Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

Coloured Gems!!!
*(blue gem)go into turtle woods and dont break any boxes.

*(red gem)go into air crash and when you get to the first seado
dont go on it jump on the two boxes and land on the platform.
then jump into snow go and there will be a short level and when you
get to the end do a body slam then you will get the red gem.

*(green gem)go into the eel deal and when you get to the two way pipe go right and make your way around the nitros and walk throgh the circle door
and get to the end there will be a green gem.

*(yellow gem)go into plant food when you get the timer get to the bones
and die in the bones.then take your time to the end of the level.

*(purple gem)go to bee-having and when you get up to the stairs of
nitros and dont be afraid to go up them because there fake nitros.
get to the top and it will sloop you up and it will bring you to a
secret area and the purple gem will be there.then die and
complete the level.