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Neoseeker is proud to be host to a number of hardcore gaming and hardware enthusiasts. Through contributions of knowledgeable members and guests, we continuously build up our database of games and hardware information.

What can I add to Neoseeker?

How do I contribute?

On every game and hardware profile page there is a list of links near the product navigation options. From there, you can post a forum message related to the game, submit a cheat or FAQ, write a user review, or else access the other available submission options by clicking on the "contribute" link.

Members who contribute will have their contribution efforts tracked and visible via their user profile. Please view our incomplete by contributions page here.

What do I get for contributing?

If you have a user account with Neoseeker, always log in before contributing anything. Everything that you contribute will be tied to your user profile and you will get full credit for helping to make Neoseeker the ultimate destination for hardware and games.

Certain contributions are restricted to members only. This isn't to descriminate against guests who want to help out! It's only as a precaution against fraudulent submissions. In the past we've had a lot of pranksters, jokers, and troublemakers waste a lot of our time through fraudulent and insincere submissions. To try and curb these troublemakers, we limit some of our submissions to members only. Website submissions, screenshots, release dates, and profile info are amongst some of the items that can only be submitted by members.

How long will it take for my contribution to show?

Because there's so much happening on our side, when you contribute something it will take time for it to actually show up on the site. be patient - in the end all valid submissions are added! And though we don't individually thank you for each and every contribution individually, we're always very appreciative and thankful for your help in building the site.