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Crash Into Karting Success


If a character from a game series jumps into a kart and takes to the tracks complete with weapons they are automatically a Mario Kart clone. Justified or not this is an indication of what a game will be compared to whenever they try such a venture. Crash is not immune to this treatment, as the bandicoot has his take on the genre practically defined by the Nintendo plumber.

Unusually for a karting game there is an actual story in here, about some evil space monster thing setting up his own space race tournament and kidnapping Crash and pals (allies and enemies alike) to get them to race in it...


Great Racer, Vacuum Cleaner Gameplay

The good:

-Beautiful scenery
-Smooth animation
-Great music and sound
-Lots of different modes
-Good number of tracks
-Multiplayer can get addictive
-Aside from bad controls, it's easy to play

The bad:

-TONS of super hard turns
-Pretty slow driving
-The camera comes in too close
-Once you fall behind, you stay behind
-It's only exciting if this is your first racing game
-Not a lot of characters


I recall the day I first got this game so well. I remember the excitement, the competition, the sound. But then I realized something. This game is about as easy to play as it is to operate a seventy-pound, 1980's vacuum cleaner (yes, I own and use one). But don't let that stop you from witnessing the thrill of this racer.

Graphics: 9.6 -- This is easily one of the most beautiful racers on the market. The characters appearances really capture their personality. The details obviously took some concentration, and the animations are smoother than ever. The only real problem with them i...


Crash Nitros Into Fifth Gear!

The good:

Graphics are very good
Brilliant soundtrack
Top vocal effects and sound effects

The bad:

Slight control issues


Crash, Crash, Crash...barely can one walk into a games shop without seeing his silly marsupial mug. Starting from his humble beginnings in a nerve-wrackingly difficult PlayStation platformer, Crash has gone from strength to strength, even trying his gloved hands at party games and racers. Well, this game is both.

However, it's not a party game in the Crash Bash sense of the term, nor is it a racer in the most common sense of the term. As with its predecessor, the brilliant Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart has the Wumpa-munching marsupial racing around huge, varied courses while all the wh...


CNK...the best Crash racing game yet.

The good:

The characters...when something good happens to them, or they're just enjoying themselves, they say really silly things. They say silly things when bad things happen too, like when they get hit by weapons.

The levels are really kool. They're a lot better than the ones in Crash Team Racing.

The bad:

The story mode is short, and it's easy to unlock everything in about 2 days. This game keeps you going for a little while...


Overall, I think this is the best Crash racing game yet. It's a whole lot better than CTR. Let me explain why:
Better characters. The characters aren't dull in this game. They're funnier, rowdier, and the new characters aren't pointless, sort of like Rilla Roo from Crash Bash. Like I said in "The Good", they say all sorts of funny stuff. I'll give you an example for each character:
Crash: He doesn't actually talk in this game, BUT, his laughs are more hilarious.
Crunch Bandicoot: "Yeah, baby, C'monc'monc'mon'cmon!!!!!"
Coco: "Haha, look at that..."
Fake Crash: [laugh, fart]


Finally, a GOOD Mario Kart rip off

The good:

It's a GOOD Mario Kart rip off

Good if you have friends.

Some weapons look good.

Graphics look awesome.

Battle mode is pretty good.

The bad:

Hard to control Boost with Tiny and Fake Crash as they have very crap turning stat.

CPU is very cheap with most weapons.


Difficulty: Medium.

Crash hits the track in his most fast-paced adventure yet - Crash Nitro Kart! Now, there are 4 teams: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. Each team has 4 people in then.

For the Blue team you have Crash, Coco, Crunch and Fake Crash.

For the Red team you have Cortex, Tiny, N Gin and N Tropy.

For the Green team you have N Trance, Dingodile, Polar and Pura (I'm guessing they're all evil).

For the Yellow team, you have N Oxide, Zam, Zem and Velo (yes, the big bad guy team).

Before you race in a track, you have to select someone in your team to do the track. It's really annoying when you...


Just plain

The good:

The racers, the tracks, weapons

The bad:

Short adventure mode


This game met it's averaged level. I don't exaclty like the cartoony parts. Take for example, the jumping. It msde that bouncy look.

The game is sorta bad, when I played it, I liked it at first. When I noticed its real cartoony detail, the game dropped from basically my level of perfection.

You can get used to these graphics as well as arena editor, and Vicarious Visions done their best job as well as make it the so far best racing game now.

Unlocking the characters we sorta complicated, if you didn't know what you were doing. The game is so easy, you could master most shortcuts like you can, ...

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