Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

Gems And Other Secrets
To get the following gems do this:

Blue Gem- Enter Turtle Woods and do the level without hitting ANY boxes. Then go to the end and claim your Blue Gem. You have to have the crystal and silver gem for this to work.

Red Gem- Go to Level 7 (Air Crash) and when you get to the first Surfboard and DO NOT GET ONTO IT. Then you will see 5 boxes. Jump onto the first 2, then bounce onto a platform you see. This will take you to a Secret Warp Room. You shall then see a Portal leading to the secret area of Snow Go (level 2). Finish this and gain your red gem. Then complete Snow Go.

Green Gem- Go into The Eel Deal (level 10) and when you get to the first set of tunnels and go down each of them once. Find the tunnel which contains lots of Nitros. Go right to the end of the Nitro room and you will see a door. It is not a real door. Just walk straight through it. Then complete the secret level, gain the Green Gem, then go back to the Nitro room! This is hard, but you should be able to do it. Then complete the rest of the normal level.

Yellow/Gold Gem- Go into Plant Food (level 16 or 17 haha) and when you get to the first Surfboard there is a timer. Finish the level before the timer runs out and gain the Yellow Gem. (Hint: This is the same on Hang Eight (level 3) apart from you get a silver gem).

Purple Gem- Go into Bee-Having (level 20) and when you get about half-way through you should see a bunch of Nitros on steel boxes. They are decoy fake Nitros, and you can jump onto them. When you reach the top you shall be teleported to the Secret Area where you have to complete a very complicated level to claim your Purple Gem. Then die, and when you respawn you should be in the normal area. Finish the level and you will have all 5 coloured gems.

43 out of 42 Gems- Complete the game 100% and you will have 42 out of 42 Gems. Then go into Snow Go (level 2) get all the boxes until you reach the last Steel one, which has an arrow on it. In front of you, there is a seal. Bounce on the box for 5 minutes, and then kill the seal. You will then be holding a Gem. Complete the rest of the level, getting all the boxes, and you will have 101% and 43 out of 42 Gems.

Have fun.