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Good Game!

The good:

-All sorts of things to cool.
-Graphics fit well with this time.
-The overall plot works well (it's not much of a plt though.)
-Some of the dishes are easy and hard that was good.

The bad:

-The game doesn't last that long to play with before you get bored.
-Overated comments.
-Doesn't exactly teach you much.


This is a video game made for Nintendo DS it was developed by Office Create and published by Taito in Japan. It was awarded IGN's "Best of E3" award for 2006. It has a sequel Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with friends.

The graphics are modern and fit perfect for this time. They are bright and colourful. They have payed attention to every detail of the game. This clearly shows in the game with it's clear characters and food.

The sounds are very basic it consists of music, sound affects when you cut, mix, etc. And many other affects. There does not tend to be any dialog from the only character Cooking...


Cooking Mama

The good:

-Unique idea of a cooking video game
-Addicting game play
-Constant action

The bad:

-Some touch screen flaws
-Harsh Grading


Cooking Mama is, what I think, first of it's kind. Never have I seen a game before where you direct cooking. For this reason, I found this game interesting to get.

While playing this game, I noted the use of the touch screen and how it relates to the act of cooking. For instance, To make a stew you must chop vegetables with a knife. To do this you must tap the knife quickly before time runs out. I did like the idea of me controlling the cooking with my stylus.

The game play of Cooking Mama is simple: It is to make a dish according to the recipe. According how well follow directions, you are ...


SnoopyMaster's Cooking Mama Review

The good:

An endless number of real recipes to cook, and the ability to combine different recipes to make an entirely new one. Graphics are fairly good considering the complex colors of real food. Not too easy to complete 100%, but not at all impossible. You're ranked from Bronze to Gold, and it's a fun goal to get all recipes on Gold.

The bad:

Certain cooking skills can be very frusterating when there is little explination. Being timed is also annoying at times. Once all recipes are unlocked, there isn't much to do except try to get all recipes with a gold medal. The lack of ability to connect with other people is also a let-down.


On the main menu, press "Let's Cook!" and you will see a shelf type thing with a small amount of basic recipes. Use your stylus to click on one of them, and the fun begins. After selecting your recipe, you will be given a series of steps including things like cutting, peeling, cracking, measuring, beating, etc. Each step will be rewarded with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal. These will add up to your total medal score. After completing all steps in order, you will be given a score depending on what medals you got throughout the recipe. With the score comes your total medal.

While in the mai...

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