Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

The gems
Here are the gems:

-Yellow--Plant Food-When you get to the jetski, you must complete the level in the alloted time.
-Green--The Eel Deal-When you come to the fork, go right into the room with the ton of nitros. There is a huge locked door in the back, and you can actually pass through that door which leads you to the green gem.-Purple--Bee-Having-Very hidden. When you see a big pile of nitros, they are fake. You can climb up the nitros to go into a warp to a secret area.-Blue--Turtle Woods-You must get through this level without breaking one box. Simple.-Red--Snow Go-You need the secret warp from Air crash. in Air Crash, you need to jump on the boxes near the first jetski. You have to land on the platform to be warped to the secret warp room,
and go through the secret path in Snow go and go to the gem.