Cossacks: European Wars Cheats

Cossacks: European Wars cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Cossacks: European Wars Cheats

Cheat Codes
Press the ENTER key and then type any of the following cheats:

moneyGive Resources
wwwActivates the "supervizor", "multitvar" and "izmena" cheats
supervizorFog of War On/Off
izmenaSwitch Player With NumPad Keys 1-9
multitvarPress "P" to Access All Units

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Tip on Organising Troops
This only works with countries that have officers and drummers.

when you start the game, quickly spread out a little and find places where you can build walls (only the wooden ones). For the best results, have at least two barracks. Make your gunmen (musketeers, grenadiers etc) and an officer and drummer. Put them into a line formation. The bigger the better, and the less officers and drummers you have to pay for.

Now move them to the wall so they're right next to it (as well as facing). Set them to stand guard mode and they will get an extra 3 defense. It's also best to beef up security even more with a few towers behind them, and well upgraded, or have a multi-barreled cannon in between the formations.
Watch Your Gold
There is nothing worse than having a large army of mercenaries, or a whole fleet of battleships, only to have them start a mutiny because you have run out of gold. Make sure you have enough gold to pay them, plus additional coal and iron for your units so they can create fires. Then there is also food so your units dont starve, plus stone and wood to maintain your walls.


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Hit enter the type money. You will have all the commodities.
Map Editor
While at the main menu,hold down Ctrl and click the intro button.Use buttons F2 to F12 to make and place things.Note:The language will be in ukraine language.
Reveal Map & Create Any Unit
Press enter to bring up the chat box. Type in www to reveal the map, and if you press P, a box appears with all the units. Select one, click OK and just click wherever you want your unit.
See Whole Map
Hit enter than type www. Then you will see the whole map