Crash Tag Team Racing Tips

Platinum Times for Fast Lap
I emailed the developers and asked them if there were any more times to go for even if they weren't in game and they showed me these:
Tiki Turbo 0:45.00
Pirates of the Carburetor 0:53.00
Deep Sea Driving 0:54.00
Once Upon A Tire 1:06.00
Track and The Beanstalk 0:54.00
Evilocity 0:56.00
Fossil Fuel Injection 0:47.00
Labrea Car Pits 0:49.00
Tire and Ice 0:47.00
Dead Heat 0:44.00
Crash Test Mummies 0:48.00
Pyramid Pass 1:02.00
Rings of Uranus 0:15.00
Uranus Mine 1:18.00
Craters on Uranus 1:29.00
As being platinum Fast Lap Scores.