let the enemy with most points in the game to get more points: this is the part where they make you rage for example you have a 44 points while some of CPU Has 32 and will score 29, DO NOT LET HIM SCORE, and not I mean by aiming at him with the Missile, steal the ? Boxes from that opponent so he cannot score, you can however steal his points.

3- Get all ? Boxes, even if you don't have any points to score: How? that's how, when the game is about to end like 30 seconds or 10 seconds and you have the highest points, just go and Get ALL ? Boxes from your opponents, even if you don't have any points it doesn't matter, just don't let them score because you might end up losing on CPU by 1 point.

Those are the tips/hints I did and I beat it really easily, theres one and is to fail like a lot of time, it might make CPU easier but Good Luck <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Hints at: Sky balls Crystal challenge
Many people rages and fails at this insane challenge... but I have some hints that will somehow make it easier and when I did that I just beat it on my second try and I hope this would work to you!
1- Avoiding the Red Balls: but how? once you see an opponent making a red ball instantly go into the middle if the ball is not going to hit the left/right corner of your goal, I have so many lucks going into the middle and none of the red balls come across the middle part but beware, once it targets the middle try to fast react going into left/right [depends on what the red ball is going]

2- What do you do when there is a Normal and Red Balls aiming at your goal?: once there is a red ball and normal ball on your path just ignore the white ball and leave it score at you, because this will lead the red ball into goal too as the red balls isn't counting as goals, not only because of that, when you kick the White/Normal ball it might kicks the red ball make it faster than you though and it might the red ball comes at YOU again but FASTER, so just ignore both of the balls when they are together on your path scoring.

3-Fail as many as you can: the more you fails get, the easier the AI gets, so don't commit suicide just because making the AI easier, try to practice before playing the Sky balls crystal challenge as it is insanely difficulty.
Moves For Every Character In The Crate Levels
Crash and Coco


Tiny and Kong


Dingodile and Rilla Roo

Tail Spin

Cortex and N.Brio

Spyro 3 Demo
At the title screen, press and hold L1, R1, square, and start and you will get a demo of Spyro 3: Year Of The Dragon.

In the following:

Crate Crush
Tank Wars
*Some* of Mideval Mayhem

Press triangle to do a taunt.


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Beach Ball cheat
On the Ballistix level, Beach Ball, you can hold the X to attract balls, right? If I ball goes into your goal slowly, you can dash on top of where it is rolling in, and hold X. It will come right through your ship, out of your goal, and attract to you.

Easy kill: Any Bash level
Whilst playing any of the bash levels wait for the weight/kilo sign to show. Once it is there, pick it up and put it on your opponent. Your opponent will be crushed by the weight.
Easy kill: Space Bash
For this you will need a TNT placed in between you and the enemy you wish to kill. Head towards the crate and wait for your enemy to start moving. Spin the crate into your opponent. They will fall into the whole made by the TNT
Extra levels
To get to the fifth warp room, defeat the nitros oxide boss and once the credits have rolled, you will start in the fifth warp room.
Extra Levels
To unlock the extra levels you will need:

Splash Dash-17 Gold Relics
Mallet Mash-21 Gold Relics
Dragon Drop-At least 20 Crystals (or 19)
Keg Kaboom-25 Gems
Dantes Dash-27 Trophys
Swamp Fox-23 Crystals
Play 2-player Adventure mode and choose a bad and a good character to team up. When you finish the game , you will play a secret mini-game where the 2 characters have to fight.