Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Tips

All Secret warp room levels!!!!!!
So, as u know there is a secret warproom in crash 2 CSB and many different ways 2 get 2 it and each way opens a different level.Because im nice il tell u all the ways 2 get 2 it and open up all the levels!!Here we go ----------

Level 7 - Air Crash- Go on level 13 (Bear Down), and play to the end where the bear throws you across. You will see a load of floating bits of ice and a bit of land in the middle. If you carefully jump on the bits of floating ice to the land, you will be scooped off to the secret warproom and a secret bit of the level air crash will be there!

Level 2- Snow go - So youve all seen the pesky red gem floating around in snow go that you cant get 2! Heres how 2 get it!Go to the normal level air crash and when you get to the 1st wave rider thingi before you get on you can see a platform to your right, now, if you look at the boxes near it there is 2 normal boxes and one jumpy box(this cud take a few goes so have patience and lots of lives!)you jump accross these three boxes and land onto the platform which will scoop you off to the secret warproom and ,volia!there is the secret snow go and at the end of the level is the sexy red gem! woo woo!

Level 14 - Road to Ruin- Now on the level road to ruin if you've ever attempted to get the perfect gem you'll know that you is always missing a few boxes. Now this is possoble to do with out the secret level but tricky!If you look at the begining of the level you'll notice the clear box shapes that you can make solid with the ! box. and you can see the ! box on a platform to the left before i discovered the secret warp room i kept trying to skid jump accross to the ! box and it did work and i got the extra boxes. however it is v.hard so here is how you get the secret level. go on to the level diggin it. near the end you'll come accross 2 spitter plants next to each other, however 1 is on a platform type thing in the middle of a pit. if you jump on the platform ones head and belly flop on him, again you will be escorted to the secret warp room and see that road to ruin has appeared!!!!!!!!!!

Level 26- Totally Bear - an extra level this time!go to level 15 Unbearable! and at the end the little cute bear throws you accross the pit then dissapears as the big bear falls down the pit. if you skid jump back accross the pit and walk on a bit you will see little bear sat there on his own. walk up to him and you will be transportesd to the secret warproom yet again!and have unlocked totally bear.

Level 27 - Totally Fly- Quite hard to explain but here goes!
in level 16 Hangin out there is a hole bout half way through the level. if you fall through it like normal and go to the end of that path you'll fall through another hole into a pool of water. if you walk back from there you'll come across yet another hole. your first impression will be "oh its the hole ive just been down" but NO! its another hole in disguise as that one!!!!!!! drop down it and you'll come across another clearing which once again will take you up to the secret warproom to totally fly!

have fun!