Crash of the Titans Tips

Costumes Ahoy!
Do the required goal and you can unlock some awsome costumes:

Battler Skin- Jack 35 Battlers
Bratgirl Skin- Defeat 130 Bratgirls
Doom Monkey Skin- Defeat 500 Doom Monkeys
EE-Lectric Skin- Jack 50 EE-Lectrics
Goar Skin- Jack 30 Goars
Halloween Skin- Complete 50% of the game
Koo-ala Skin- Defeat 150 Koo-alas
Magmadon Skin- Jack 50 Magmadons
Ratnician Skin- Defeat 200 Ratnicians
Rhinoroller Skin- Jack 30 Rhinorollers
Scorporilla Skin- Jack 15 Scorporillas
Shellephant Skin- Jack I5 Shellephants
Sludge Skin- Jack 50 Sludges
Snipe Skin- Jack 50 Snipes
Spike Skin- Jack 50 Spikes
Stench Skin- Jack 50 Stenches
Valentines Day Skin- Get 20 Gold idols
Voodoo Bunny Skin- Defeat 200 Voodoo Bunnies