C.O.P. The Recruit review
Worst game of the Ds so far


After watching the E3 trailers I started to think that this game might be as well to the level of games like Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. Now as soon I get to work with the character I start by seeing what would be known in the USA as power abuse, your very first action as a police officer is taking a car to go the the police...

Gameplay: play Chinatown Wars but instead of being a mafia wannabe you are a cop wannabe, nothing bad so far right? Wrong, in first place you can't run you walk and you can sprint for a second. Another gameplay detail is fighting, you are completely defenseless in close combat quarters, simply because once you draw out the gun all you do is aim you cannot shake it. You use an aim similar to that of Dead Rising of 360 to shoot, but this game only uses 45% of the DS screen. Instead of tapping your objectives on a minimap you shoot with the L button, you cannot do a lock on.

There is a half positive use of the DS screen, you have a device similar to a PSP (great idea nintendo make publicity at sony). Now another thing is that the menus are confusing, to start with you have some icons: a circle with a cross means the map, a couple of circles means the semi dial phone system (I'll get to it a little later), a 3rd icon that gives you an agenda and allows you to pin point places (now that would be useful, IF your map was bigger) and finally 3CC/GPS sends you to a new map screen... right 2 map screens with one that it's useless as it won't allow you to move and the other is too small to actually be able to allow you to do a thing.

To resume this first part:

Positive tries to use the DS screen how? Implements a system where 5% of what you do is handled by the touch screen. You have an agenda 2 maps and semi cellphone number (geez now looks like an itouch). Then you will see places some with number and some that lack of number, double tapping one of the rectangles brings you to the huge GPS screen map and puts a marker where you tapped. The semi dial number is completely unnecessary and its uncalled for, it has a poor way to detect the numbers and you cannot use it at your convenience. Also you must be forced trough a tutorial to be able to mark a number after your arrest, and yet they already gave you a tutorial of what it is the option, repetitive tutorial.

Combat: is completely flawed, the aiming system is the main problem where you have a lack of lock on, and you also lack a melee attack..., also you can only shoot after you get a tutorial per mission, so if you draw out your gun and you are in a mafia hideout you will get a ton of bullets before you can even shoot one bullet.

Driving: again its flawed for some reason the lovely people of the city just wont get out of the way when you are driving and you are chasing a speeder, right a cop game where the citizens give a damn about the cops..., and it will happen 100% of the time...

Awards: this game does has an interesting reward system named rewards, seems simple and it's hell difficult to achieve. The reason? You have a timer all missions main missions become a minigame that always consists on beat the freaking clock, and they say you can replay them but it's the same exact thing.

Closing statements:

This game surely needs more polishing time, better graphics, making better the game and making it fun.


Gameplay: 0.1 it's crappy all around but at least they went and wanted to give the touch screen a use, original yes useful no.

History: you are a wannabe cop, whom you are given a badge and a gun, bad physical skills, 0 chances to defend yourself, and a city full of people who give a damn about the cops, you have to wonder if it has to do with their very particular policy of I take whatever car I want.

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