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Titled "Crash Bandicoot: Unlimited" in Europe.

Added on: April 29, 2004


A new evil has invaded the island paradise of Crash Bandicoot with sinister plans of destruction. In a strange twist, Crash reluctantly pairs with his arch-enemy, Dr. Neo Cortex, in order to save his world. Through their unorthodox partnership, Cortex is abused as Crash's favorite weapon when Crash and Cortex are controlled as one in an hilarious all-new gameplay mechanic. Encounter reactive enemies, fully immersive environments, and a wacky cast of all new characters in Crash Bandicoot's craziest and funniest adventure ever.


Gamers will encounter complex and highly reactive enemies that will detect and hunt Crash, run away when outgunned and interact with other foes to either form alliances or settle differences. The game features completely immersive environments which respond realistically as the player interacts with them, along with streaming worlds that can be played through without load times; and four playable characters – Crash, Cortex, Nina Cortex (the niece of the evil doctor) and the brand new pairing of Crash and Cortex


  • Crash and Dr. Cortex join forces - Crash teams up with Dr. Cortex in fun ways, using or abusing him to create a range of new game mechanics and vehicles including twin slam, rollerbrawl, and humili-skate.
  • The Funniest Crash Adventure Ever! - An edgy new story, hilarious dialogue, and twisted character interactions from award-winning animation filmmaker/writer Jordan Reichek (Ren & Stimpy, The Simpsons), makes this the deepest and funniest Crash experience ever!
  • 4 playable characters - Crash is back plus 3 new experiences, the brand new Nina Cortex, Dr. Cortex and the hilarious Crash and Cortex tandem gameplay
  • Brand New Highly Reactive Enemies - Crash encounters smarter enemies which will detect and hunt Crash or run away to regroup when outnumbered. He must defeat new bosses including the 60 foot MechBandicoot robot and the dastardly Evil Twins.
  • No loading screens- New streaming technology allows Crash to seamlessly walk between levels with no loading and allows for a more immersive experience.

This game is also known as Crash Bandicoot 5: Crash & Cortex no Yabou in Japan.

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E3 The Wumpa hunt is on

Jun 13 at 7:24pm, by Maxfield Navarro | 15 comments

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Dec 27, 12 4:54am
The last good Crash game before the series took a turn for the worst. While it is buggy, it is hilarious and great fun. CrashTwinsanity
Sep 5, 10 3:48pm
beat everything, and got all gems. :D CrashTwinsanity
Aug 28, 10 3:00pm
great but crashed CrashTwinsanity
Jun 11, 10 1:18pm
Great game.Kooky and chaotic,just the way I like it! CrashTwinsanity
Aug 29, 09 4:28pm
goood gammeee CrashTwinsanity
Scarlet Gamer
Aug 20, 09 8:55pm
Kinda boring. CrashTwinsanity
Jun 24, 09 7:01pm
Cool game! CrashTwinsanity
Feb 21, 09 6:53am
its alright. CrashTwinsanity
Feb 5, 09 9:21am
9/10 CrashTwinsanity
Jan 23, 09 9:47am
not yet finished.. CrashTwinsanity
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Sep 28, 2004 (PS2)
    • Sep 22, 2004 (Xbox)
  • Japan: Dec 9, 2004
  • Europe: Oct 8, 2004
  • Australia: Oct 26, 2004
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