Crash Twinsanity (PS2) Cheats

Crash Twinsanity cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes for more Crash Twinsanity cheat codes.


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Bandicoot Pursuit to Rockslide Rumble
Near the end of Bandicoot Pursuit, go to the right of The Evil Twins' stronghold. You should see a portal that returns you to where you started, so you can go back to Rockslide Rumble.
Bandicoot Pursuit to Twinsanity Island
If you just want to directly to Twinsanity Island from the end of Bandicoot Pursuit, go to the very left of the stronghold. You should see a cave, which leads back to Twinsanity Island.
beat uka uka
this battle is pretty straight foward. first throw cortex onto a platform and then press the button. repeat this 3 times until he dies
Defeating Cortex
Avoid the shots and bombs of Cortex. After that, he will fire big green balls at you. When they reach you, throw them back by spinning. Do this three times.
Defeating Dingodile
First, avoid the Dingodile's fireballs. After that, stand on a mark and jump away when Dingodile wants to shoot at you. This will reveal a button. Body slam it, and the button will activate some kind of shower above Dingddile what will distract him. Then, smack him down by spinning or sliding against him. After that, he will go down. Use his flamethrower and spin at the same time. You must double jump above the flame ray to avoid it. After that, he will stand, shoot, and spin at the same time. Just duck until he stops. Then, run around Dingodile; he is going to make a spinning fire wall. Go to a mark and do what was done before. Dingodile is now going to do the same thing as before, only he is going to switch stand often -- stay focused. After that, he will use his firewall again. However, this time he will also switch directions. He will now use his fireballs as done at the beginning. After that, go to another marked spot and let Dingodile open it. Body slam on the button and make the final touch to Dingodile.
Defeating Mecha Bandicoot
First, avoid all rockets and his saw. Then, stand as close as you can by Mecha Bandicoot. When he wants to fire a big ball and shoots it, get away as fast as you can. If done correctly, the ball will not disappear. Slam it back to Mecha Bandicoot. Do this a few times to defeat him.
Defeating N. Brio and N. Tropy
First, avoid the giant Brio monster by running big circles. After that, N. Tropy will appear. Avoid his stick slams until the safety field around him disappears and he is dizzy. Then, slam him. You must do this two more times to defeat them.
Defeating N. Gin
When you arrive at N. Gin's crows nest, he will blast three series of rockets at you. Avoid them, and go near a holder with spikes. When he throws a TNT crate at you, get away. If done correctly, the holder will break after the TNT crate explodes. Repeat this two times to destroy the crow's nest.
Defeating the Evil Twins
First, you will play as Nina. Go to the right or left until you reach some keys. Use the arm expand to reach the keys. When you are near the upper key, point to the left platform then jump and hold Up and press Circle. Do the same thing at the other two sides. You will now switch to Cortex. Just shoot rapidly at the aiming locations of the big robot. You will also finally understand why Crash ran away. You will now use Crash, using Mecha Bandicoot. Avoid the beams of the Twins. Hold and release A while aiming at the Twins. Repeat this a few times to defeat the Evil Twins.
Defeating the Totum Hokum Boss
Avoid all slams of the big Totum Hokum Boss. When he opens his mouth, you will see sonic beams. You do not have to be careful about them because they will not harm you. When he opens his mouth, throw Cortex in it. Repeat this a few times to defeat him.

At first, the boss uses punches in the ground that create small shockwaves. Just run in a circle to avoid them. He also may dig slightly into the ground and try to hit you from underneath with one of his arms. When he starts breathing in, throw Cortex into his mouth, kill the tiny golems as necessary, then grab Cortex when he gets spat back out. The second attack pattern adds laser beams that shoot from his eyes. Repeat the first step with throwing Cotex in his mouth. More small golems will pop up this time, and you may need to hit and run. The third attack pattern is the same as the second, except a large number of small golems pop up when you throw Cortex in his mouth. Because this is his last life, just run from the golems. The totem God will spit Cortex back out and you will have won.
Easier jumps to small platforms
If you have trouble jumping and landing on small platforms, just aim the camera with the Right Analog-stick to watch from above, then jump.
Enemies Blocking Your Way?
If there are enemies ahead and you have Cortex clinging onto a crystal behind you then jump and throw Cortex into the enemies. He should whip out his gun and defeat the enemies for you.
Extras menu options
Collect the indicated gem in a level to unlock that level's material in the corresponding Extras menu sub-menu:
Blue Gem: Boss Gallery
Purple Gem: Concept Art
Green Gem: Enemy Gallery
Red Gem: Storyboard
Yellow Gem: Unseen Gallery
Clear Gem: Video
High-Sea High Jinks to Iceberg Lab
When you first start High-Sea Hi-Jinks in the snowy area, turn around and you should see a large cave. That cave leads back to Iceberg Labs, and has loads of lives.
how to defeat bosses
ok, this is the way to defeat the bosses.

Defeat dr.Neo Cortex
first avoid his shots by running around whereever he isnt shooting DO NOT jump or stop running this will cause you to DIE!When he shoots some big weird green round laser thingy spin it he should fall when he is throwing bombs at you don't worry he will throw them where the blue circle is. Defeat the big robot thingy.

After dfeating Cortex a big robot thing will come, jump on the platform that is shaped like a staircase get to the top.Avoid his missiles by running to the very right and when he shoots them run to the very left (you can do this the other way round if you want i just do it this way).HE will try and get you with a chainsaw after this just run to one side there is a 75% chance that you will NOT get attacked by the chainsaw, after avoiding the chainsaw he will shoot a big wierd green round laser thingy that looks pretty much like the ones Cortex used just spin them back like you did with Cortex.Keep repeating this pattern until he dies it should get easier because sometimes when you spin back his blasts one of his weapons will get destroyed <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.

NOTE! There is a life next to the tree to the very left where you are about to enter the boss room.

Defeat evil twins massive statue.

first spin Cortex to grab him thenrun like CRAZY to the right or left you can jump but DON'T spin, when he/she opens his/her mouth throw cortex ( x then o) in his/her mouth and some wierd small statue things should come out when they gather round you jump and then body slam them hopefully this should destroy them all in one repeat this three times when he/she shoots a laser with his eyes just run and jump repeatidly.

Defeat Uka uka.

First avoid his attacks if he does any and then straight after any attacks throw Coortex onto one of the platforms with switches, when Cortex activates the switch the bottom of the floor should open up and there should be a button body slam it.Once you have body slammed the button that was in the middle of the floor stay away from the grids that are on the floor fire will come out of them, repeat this three times.

Defeat maddame Amberly.

first when she fires a lightning bolt at the ground keep shooting the where she hit the ground until it goes back down (don't worry you have unlimited bullets) when she gets loads of bells shoot them ALL, after shooting all the bells she will turn round shoot the switch on her back repeat this three times.

Defeat The Evil Twins.

These two are probably the hardest bosses because it takes so long and theres NO checkpoint but still you've got to do it if you want to beat the game.First you will be Nina go to one side of the place and wait until the boss comes over to you (don't get to close or you'll DIE) then go to the opposite side of the arena and jump from one ring to another (this takes ALOT of practice because of the top ring) and then destroy the blue thingy and jump to the next platform and do the same do this three times.After using Nina You'll turn into Cortex and you will just need to shoot your bosses guns.After using Cortex you will be crash (finally) but you will be in the big robot thingy from the first part of the game just shoot the boss with your laser blast but make sure it gets through the forcefield.

Once you finish the game you can explore everywhere you've been and do freeplay unless you start new game <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.
Iceberg Lab to Academy of Evil
From the laboratory in iceberg lab, in the upper area near the Pyschetron, turn around and you will see platforms leading to Cortex's airship.

Iceberg Lab to Twinsanity Island
Enter the Psychetron after completing the Academy of Evil.
N. Sanity Isle Part 2 to N. Sanity Isle Part 1
From the large part of N. Sanity Isle where the entrance to Totem Hokum is, and turn around from that world crate. Go to the very left, and you should see a cave. Go through the cave to return to the area where you first started the game. There, you can enter Jungle Bungle again.

N. Sanity Isle to Iceberg Lab
To get between these two hubs, there is two boats in the island. One is in the main part of N. Sanity Isle with the entrance to Totem Hokum, and the other is in N. Sanity Isle Part 3, which you enter after you beat Tikimon. But, the one in the main part of N. Sanity Isle doesn't appear until you have entered Iceberg Lab at least once, so you can't cheat.
Returning to Slip-Slide Icecapades
To get back to Slip-Slide Icecapades, you first beat the place. Then, instead of going to High Seas Hi-Jinks, go to the left, which should be a cave. Go throught it and beware of the dipping platforms. After that, instead of taking the long way, save time by going on the platform that was first broken. Then, continue on until you pass the teleporter, and go on the moving platform into the cave. Go through it, and you have successfully made it back to Slip-Slide Icecapades.
Returning to Totem Hokum
To get back to Totem Hokum after doing it for fun, avoid the blue rooster bird. Run out to the house far from Cortex, and jump off. You'll land on a hill, or should, and you'll see a cave up the hill. Once you go in far enough, the door shuts. Continue from there and you have returned to Totem Hokum.
Returning to Twinsanity Island
To return to Twinsanity Island, first go back to Iceberg Lab. Take the platform up, or take the long way, into and pass the first room. Now, getting in was the hard part. Go almost to a coner and jump there. You should be at Twinsanity Island.
secret warp
Go to twinsanity island and go up on the platform that was missing in iceberg lab. Go in to the room and you will see a purple warp that looks like the background for the title enter it and it will take you to bandicoot pursuit.
Ultra Easy Red Gem in Bandicoot Pursuit
Getting the red gem in Bandicoot Pursuit can be a little challenging, since you have to sneak between the nitros, hit the ! crate, go back out, jump on the platforms and spin the red sphere into the nitros to get it, right? Well, not anymore. I found out an ultra-easy way to get it.

Go up to the small area of platforms where you get the clear gem, over near the beach. Well, take the energon sphere that should be used to get the clear gem, and roll it over to those nitros, and blowing them up. Then, you can simply get the red gem.


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99 Lives (Easy to get)
While in Cavern Catastrophe: When you see the drill part after the checkpoint, there is a crate inside. Use Cortx to break it, and then throw Cortex (make sure he falls into the pit). Quickly run into the drill part and Cortex will respawn and die. Break the crate again, and continue the process to rack up 99 lives.
Confused Crash
While playing as Crash, before a cutscene starts, pull the camera joystick all the way back, fully forward, to the left, or to the right. During the cutscene, Crash will be looking in the direction the camera was pointed to.
Crash Twinsanity Scenery Glitches And Shortcuts
There are many ways in which to skip certain parts of the game Crash Twinsanity. I shall order and name them.

Skipping Farmer Ernests Worm Problem:
After Farmer Ernest has had his speech and been shot throw Cortex to the chickens and make sure that he starts shooting them. Then jump on a part of the fence not directly below the rock platform. Then crouch, double jump and body slam, trying to get on the rock platform. It takes a bit of practice, but you'll soon get the hang of it.

Skipping The Whole First Floor Of The Ice Climb Factory:
When you're at the incredibly high Ice Climb cave, go to the blue laser thing on the left. Get on it, and from there you can jump onto a rocket powered platform. You have now skipped the first floor. One problem is that by doing this you are not able to retrieve the blue gem. This makes it a good glitch if you have died after getting the gem.

How To Be Able To Levitate:
This glitch will cost you approximately £15. You need to get an Action Replay Max ps2 from ebay, and ensure it is a 30,000 cheat version, not a memory free one. The memory free one is about £6, but you need to download the 'levitation code' from the CodeJunkies site. The 30,000 cheat version is costing me £14.99 from ebay, a good deal from where I'm standing. Then once you're all set with the Action Replay Max ps2, and have the 'levitation code' (made by the greatest Crash Bandicoot hacker in the world, hacc) you press L2 and select to turn it on, and R2 and select to turn it off. It enables you to go out of bounds, and explore the world of Crash Twinsanity that isn't in any level. Enjoy!
Doc-Amok without bear chase.
Be the first and second stage of the Doc-Amok and reach the board with a bear. To make clear the glitch nitra purple jewel of the items and jump on the button to open the "whistle with spikes." You will be the platform on which it is running out of Cortex. You need to jump (or die). You skipped the cutscene. Never go back to the checkpoint, because a cutscene will start up. Complete bear chase without cortex. At the end you have to jump over obstacles using the pull-up roller platform with spikes on round cortex. Activate the checkpoint and continue the game normally. Glitch is useful in speedruns.
Falling fish mountain.
At N Sanity isle Part 1 go to the mountain with the falling fish now a lot of people think it is impossible to climb to the top but when you get as high as you can there is an invisible collision it is a bit to the left double jump then body slam you wil be moved away because of the invisible rock try double jumping and body slaming until you get to the top this may take a bit of determination but you will get it eventually.
Farmer Earnest enemy?
after earning enemy gallery 4 take a look at it you will see Farmer Earnest This is because of the changes Sierra went through (it is now called crash unlimited demo and it has been hacked) go to Earnest's farm and Team up with Cortex again then go to the cave that leads to Earnests farm from Totum Hokum you will notice Nitros but the detonator crate is behind them because you are going backwards so throw Cortex into them do this every time there are nitros in the way then go back to Earnest's farm and you will see him but he is still dead from Cortex's ray walk on him with Cortex and spin a few times you will die and respawn with farmer Earnest alive again but won't complain about his wumpa trees but kill you instead.
Rock glitches
After Rockslide Rumble in the 10th dimension, get out of the cavern and follow the wumpa trail. The trail will split into 2 ways. Take the way that leads seemingly to a rock. Try to jump on top of it, but not directly on top, more like leaning against the wall. This part may take a bit of time, but it will eventually work. Now run to the right. One of three things will happen: 1:You will run in place. 2:You will slide back off. 3:You will walk to the right and float in mid-air. Don't worry if you have already beat the game. Just use some of the warps on this page to get back to Bandicoot Pursuit after the second Humiliskate level.

Tip: If you want to float in mid-air, try jumping a little. It worked for me.


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beating n.gins crows nest
wen he pulls the trigger and the rockets cum out run in a circle until 3 rounds have gone off. he wil pause n then get out a tnt crate wen he pauses stand next to 1 of the 3 beams holdind him up then wen he throws the crate rin away n the crate will be near the beam n it will blow it up repeat until all are gone
Cave Walking
In Cavern place, way at the end where u escape the drill of the RoboAnts, u'll see a Metal Crate
blockade. On on to the center up top and jump into
the ceiling. U should get to the cutscene with ur
feet sticking out. U can now walk the cave. Proceed with caution! =}
Gem Collecting
When you collect gems in each area, you gain the option to select and view concept art from the game.
Getting back to Cavern Catastrophe
After you've passed Cavern Catastrophe you'll end up on the way to Totem Hokum. Go to a cave, and go inside. After you are through it, you'll have to follow Cortex and battle him again. After you defeat him, you'll end up in Cavern Catastrophe.
more lives
In boiler room doom get to a place where there are lots of crates and a check point. trigger it and destroy all the crates. Then kill cortex. simple isnt it
N.Sanity Isle
Four questions.
After you arrive on the third part of N.sanity isle it how do you get back to part 1 N.sanity isle?
Also in the first part of N.sanity isle if you go right you will see a rising platform and beneath it there are two stone platforms and beyond there is cave.How do you get in? Can you raise it? Does it connect to other parts of the island?
Secret movie
Collect all the gems and crystals to unlock it.

*Works for NTSC region game version only!