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Some classic this turned out to be...


A lot of gamers who grew up in the 90s will tell you that Crash Bandicoot used to be awesome, then Naughty Dog dropped him off to another company, who decided to make bad games. I really want to say that they're right, but I, in good conscience, can't. In my eyes, the third game was certainly good, but the second one was merely above average, and the first game... was not very good.

Crash Bandicoot's story is just a basic "rescue the damsel in distress from an evil something" kind of scenario that's been done to death, and this game doesn't do things any differently, nor is it ever refreshi...


A fantastic beginning for the bandicoot

The good:

The levels have a challenging side
Many varieties of level themes
Well-made music
Stunning graphics for it's time

The bad:

Controls might be a bit awkward at difficult parts
The save system is very awkward


This game has (and still is) been a personal favorite. Even back in 1996, I had this game. I loved this game alot.

Storyline 8/10

The storyline is very similar to a damsel in distress theme. Crash is a helpless experiment to the evil Dr. Neo Cortex. After failing the mutation attempt for making our hero a commander, he escapes the castle. Unfortunately, another experiment he grew to love is still there, being prepared to replace the project!

Very simple storyline, yet not too cheap.

Gameplay 9/10

The gameplay is standard in a platform game, but it maintains the challenge that hardcore gamers enj...


A Rough Start To Fame

The good:

-Lots of levels
-Great graphics for a PS1 title
-Cool music
-Creative bosses

The bad:

-VERY difficult
-Recycled levels
-Bad controls and camera
-Stupid saving system
-Limited, lame cheats (all you can do is jump to a certain percentage)
-Really not that fun
-Collecting keys and gems is pointless


How did a tough game like this start create such a famous character? Most people aren't skilled enough to easily complete such a poorly set up game. Perhaps it was the innovation? Who knows? All that matters is that this geometry test of a game was the start of an awesome game series.

Graphics: 7.7 -- For the first game in the series, the graphics are quite nice. True, they're only simply PS1 models, but that's not the point. The character models, though short in variety, are done with simple yet cool designs and colors. The animation, however, is pretty slim. While Crash Bandicoot a...


A Fairly Good Start


Crash Bandicoot is about a slighty mutated bandicoot who was a test experiment far up in Neo Cortex's (mad scientist) castle. Cortex wanted Crash to become evil and join him in his quest for world domination. However, Cortex's latest machine failed on Crash, and luckily for Crash, he made a great escape out one of the castle's windows. He washes up on an island far far away and decides it's time for revenge.Looks like Crash needs to traverse 3 islands to get up to Cortex though!

In many of the levels, you'll run down a single linear pathway smashing up crates, jumping over chasm after cha...


Crash Rules!

The good:

A good challenge
Almost everything else

The bad:

The Save System
If you die once, you don't get a gem


Here is my review for Crash Bandicoot. Enjoy it because it's LONG!
Crash Bandicoot is about two evil scientists (Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. Nitrus Brio) creating two machines: The Evolo-Ray, which will bring animals to life, and the Cortex Vortex, which will make them evil. But, (as usaul) things didn't turn out the way they expected. 3 of their evil creations (Ripper Roo, Koala Kong, and Pinstripe) were evil, but, 2 of their creations (Crash Bandicoot and Tawna Banicoot) were failures. They kicked Crash out and held Tawna captive. Now, Crash must travel through 3 islands to save Tawna. But, th...


How did this evolve so much?

The good:

The graphics are quite good for its time.
The Bosses are inventive and sometimes fun to fight.
The storyline is OK.
The password save system. Why did they allow it to die?

The bad:

Too difficult and frustrating.
Too linear.


Naughty Dog want to make money with a game. They have already had a rather un-successful SEGA RPG, Ring of Power, and now they are turning their attention to Sony's new Nintendo-created console. Yes, this is how I would have written this paragraph BEFORE this game's release.
Yes, Crash II: Cortex Strikes Back is a classic, Crash III is an inventive and very popular game, and Crash Team Racing is the angel of PlayStation Kart Racers (unlike its sequel, Crash Nitro Kart, which is nowhere near as good). However, this game is nothing on this sacred trio.
How did this game evolve into such a pheno...

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