Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

Beating N. Gin
N. Gin can either be easy or hard, for me he was both. Here is the strategy on beating him.

1 + 2. He will fly around, opening his hands. Throw wumpa at his hands when they open. Eventually, he will fly and fire a laser, so avoid it. Once each hand has been hit 10 times, it will explode.

3 + 4. Now, he will fly around, opening his shoulders. He will start by going to the right, cause he will fire missiles. Now, just go to the left, because he will fire them on the other side. After one shoulder is hit five times, it will explode and his pattern will change. He will fire one missile, so do a timed jump over it. Just hit the shoulder until it explodes.

5. Now, he will go out of sight. Stand on the middle platform and when he pops up, hit him with two wumpa. Now jump to the right platform, because he will use his waste cannon to attack that platform. Now, when he pops up in front of the right platform, and hit him with two more wumpa. Now, hop to the left one, and when he pops up, hit him with one last wumpa and he will be defeated.