Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Tips


Tiny Tiger: Run around in circles avoiding Tiny, then when he gets his trident stuck in the floor, spin him. Then, go to the bottom of the screen and avoid the lions (going to the bottom makes it easier to avoid the lions). Repeat 3 times to defeat Tiny.

Dingodile: Run right, avoiding the missiles. Don't step on the shadows; this is where Dingodiles missiles will land. After he stops, avoid his flamethrower. This is gradually destroying his shield of icicles. Once a gap big enough to get in and exit safely is created, run in and jump on him. Escape quickly, ad he'll blow up. Repeat 3 times to defeat Dingodile (on the 2nd attempt, run left for easier evading).

N.Tropy: Avoid his fiery balls and rays, then the tiles will switch around. Make a safe way across and jump on him.
Round 1: 1 ball, 3 rays. Ray 1: towards you from in front. Ray 2: from the right. Ray 3: From the left.
Round 2: 2 balls, 4 rays. Ray 1: From in front. Ray 2: From in front. Ray 3: From the right. Ray 4: From in front.
Round 2: 3 balls, 5 rays. Ray 1: From the left. Ray 2: From the right. Ray 3: Fromin front. Ray 4: From the left. Ray 5: From the left.
3 jumps on his head will kill him.

N.Gin: This boss is different. It isn't where you spin him/jump on him 3 times to win. You must shoot any glowing part (weak spots) with your plane to gradually reduce his health. On the giant robot (paart 1) there are two on the side of his head, two on each arm and one below his chest. Once defeated, he'll attach to a diffrent robot, with 4 above his head, two on the side and one on the bottom. Once this bot s blown up, N.Gin has been defeated.

Dr Neo Cortex: This is the finale.AkuAku and UkaUka fight. Avoid the fight and Cortexes lasers. After 3 lasers, he'll toss mines. After the last mine, his shield drops. Spin him, then repeat until you spin him into the pit. Repeat three times to win.
Round 1: The masks will fire laser eyes at each other, and circles. Avoid their lasers.
Round 2: The masks will spin into a tornado and move around he platform. Avoid it.
Round 3: They will bash into eachother, spin and explode. Stay away from them on every round.

Hidden Area:
Go to Road Crash (world3) and ride until you see a small sign on the LEFT path with an alien face on it. Crash into it and you will warp to level 31 Hot Coco.

Motorbike timetrial tips:

Wait a minute or two until the cars finish,then start the timetrial. This helps you by having no cars to bump you around.

Gold Relics:

Beat Cortex to unlock sprinting (by holding R2 while running). This makes Time Trials extemely easy.

Basic Level tips:

On basic levels (Toad Village, Gee Wiz and Double Header) the level is in a 'dip' between two high ledges. Run on this ledge to avoid most enemies and make it to the end with ease. This also makes time trials eassier.

Other tips:

In Time Trials, double jumping can waste valuable time. Only double jump when you really need to (like jumpig up a high wall or across a big gap.

On Dino Might or Bone Yard, when the creature chases you, don't worry about boxes. When it breaks one, it counts so just run like hell!