Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Cheats

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PSX. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped cheat codes.


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All Game Gems
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Gem 1Break 42 Boxes on Toad Village
Silver Gem 2Break 92 Boxes on Under Pressure
Silver Gem 3Break 51 Boxes on Orient Express
Silver Gem 4Break 66 Boxes on Bone Yard
Silver Gem 5Beat Red Gem Route on Bone Yard
Silver Gem 6Break 37 Boxes on Makin' Waves
All Game Gems Continued
Sorry, I bumped the enter button my keyboard, and I actually submitted the incompleted cheat board.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Gem 7Break 100 Boxes on Gee Whiz
Silver Gem 8Break 96 Boxes on Hang 'em High
Yellow GemBeat Secret Path on Hang 'em High
Silver Gem 9Break 13 Boxes on Hog Ride
Silver Gem 10Break 95 Boxes on Tomb Time
Silver Gem 11Beat Purple Gem Route on Tomb Time
Silver Gem 12Break 35 Boxes on Midnight Run
Silver Gem 13Break 112 Boxes on Dino Might!
Silver Gem 14Beath Yellow Gem Route on Dino Might!
Silver Gem 15Break 83 Boxes on Deep Trouble
Red GemBeat Secret Path on Deep Trouble
Silver Gem 16Break 87 Boxes on High Time
Purple GemBeat Death Route on High Time
Silver Gem 17Break 29 Boxes on Road Crash
Silver Gem 18Break 91 Boxes on Double Header
Silver Gem 19Break 105 Boxes on Sphinxinator
Silver Gem 20Beat Blue Gem Route on Sphinxinator
Silver Gem 21Break 11 Boxes on Bye Bye Blimps
Silver Gem 22Break 61 Boxes on Tell No Tales
Silver Gem 23Break 134 Boxes on Future Frenzy
Silver Gem 24Beat Secret Path on Future Frenzy
Silver Gem 25Break 88 Boxes on Tomb Wader
Blue GemBeat Death Route on Tomb Wader
Silver Gem 26Break 89 Boxes on Gone Tomorrow
Silver Gem 27Beat Green Gem Route on Gone Tomorrow
Silver Gem 28Break 20 Boxes on Orange Asphalt
Silver Gem 29Break 75 Boxes on Flaming Passion
Green GemBeat Death Route on Flaming Passion
Silver Gem 30Break 11 Boxes on Mad Bombers
Silver Gem 31Break 120 Boxes on Bug Lite
Silver Gem 32Beat All Gem Route on Bug Lite
Silver Gem 33Break 100 Boxes on Ski Crazed
Silver Gem 34Break 24 Boxes on Area 51
Silver Gem 35Beat UFOs in race on Area 51
Silver Gem 36Break 33 Boxes on Rings of Power
Silver Gem 37Beat Planes in race on Rings of Power
Silver Gem 38Break 70 Boxes on Hot Coco
Final Secret Gem
Someone Will Say We End The Game , But YET THERE A SECRET GEM!!!!!!!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Final Secret GemBeat All Level By Gold Or Platform Relic , And Find Coco To Get Him
More Unlockable?
There You go , Mate
UnlockableHow to unlock
Power Up : Super Belly HitBeat Tiny
Power Up : Double JumpBeat Second Boss (As Well I Miss Him Name)
Power Up : Super SpinBeat N.tropy
Power Up : WeaponBeat N.gin
Power Up : Super FastBeat N.cortex
Level 31Hit The Alien Sign By Level 14
Level 32Go Into Yellow Route , And Reach The Flying Second Dino , You Wont Will Die
Secret Final GemBeat All Level By Gold or Platform Relic And Find Coco To Give To You
Yellow GemBeat Level 27 Or Secret Yellow Gem Path
Red GemHit The Iron ! Box , And Return To The TNTS , Explode Them , And Beat That Route
Purple GemBeat Death Route Of Level 13
Blue GemBeat Death Route Of Level 20
Green GemBeat Death Route Of Level 23
End Part 1Beat Neo Cortex
End Complete PartBeat Neo Cortex With All Gems
Level 26Get 5 Relics
Level 27Get 10 Relics
Level 28Get 15 Relics
Level 29Get 20 Relics
Level 30Get 25 Relics


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All Coloured Gems!!!
*(red gem)go into deep trouble and get to the silver ! box and hit
it and go back to the out lined boxes and they will be TNT boxes.
hit the TNT and go into the there.beat the level and there will
be a red gam.

*(purple gem)go into high time and get to the death route without
dying.get on it and beat the level.

*(blue gem)go into tomb wader and get to the death route without dying.
get on it and complete the level.

*(green gem)go into flaming passion and get to the death route without
dying.get on it and finish the level.

*(yellow gem)get 10 relicks then go into hang em high and beat the
short level and at the end there will be a yellow gem.
angry crash
i havnt actually studyed up on this but when you make crash slide on oil towards you, he has an angry look on his face!
Avoid traffic!
On the race levels, on time trial, let all of the cars speed far ahead of you before hitting the clock. Then the cars won't get in the way.

Barrel roll!
To avoid plane shots in the plane levels, you should try barrel rolling to avoid the shots.

He will jump around. When he stops to roar with his pitch fork spin him. then tigers will come out of the caves. spin them and then this will happen again.

Stand in th middle of the two shadows. then run away from the flatetthrower blasts. First run right and then jump left. after all (OR AT LEAST UNTIL A PATH HAS BEEN CLEARED) and then spin him. do this three times to defeat him.

Jump over the spinning red balls at the beggining and then jump over the really hot waves. then jump over the platforms to get to N. tropy then spin him. do this three times to defeat him.

Shoot the weak spots (Glowing spots) When N. gin fires missiles.

Dodge the bombs and Masks. After all bombs have been thrown cortex's forcefield will go down for 3 seconds. spin him and then spin him into he opened chamber. do this three times to defeat him.
Colored Gems
Yellow: First, get 10 relics. Then, enter level 27, a secret part to Level 7, Hang'em High. Make it to the end of the path to get the gem.
Red: Go to Level 12, Deep Trouble. At the end, hit the ! box and backtrack. The outline box at the fork should now be a TNT. Touch it to set it on it's 3 second fuse. It will clear the path once it explodes. Make it to the end and snag the red.
Purple: Go to Level 13, High Time. Do not die. If you didn't die, about 1/2 way through the level you will see a platform with a skull and crossbones on it. Make it to the end of the path and grab the gem.
Blue: VERY HARD. Go to Lavel 20, Tomb. Same thing as the purple gem. This time, the path is much harder.
Green: Pretty easy. Go to Level 23, Flaming Passion. Do the same thing as you did for the purple and blue gems and you should be fine.
Now that you have all of the colored gems, go to Level 25, Bug Lite. Jump on the blue gem you see in the level. Complete all of the gem paths and you have a well-earned clear gem.
Defeating bosses
He jumps with his spear. he'll try to jump on crash while he moves. once he'll put his spear down and roar. use the spin attack on tiny as many tigers and unleashes. try spinning the lot of them. repeat this 2 more times to defeat him.

Avoid his flame blasts. usually get in the middle of two shadows and you won't be hurt. it'll come around again so watch out. dingodile will then shoot a wave of fire at the cyrstals surronding him. when a path from the cyrstal walls break go into the platform with dingodile at whack him. repeat this 2 more times to defeat him.

to avoid the red orbs either jump or dodge them by crouching. (Only some will require crouching) then N. tropy will either do a wave going at crash or next to crash. jump over these until the metal plates make a platform to N. tropy once he tries to conserve his energy. do this 2 more times to defeat him.

shoot parts of his body when the parts are vanruable.

Jump over the mask's rays and then after cortex shoots 3 energy balls he'll throw mines. after the mines blow up go to cortex and whack him. whack him again to dispose 1 energy. do this 2 more times to defeat him.
Easier kills
If you want to kill enemies much easier, beat N.Gin to obtain the Bazooka and toast your enemies with this!
Get Gold/Platinum Relics
To get Gold/Platinum Relics on time trial, try to hit (nearly) all of the yellow boxes, without turning around. If you can smoothly sprint through a level hitting all or most of the yellow boxes, you're pretty much set for a higher relic. It can be hard but practice makes perfect.
Low Water
when you get invincibility on tomb wader the water stays low (hence the name) until it wears off, knowing this, you can easily get a good relic
N. Gin
Try to blast his laserbeams on his mech off before he fires them, to save some health.

Shoot nitros that are in the way!
If there are nitro's and you aren't sure that you can get around them, shoot them to not risk losing a mask/life.

Shoot the clock!
Shoot the clock from ahead, it can save lots of time.

Sphynxinator: Short Cut for Relics
I found a much shorter path in Level 16 Sphynxinator.
If you are good with hard paths you should be able to easily get a gold or platinum relic.

Use the <span style="color:blue;">Blue Gem</span> hard path. It's much shorter, but it's oil slicked, which makes you faster by sliding anyway.

<span style="color:red;">Warning</span>: There aren't timered boxes on the hard path. Use the slide on the oil slick.
Take your time on sapphires
If there is a hard level that you keep dying on and have no relic, try going slowly and taking your time and you possibly could get sapphire.

Time Trials
In the time trials, in order to get the preferable score, do break the yellow boxes. These are time freezers, depending on the number on the box, it freezes the clock for 1, 2 or even 3 seconds. You can break combos for more time.

Tiny Tiger: Run around in circles avoiding Tiny, then when he gets his trident stuck in the floor, spin him. Then, go to the bottom of the screen and avoid the lions (going to the bottom makes it easier to avoid the lions). Repeat 3 times to defeat Tiny.

Dingodile: Run right, avoiding the missiles. Don't step on the shadows; this is where Dingodiles missiles will land. After he stops, avoid his flamethrower. This is gradually destroying his shield of icicles. Once a gap big enough to get in and exit safely is created, run in and jump on him. Escape quickly, ad he'll blow up. Repeat 3 times to defeat Dingodile (on the 2nd attempt, run left for easier evading).

N.Tropy: Avoid his fiery balls and rays, then the tiles will switch around. Make a safe way across and jump on him.
Round 1: 1 ball, 3 rays. Ray 1: towards you from in front. Ray 2: from the right. Ray 3: From the left.
Round 2: 2 balls, 4 rays. Ray 1: From in front. Ray 2: From in front. Ray 3: From the right. Ray 4: From in front.
Round 2: 3 balls, 5 rays. Ray 1: From the left. Ray 2: From the right. Ray 3: Fromin front. Ray 4: From the left. Ray 5: From the left.
3 jumps on his head will kill him.

N.Gin: This boss is different. It isn't where you spin him/jump on him 3 times to win. You must shoot any glowing part (weak spots) with your plane to gradually reduce his health. On the giant robot (paart 1) there are two on the side of his head, two on each arm and one below his chest. Once defeated, he'll attach to a diffrent robot, with 4 above his head, two on the side and one on the bottom. Once this bot s blown up, N.Gin has been defeated.

Dr Neo Cortex: This is the finale.AkuAku and UkaUka fight. Avoid the fight and Cortexes lasers. After 3 lasers, he'll toss mines. After the last mine, his shield drops. Spin him, then repeat until you spin him into the pit. Repeat three times to win.
Round 1: The masks will fire laser eyes at each other, and circles. Avoid their lasers.
Round 2: The masks will spin into a tornado and move around he platform. Avoid it.
Round 3: They will bash into eachother, spin and explode. Stay away from them on every round.

Hidden Area:
Go to Road Crash (world3) and ride until you see a small sign on the LEFT path with an alien face on it. Crash into it and you will warp to level 31 Hot Coco.

Motorbike timetrial tips:

Wait a minute or two until the cars finish,then start the timetrial. This helps you by having no cars to bump you around.

Gold Relics:

Beat Cortex to unlock sprinting (by holding R2 while running). This makes Time Trials extemely easy.

Basic Level tips:

On basic levels (Toad Village, Gee Wiz and Double Header) the level is in a 'dip' between two high ledges. Run on this ledge to avoid most enemies and make it to the end with ease. This also makes time trials eassier.

Other tips:

In Time Trials, double jumping can waste valuable time. Only double jump when you really need to (like jumpig up a high wall or across a big gap.

On Dino Might or Bone Yard, when the creature chases you, don't worry about boxes. When it breaks one, it counts so just run like hell!

Use Crash Dash
In time trial, use the Crash Dash ability you can obtain by defeating Cortex.

Victory Dance
In the warp room stay still for 20 secs and you will do the victory dance.
Victory Dance Part 2
If you get a gem or relic, he will go this dance.
If you stay still for half a minate, Crash will take out his yoyo.


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Simple Dingodile
Get the double jump (you can't do it on the first go) And Just double jump over the crystals and spin Dingodile. I've tried it and it works.

Easter eggs

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2 Hidden lifes in beginning of Tomb time!
[Requires Fruit Bazooka]
At the beginning of Tomb Time level, you will notice a giant statue Cortex standing infront of you and inside it the level itself, before going anywhere use the Fruit Bazooka and search the 2 corners of cortex head [The bottom Left and Right] you will notice that the Bazooka is aiming at something, Shoot whenever the HUD of the aim is red and you will get a life once it hits the lifes! takes some minute to figure out.
Extra lifes in Dino Might!
[Before doing this easter egg, collect the yellow gem!]
In Dino Might!'s Yellow gem route, it might be difficult to pass all the dangers in there, when you passed all the danger in yellow gem route and found the Yellow gem route platform, Ignore the Platform, yes ignore it, just hop and try to not touch the yellow gem platform, once you passed it, it will be followed by a line of Metal boxes, jump over there to find a few extra lifes! might they put it on how many you died on this route.

<noscript><div class="spoiler_header">Spoiler: <span class="spoilertitle"></span></div><div class="spoiler"><div><span class="tip">Highlight this box with your cursor to read the spoiler text.</span><hr /> Yellow gem collected only when beating Level 27, and getting level 27 is to collect 10 relics only and going into the secret warp room where it has the yellow gem, beat level 27 and you will have the yellow gem.</div></div></noscript><div class="spoiler_header" style="display: none;"><input type="button" name="js_spoiler" class="forum_button" value="Show Spoiler" onclick="flipshow(this)" />Spoiler:<span class="spoilertitle"></span><div class="spoiler" style="display:none"><div class="show_spoiler"><hr /> Yellow gem collected only when beating Level 27, and getting level 27 is to collect 10 relics only and going into the secret warp room where it has the yellow gem, beat level 27 and you will have the yellow gem.</div></div></div><script type="text/javascript">var elements = document.getElementsByName("js_spoiler"); find_spoiler_root(elements[elements.length - 1]).style.display = "block";</script>
Fake Crash!!!
(At first, I never saw this, but after I ended the game (103%), I actually saw this)
At level 1 Toad Village, go until you find the second sword-swinging swordsman. Instead of keep going, go back to the wet area where there is a frog (you might have killed it before you see the second swordsman). On the right, there is a medieval house, with Fake Crash dancing in there! That's really funny when you first saw it!


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105% Completion
When you collect all of the gems and relics (the relics must be gold or platinum) you will have 104%. Walk up to Coco in the warp room and a clear gem will appear. Grab it to be treated to a fireworks display and a well deserved 105% completion.
Crash Bandicoot Cheats
Spyro the Dragon Demo:

On the title screen, press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, square.
Crash fish easter egg
In the level "DINO MIGHT" if you see orange fish with a blue tail, this was an early form of crash. i guess a fish evolved into a human. and funny.
Extra lives!!!
Enter the level 9 and before you take the time trial crash all the boxes. After taking the time trial die and repeat this over and over.
Get All Secret Levels
Ski Crazed(Level 26):Collect 5 relics.After that,go to the platform at the middle of Warp Room.You will find a secret Warp Room here.Go to level 26,and you will enter Ski Crazed.

Area 51?(Level 28):Collect 15 relics.After that,go to the platform at the middle of Warp Room.You will find a secret Warp Room here.Go to level 26,and you will enter Area 51?.

Rings Of Power(Level 30):Collect 25 relics.After that,go to the platform at the middle of Warp Room.You will find a secret Warp Room here.Go to level 26,and you will enter Rings Of Power.

Hot Coco(Level 31):Go to "Road Crash" level.At the middle of the level,you will find a sign that painted an alien head.Crash that sign with your motorcycle,and you will be automatically transpored to Hot Coco.

Eggipus Rex(Level 32):First,collect the yellow gem.After that,go to "Dino Might!" level,and go to the yellow platform here.Let the second pterodactyl catchs you.You will not dead,you will be automatically transported to Eggipus Rex.


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Getting Coloured Gems
Yellow Gem(Hang'em High):First,collect 10 Relics.After that,go to portal at the middle of the warp room.That will lead you to a secret warp room.Go to Hang'em High Level there,and across the path.At the end of the path, you will get yellow gem.

Purple Gem(High Time):Go to High Time.You will find a platform at the middle of the level(not bonus platform).Go there,and across the path.At the end of the path,you will find purple gem.

Red Gem(Deep Trouble):At the middle of the level,you will see invisible boxes.At the end of the level,you will find a metal "!" box.Hit it,and go back to the invisible boxes.Now,they should be visible.After crashing visible boxes,continue the path there.At the end of path,you will find red gem.

Blue Gem(Tomb Wader):Go to Tomb Wader.You will find a platform at the middle of the level(not bonus platform).Go there,and across the path.At the end of the path,you will find blue gem.

Green Gem(Flaming Passion): Go to Flaming Passion.You will find a platform at the middle of the level(not bonus platform).Go there,and across the path.At the end of the path,you will find green gem.


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Hidden 1-second box in Hang 'Em High
At the end of Hang 'Em High, where's theres an ! box, one of the boxes filled in is actually a 1-second box but it will show up as just a normal box.
Hot Coco Hidden Level
Go to level 14 and ride about half way through the level to find a alien head on a yellow sign on your left.Ride into the sign and you will be transported to level 31.
infinite lives
when you finally have 99 lives lose them all and get them back. when you get them back go to the save screen. save your game and shut of the ps. when you turn it back on you will have infinite lives!
Purple Gem
Near the end of the level High Time (Level 13), there is a skull and crossbones platform. Jump on the platform and it will take you to a secret path. At the end of the path is a purple gem. This is a warp which takes you back to the warp room.