Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant Easter eggs

Hidden Titan
Any time after completeing mission 21 you can return to the ratcicle kingdom and talk to the jainitor he tells you that the boys father is still locked up in the ice prison. Now head to the ice prision. Go to the room where you got your first tk. There will be a titan in ice guarded by 2 magmadon, 3 ratcicle and a scorpilla. Defeat them all and the titan called ratcicle hero is freed and automaticly jacked. You can use it up to the area where you need a tk to move walls as to get up one wall you must have just one titan but if you go back to where the boy is and talk to him he will say that the hero wants to help and you get to keep the titan. It plays and same as ratcicle and can be upgraded. It does not show up in the beastairy and if you lose it go back to the ratcicle kingdom to rejack it.