Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

Coloured gem cheats
Getting blue gem:

On the first level, complete the level without getting any boxes (aku aku's, check points, ? boxes, lives, tnts and bouncy boxes. At the end of the level there will be a blue gem.

Getting red gem:

To get the red gem in level 2 (snow go), you must go to the 2nd warp room and go to level 7 (air crash), as soon as you get to the jet ski part, DO NOT GO ON IT. Instead, jump on the boxes in the water beside the jet ski (right) bounce on the 2 boxes, then jump onto the platform. Now you go back inside the level (snow go level tunnel) and complete the track to fall and earn your gem by coming back to level 2 (snow go).

Getting green gem:

Go to level 10 (eel deal). Run along all the way to the split (2 way tunnel) and turn right. You should see a room full of nitros! Some how, get to the end of the room and go through that circular wall thing. Then go to the end of the path and you will find a green gem.

Getting yellow/gold gem:

Go to level 11 (plant food) and as soon as you get to the jet ski part, there will be a timer! You must complete the level in alloted time. At the end quickly get your gem or it will spin away! (you might need 2 Aku Aku masks to do this)! Hint: every time you die the time gets extended for you!

Getting purple gem:

Go to level 20 (bee-having) and walk all the way until you get to the nitro stack of stairs! Think in your head: What would a stack of nitros be doing there????? Climb the steps and you will get to a special level. Collect the gem at the start and beat the path. Hint: if you can't complete the path, then just get the gem and lose a life and then you will be at your check point with the gem!