Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced Cheats

Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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All Game Gems
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Gem 1Break 23 Boxes on Island Intro
Silver Gem 2Break 29 Boxes on Prints of Persia
Silver Gem 3Break 49 Boxes on Lagooney Toons
Silver Gem 4Break 112 Boxes on Globe Trottin'
Silver Gem 5Break 54 Boxes on Pharaoh's Funhouse
Silver Gem 6Break 62 Boxes on Runaway Rug
Silver Gem 7Break 57 Boxes on Tiki Torture
Silver Gem 8Break 71 Boxes on Hoppin' Coffins
Silver Gem 9Break 101 Boxes on Barrel Roll
Silver Gem 10Break 30 Boxes on Flockfull of Seagulls
Silver Gem 11Break 73 Boxes on Magma Mania
Silver Gem 12Break 21 Boxes on Run from the Sun
Silver Gem 13Break 92 Boxes on Now It's Istanbul
Silver Gem 14Break 89 Boxes on Mister Lava Lava
Silver Gem 15Break 25 Boxes on Water Logged
Silver Gem 16Break 91 Boxes on Slip-n-Slidin' Sphinx
Silver Gem 17Break 114 Boxes on Rocks can Roll
Silver Gem 18Break 109 Boxes on Rock the Casaba
Silver Gem 19Break 108 Boxes on Eruption Disruption
Silver Gem 20Break 25 Boxes on Spaced Out
Silver Gem 21Break 91 Boxes on King Too Uncommon
Silver Gem 22Break 97 Boxes on Wild Nile Ride
Silver Gem 23Break 64 Boxes on 101 Arabian Kites
Silver Gem 24Break 115 Boxes on Fire Walker
Red GemCollect Gem in Wild Nile Ride
Green GemCollect Gem in 101 Arabian Kites
Yellow GemCollect Gem in Fire Walker
Extra Levels
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fire WalkerCollect the 4 Blue Gem Shards
Wild Nile RideCollect the 4 Red Gem Shards
101 Arabian KitesCollect the 4 Green Gem Shards
N. TropyCollect All 3 Colored Gems
Unlockable Powerups
UnlockableHow to unlock
Super SlideDefeat Evil Crunch
Rocket JumpDefeat Evil Coco
Tornado SpinDefeat Fake Crash
Crash DashDefeat N. Trance


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Rock The Casaba Shard
on rock the casaba after you finish the flying mat section dont continue to your right got to your left and when you cone back to the lava just fall complete the path after you fall to find the green shard after you find the shard there will be a up box to get you to the end


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More Characters
For more characters in multiplayer mode, link Crash 2: N-Tranced to Crash 1: The Huge Adventure.