Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

99 Lives Grind
An easy way to grind lives is by going to level 16 Unbearable. After the bear falls down the pit and you hit the checkpoint box, jump in the pit after the bear. This area is where the hidden boxes are to get the silver gem for this level.

Play your way through this bonus area until you get to the checkpoint. Activate the ! Box and go up and get the mask box. On the platform next to this, two free life boxes hang just out of sight, jump to get them. Now these to boxes regenerate every time, so I recommend collecting the fruit in the immediate area and the lives, them jump off the ledge.

Each time you die you will still be one life ahead. Also there are about 20 wumpa in this little area, so every 5 times you die and collect you get another life from the fruit.