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Crash Tag Team Racing

The good:

  1. A different racing style
  2. Very, very fun
  3. Finally a free roaming racing game
  4. Crunch is cool in this game.
  5. New Characters
  6. Amazing Graphics
  7. Great storyline
  8. Ability to clash
  9. Awesome cars

The bad:

  1. Bad:
  2. Not enough characters (Only 8! They took out Oxide, Ripper Roo, and most of the old boss characters)
  3. Cars aren't that fast
  4. Unclashed powerups are pretty much useless to me
  5. Powerslides aren't that great


Crash Tag Team racing UserReview by Thunder850
Things to say about this game
This game is very good. In my opinion, this isn't as great as CNK and CTR, but this game is still great.

I don't think the graphics in this game could have gotten much better. Crash is very detailed with his 3-dimensional shape and visible fur. Cortex is shorter than usual, and is a bit different in this game. His appearance is not much different, but the shapes on his head are a bit different. He still has that N on his forehead. Crunch has changed a lot from his first appearance as well. His ears are a lot s...


Perfect Proof that Crash Bandicoot is No More

The good:

-Appropriate music
-Pretty good sound
-Good dialog
-Great controls and camera
-The races and arenas are a lot of fun

The bad:

-VERY glitchy graphics
-Way too easy
-Much too short
-Boring platforming levels
-Almost no extras
-Getting 100% is pointless
-It's nothing like the old Crash
-Everyone's personality is completely butchered


Ever since the famous red bandicoot was sold to Sierra, things haven't been so good for Crash. Twinsanity was a disaster, so they decided to try and bring Crash back with Tag Team Racing. But were they successful? Well, it's better than Twinsanity, but I wouldn't say it was a star game.

Graphics: 6.4 -- There is no possible way these appalling visuals are from Crash's world. I've seen some things much more horrible, but nothing nearly as glitchy. The character models are the worst. Crash's animations are still good, but he looks so sloppy. Everyone else is like a virus-plagued robot. ...


Crash Tag Team Racing >>Agent C.R.A.S.H.-other things

The good:

-Adventure Mode's place-environmental stuff
-Movies and cut scenes

The bad:

-Short-Not long


Basically, the game is stuff is pretty good and stuff, but some things just don't make it.

  • Adventure Mode-The stuff here was great. But it's how you start. Cortex and Crash are only playable. The on-foot activity has pretty much no limit to go, and Die-o-ramas are also found in this mode.

  • Multiplayer Mode-Sure, the stuff was alright. But it's not what you'll like. Once again, you only have Crash and Cortex. You'll need to do Races, Stunt Areanas, Battle Areana, and Grand Prix.

  • Characters-They're alright, in some way. Some characters are odd anyway. They have great and odd personalities, too.

  • Ch...
  • 7.0

    CTTR...Not too shabby, not the best game ever.

    The good:

    -The single player adventure mode: You get to walk around on foot in an amusement park where you can collect coins, and go on missions to help friends.

    -The five levels in the single player adventure mode: Mystery Island, Happily Every Faster, Tyranosaurus Wrecks, Tomb Town and Astro Land. The graphics are pretty neat in these levels...I like how the lava in "Tyranosaurus Wrecks" was animated.
    -The new characters: Pasadena Possum, Ebeneezer Von Clutch (The cyborg), and Willy Wumpacheecks...he's a giant piece of Wumpa Fruit! Lol...
    -The humor: ZOMG, this game so freakin' HILARIOUS!

    The bad:

    -In the multiplayer mode, you only start off with Crash and Cortex...maybe also with Crunch and Coco...but there are a lot of things you have to unlock in mult. player mode: Vehicles for other characters, costumes for the characters, race tracks, battle arenas, etc.

    -In the single player mode, they don't really tell you what to do and what not to do...but they give you some pointers.

    -They made Crunch look like an oversized cat.

    -Glitches everywhere!

    -The people who made this game removed the classic TNT, nitros, Tracking missles, N.Tropy clocks, and bowling bombs that appeared in other Crash racing games...the weapons (mentioned later) are completely different. (Grr.)


    This is a good Crash game for a younger and less mature crowd. If you're the type who doesn't like rated E games, this game is probably not for you. But anyways...

    Clash! :When you are racing, you can "clash" with other racers. When you clash, you and another racer's car will fuse together to form a supervehicle. Sort of like in Mario Kart: Double Dash, one racer is the driver, and another racer shoots a gun and throws weapons at other racers driving along the track. Oh, and when the gunner destroys another vehicle, they get a KO. KOs are very useful when it comes to Grand prixs (Keep ...

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