Crash Nitro Kart Tips

Unlock Spyro - Beat Velo with Bandicoot
Unlock N. Tropy - Beat Velo with Evil
Unlock N. Oxide - Beat game with both teams.
Get Krunk- Beat him in adventure
Get Nash- Beat him in adventure
Get Norm & Big Norm - Beat them in adventure
Get Geary - Beat him in adventure
Get Velo - Beat him in adventure
Get Fake Crash - Go to Out Of Time in Arcade. Go to bottom-right corner of map. You'll see a pink flower. Run into it. You are in a desert. There is a small and large patch of sand. Fake Crash is on the large one. He will give a short speech and you will have unlocked him
Play Crash Party - When it says GAMEBOY press L/R repeatedly until the sound 'ding' happens.

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