Crash Tag Team Racing Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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Enable Code (Must Be On) (PS2) North America Master

the code is:
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
24EA87C2 FED4D493
389FB276 B9CB5FB1
B459F885 53A08C72

Infinite Coins (PS2) North America

7CAF69B0 BC803A2C

Maximum coins (PS2) North America


Have all Power Crystals (PS2) North America

EA789D51 B47E2DBC
081389B1 8478CFF0

Unlock All Movies (PS2) North America

9C4A87EA F39EC693
576099A3 FF41F85B

view game progress for all missions (PS2) North America

60174C69 8BC2F5D7
8C8D48CE 4E796894

View progress for all minigames (PS2) North America

E466569B 33111172
56EF75AC CE526419
1E0B6B0B EFAE9808
50F9DF81 013CFA25

View Game Progress for all Chiken Challenges (PS2) North America

F1A503E0 A1958A2E
D43D88ED 72E8B6E4

View Game Progress for all Track Secrets (PS2) North America

E1CC56ED 23280367
C250F5E2 A36049DE

View Game Progress for all Character Outfits (PS2) North America

DF033A2C 1A781DEE
946280D3 8E0453E8
928BBB79 A91DA560
4AAA37D0 7EA34FE7
9414D195 9108C658
822AE112 6CFE2D73