Crash Tag Team Racing Cheats

All Six Cheats
Below is the complete list of cheats in CTTR. To enter them, go to the title screen, hold R1 and L1, and enter the following for any cheat.

Japanese Crash: SQUARE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE (Note: This cheat triggers an annoying glitch)

One-Hit KO: X, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X (This does NOT count as a KO for extra coins)

Chicken Heads: X, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE (This affects the NPCs only, and their heads explode if you attack them)

Disable HUD: X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE (Note: You will not see anything during play)

Baby Block Cars: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE (This only works outside the park, and only your character is affected)

Faster Cars: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE (This may cause out of control driving)

If you entered any of these cheats correctly, you will hear a chime.