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The Painful Death of Crash Bandicoot

The good:

-Good sound effects
-Excellent character models
-Hilarious stunts and dialog (Cortex's screams are the best)
-Still kind of fun at first

The bad:

-Horrific gameplay
-Too short to be Crash Bandicoot (all the other games were good and lengthy)
-The difficulty takes you out of the experience, so the fun doesn't last too long
-Annoying music
-Boring graphics
-All the effort you use just to get one thing done is pretty unsatisfying


The not-so-recent change in Crash's world has been drastic. When I first heard about this game, I thought it would be awesome. But I was totally unaware of the disaster this game would bring.

Graphics: 7.7 -- This dry beauty is a sad example of why good developers like Naughty Dog should never sell great mascots like Crash Bandicoot. The character models look better than ever, complete with great detail and effortless animation. Some of the designs didn't really match the character (some of the tougher characters' designs are too cutesy), but those characters are very insignificant an...


A New Breath Of Life For The Wild Bandicoot

The good:

Great music
Cortex is playable
Absolutely hilarious

The bad:

Slightly glitchy


For those of you who didn't see the "good" ending of The Wrath Of Cortex (I don't blame you, it's not easy), you may have a bit of catching up to do before getting into this one. Surprisingly, the "good" ending is actually the basis for the introduction to Twinsanity as opposed to just being a hilarious ending. Three years on, Cortex has built himself a laboratory on an iceberg close to Crash's sunny home, N. Sanity Island. Sure enough, Cortex is soon back on the island, causing mayhem.

Unlike previous installments, there is a large story to the game this time, and a great cast of characters...




Well check out the latest in Crash's platforming adventure so far. It holds the name, "TWINSANITY." Is this game just as much rubbish as Wrath of Cortex was? Oh heck no. Could it have been better? Oh heck yes. Well first off you'll notice you can move ANYWHERE. You're not limited to a pathway. Is this good? Well.....yes AND no. Yes because it takes a new step for Crash. No because it doesn't seem to work TOO well. But it does manage to keep its players entertained. Next off you'll noticed the game is chock full of hilarity. Cortex mostly. This game has great and funny dialouge and a lot of ...


Don't list to somestrangeflea. This is not a bad game!

The good:

Crash and Cortex become friends (kind of)

Challenging game

Good Graphics

In some rounds you can use Cortex alone.

Decent stage designs

The bad:

Crash and Cortex become friends (Weird)

The replay value is kind of low

Sometimes it's hard to control the camera


Difficulty: Medium

I have recently beaten this game. It's fun and challenging. Replay Value is kind of low since once you've collected all krystals and everything you probably won't want to go through this game again. This game also has an save feature with an option to enable or disable it.

In this game you won't always use Crash and Cortex together. Sometimes you'll be using Crash alone or Cortex alone or that one freeky girl (I forgot her name). Crash fans be sure to check this game out.

I rate this game a 4/5 (8/10).


Crash & Cortex = Friends?

The good:

  • Having 2 main characters is better than just Crash

    The bad:

  • Very hard
  • Cutscenes are poor


    Crash Bandicoot has been going on for many years now, and in all of the games Cortex has been the main rival. But this game is different, Cortex is now Crash's friend and together your aim is to stop the world being blown up.

    Just like all Crash games you need to collect purple crystals as you progress through levels on different islands but Cortex also tags along behind you.

    New moves are now in the game, when Cortex is behind you grabbing onto s purple crystal you can press X to swing him around to knock enemy's. Also, if you jump and press B you can throw Cortex across ledges and onto plat...

  • 2.4


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