Cool Boarders 3 Cheats

Cool Boarders 3 cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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All Boarders and Boards
Enter your name as OPEN_EM in Tournament Mode.
All Boards
Enter your name as GET EM in tournament mode.
All Courses
Enter your name as WONITALL in tournament mode.
Big Head Mode
enter your name as BIGHEADS in tournament mode.
Eliminate falling snow
Start your run, then quit. Repeatedly press X and resume the race to find all the snow gone.
Make Commentator's Voices Faster
At the options screen press Select 50 times.
See when your disc was created
At the screen that says one-player or spilt-screen press L1+L2+R1+R2. This will display the date and time your disc was created.
Unlock Burg
Get every player, every board and every track. Then place first at Powder Hill Downhill with more than 3400 points.
Unlock Fat Eddie
Complete Powder Hill with first place and more than 3400 points.
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