Countdown Vampires Cheats

Countdown Vampires cheats, and Codes for PSX.

Older Cheats:

Countdown Vampires Cheats

Play as Vampire Keith:
Enter Prince as a first name and Darkness as a last name to play as Vampire Keith with only a powered-up stun glove and some punch moves.

Super Keith:
Enter Burger as a first name and Chicky as a last name to play as Keith with unlimited health and ammunition.

Hidden graphics:
Enter Yuka as a first name and Kobayashi as a last name. Get to the computer at the second or further save point to view actress Yuka Kobayashi, from whom Misato was based on. Two pictures will appear at each save point after the second one.

Alternate ending sequence:
Allow Geils to kill you to view an alternate ending.

Special mode:
Complete the game in under seven hours to unlock special mode.

Blood type and vampires:
Selecting a blood type (A, B, O, or AB) at the start of the game will have an effect on the type and difficulty of the vampires that will be encountered during the game.