Crash Tag Team Racing (GBA) Cheats

Crash Tag Team Racing cheats, and Codes for GBA.


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Here are some cheats for this game:

Big Butts:
L, R, A (x5), B (x7), start and Select at the same time and at the title menu

Air Heads*:
L, R, B and A (x3), Up(x2), down (x2), start and select at the same time and at the title menu

Bouncy Characters:
Hold L and R, and then press A, Up, Down, left, Right (x4), B, Up and Start + Select at the title screen.

* For airheads:
Everyone's body will have their heads in the air while their bodies are on the ground just standing or driving.
Unlock All cars
Unlock All Cars

To unlock all cars, enter "ChUmP" as your driver's name at the New Game screen and all cars will unlock.